FanFic - Max/Liz
"Princess Roswell"
Part 3
by Rach
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Summary: AU. Liz moves to Roswell from New York.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Yes, I know, being that this is an AU, why would I choose such a title? Well, I'll explain in the story, if you still don't understand how I got it, I'll tell ya. Anyway, like one of my first stories, A New Beginning, Liz also moved to Roswell from NY, then too. And if you haven't noticed by now, hehe, I like punk-ass Liz the best. She's spunky and won't take any crap from anyone. I'm still working on "The Truth Lies Within" so don't fret, I have no intention on ditching it any time soon. And as for the fb on that one, I still have stuff I can hold over your heads to get more...
Liz walked into the Crashdown Cafe, totally oblivious to the stares everyone sent her way. Ever since her little interlude with Tess earlier that morning, there had been whispers and rumors going around about how she wanted to get Max. Liz had rolled her eyes at the thought. She, Liz Parker, a man-chaser? Highly unlikely. Men were dogs.

"Did Max just drop you off?" Maria asked as she came around the counter in a ridiculous green waitress suit with a alien shaped apron, it was topped off with a set of antennas.

Liz had to stifle a laugh, but she nodded.

"Damn, girl. You're here a day, and you're already getting one on one time with Max Evans." she said while shaking her head. "I don't believe this."

Liz placed a hand on Maria's shoulder. "You need to chill out, alright? I'm sure this will all blow over by tomorrow morning." she said as she headed into the back room.

"Hey, Squirt. How was the first day of school?" Mr. Parker asked, not lifting his head from the newspaper he was reading.

"School bites, Unlce J." Liz said as she flopped down onto the break room couch. Liz flipped off her sandals and smiled. "Even though, I got to show up all the guys. Girls really are the best."

Jeff Parker's head peered over the top of the newspaper, his eyebrow raised. "And what exactly did you do?"

Liz shrugged. "I played basketball with the guys team and totally blew them away. I think Coach Harris almost had heart failure." she said with a giggle.

"Aw, Coach Harris." Jeff said as he turned his attention back to his newspaper. "You're mother, father, and I, went to school with Harris. He didn't think your mother could play basketball either, but she showed him." Jeff chuckled a moment. "Your mother and Harris were always competitive of eachother."

"So did Coach Harris have a thing for my mom?" Liz asked.

Jeff chuckled again. "Oh did he ever! But your mother and father were very much in love, so he didn't interfer." he said. "Love is a very powerful thing."

Liz scoffed. "Love bites. Okay? There is no such thing as love." she said as she got up.

"Well, look at your parents.." he started.

"That's what I'm looking at Uncle J. My father left my mother for another woman, that's not love. No one is staying together these days." Liz said as she climbed the stairs. "I have homework to do."

Jeff shook his head before returning to his newspaper.


After 3 hours of staying up in her room, Liz slowly climbed the stairs and entered the diner.

"Maria, what are you still doing here?" Liz asked shocked as she watched a very busy Maria run around the cafe.

"Amanda, went into labor about 2 hours ago and I have to cover her shift." Maria said quickly as she hurried and gave a customer their order. SHe then walked up to Liz and placed her hands on her shoulder. "Liz, please, for all the puppies in the world! Help me!!"

"Maria, I don't.."

"PLease!" Maria begged.

Liz sighed. "Okay, but ony for the puppies." she said.

"Thank you, thank you!" Maria said as she hurried to get another order of food when the food bell rang.

"But I am NOT wearing that!!" Liz called.

Maria ran back over the Liz. "Oh I totally agree with you, these outfits blow, but it's a must for me..." she rambled as she handed Liz a brown paper bag. "Okay, across the street is the UFO Center. The owners name is Brody, aite? He orders this everyday, and he expects it ON time everyday. So.." she glanced down at her clock. "You have one minute to get it over there in time, or he'll be pissed."

Liz scoffed and headed towards the door. "What is he gonna do?"


Liz rolled her eyes and resisted the urge to smack this Brody guy across the head.

"When I want something, I expect it to be on time!" he bellowed.

"Yeah, yeah." Liz said as she started to head out of the room.

"What?!" he yelled as he looked down at his sandwhich. "No pepperjack?!"

Liz turned around and glared at the man. "It's just cheese, it's a very small thing."

"Yes! It is, so therefore, anyone who can't even get the cheese right does not deserve to live!" he said glaring at Liz.

"Aw, well too bad. But you're welcome to attend Maria's funeral.....After I get done with her." she muttered the last part under her breath.

Liz walked out of the room and started heading towards the exit when someone called her name.

"Liz?" she turned around and looked at Max, a smile spreading on his face. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

Liz grinned. "I just came to deliver Brody's lunch. The man it nuts." she commented.

Max nodded. "Yeah, that's Brody. He's crazy about pepperjack."

"Crazy is right." Liz muttered. After a moment of silence Liz started off again. "I'll see ya around, Max."

Max jogged after her. "Wait up. I just finished up my shift. Do you want to go and do something?" he asked, as he stuffed his hands in his pockets.

"Actually, I'm kinda busy helping Maria out at the Crashdown, but you're welcome to come over." she said. For someone reason she couldn't toss him her cockiness, and it was driving her crazy. "But then again...If you don't think they meet your social requirements, you can always go home."

Max held up his hands. "I didn't say a thing. I have no problem with Maria or Alex for that matter. Ya know, you try to talk to them and they just stumble over themselves and run off." he said.

Liz shook her head. People from Roswell are totally pansies. "So where are you from anyway." Max asked as she started to cross the street.

"Brooklyn." Liz answered. She then turned to him. "Do you want me to do my little rap too?"

Max laughed. "Naw, that's okay, I caught it when you did for Tess."

"What's up with that chick anyway?" Liz asked as she pulled the door open.

"She doesn't like anyone who could be competition." he answered.

Liz looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "And I'm competition?" she asked, waiting for his answer.

Max shrugged and stuffed his hands further into his pockets. "Apparently she thinks so." he mumbled.

Liz smiled a bit and turned to look for Maria. "DeLuca!" she yelled and watched as her head peered out of the break room. "You didn't tell me that, that Brody guy was a total nut case."

"You were late weren't you..." Maria said.

"And!" Liz started. "you forgot the pepperjack."

Maria pounded her palm against her forehead. "Shit! I knew I forgot something!" she mumbled. "Liz I am soo sorry, it'll never happen again."

Liz shrugged. "Eh, no biggie." she said. "So Maria do you still nee.." she trailed off when she noticed Maria wasn't paying any attention to her. Liz waved her hand in front of her face.

Maria snapped out of her trance and grabbed Liz's arm, pulling her into a corner. "You CAME in with Max Evans?" she asked shocked.

Liz groaned and threw her hands into the air. "What is the big deal?!" she practically yelled.

"The big deal is.." she said as her voice got lower. "Max Evans never offers anyone a ride, or walks them to the Crashdown unless he's interested."

Liz rolled her eyes. "Please." she said. "He's not in the least interested in me." as she glanced over her shoulder at Max who was looking at her, along with everyone else.

Maria crossed her arms. "It wll all blow over, huh?"

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