Fanfic - Max/Liz
"My Love..."
Part 9
by Sabine
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"All right, what the hell is going on!!"

Maria was sitting wearily on the sofa in the back of the Crashdown, but her attitude was far from relaxed.

"I demand answers!! This has to do with LIZ!"

Isabel and Michael stood nervously looking at each other and then back at Maria. Alex was there now and he was bravely sitting on the sofa next to Maria. However he had wisely moved out of harms way, by settling on the opposite end.

"Um," Isabel started. She knew Maria would freak when she heard what she was about to say. "Liz is holding a immense amount of grief inside of her. You know how we can usually sense roughly what other people are feeling? Other humans?"

Alex and Maria both nodded their heads. Although Maria looked ready to interrupt at any second.

"What does this have to d-"

Coming to the rescue, Alex had gently covered her mouth with his large hand. He looked at Maria, "Let her finish. She knows something, let her tell us."

He then nodded at Isabel to continue. She in turn, took a deep breath and picked up were she had left off.

"Well, in this case, we not only got a hint of what she was feeling, we literally felt every single emotion that tore through her body. In the bathroom yesterday, it caused Michael and I physical pain. They were so strong. She's feeling a unbelievable amount of sorrow, anguish, and grief. She is completely miserable. She is suffering so much," Isabel had tears running down her cheeks as she described the emotions she remembers so vividly. Michael's face drained of color while he clenched his jaw. Who would have thought, that one day, he would feel sympathy for Liz Parker.

"We were able to sense her emotions, the way we can with people who are like us. Aliens. Even then, I've never felt anything this strong before." Maria's fingers grasped the faded yellow striped cushion beneath her. She was openly staring at Isabel, "What exactly are you suggesting?"

"I don't know, but I'm not saying that she's changing or something. I think that it was the shear volume of her emotions that enabled us to feel them. What she must be feeling, has to be stronger that anything anybody has felt before. I mean, no one we've been in contact with has ever been so distressed before. She obviously has a great capacity to, for lack of a better word, sustain emotions."

Isabel ran out of breath and looked at Michael, she was a little afraid to look at the two humans sitting on the sofa. She had basically just said there was something seriously wrong with their best friend. And Maria DeLuca was known for her protective nature. Michael didn't seem fazed at all, in fact, he simply added more fuel to the fire.

"So whatever happened was major. And whatever it is, is affecting Max too. You saw him this afternoon, it's like he's possessed. Max is our leader, we need him to lead us right now. Not be some chicken walking around with his head cut off. We need to find out what happened," he looked pointedly at Maria, "and try to fix it."

Alex grimaced and glared at Michael, "Great speech, bro, but don't you think that's kind off personal. Things between Max and Liz should stay that way. Between Max and Liz."

"Not if they're affecting us, not if they're putting our lives in danger. The Skins could be surrounding us as we speak. What are we supposed to do?"

"Hey, I'm just as concerned about them as you are. Only I don't want my head to explode like that Tabasco bottle if Max doesn't like me messing in his business," Maria shuttered. Life was getting too complicated. Everything was twice as hard when you had Czechoslovakians to deal with. Who was she kidding? She was glad they were involving her in their problems again. The four of them had shunned the humans from their lives since that day in May. Even if they just wanted her help, she wouldn't turn them down. How could she? Whoever they were, they had done something to her. Liz and Alex too. What made the three of them so loyal to these homeless aliens?

"Ok, what do you want me to do," she sighed resignedly.


It was dark outside and the colored lights from inside the Crashdown reflected off the glass windows in the front. Music was playing from the speakers; couples were coming in to grab a bite to eat before their dates. For a Saturday evening, the diner wasn't too crowded. Liz looked up at the clock from the booth where she sat with Maria. It was seven thirty. Even though they weren't on duty, her dad had asked them to stay and keep an eye on things. He wanted to make sure another "accident" didn't take place, like the one that afternoon. Liz gazed down at her hands which were folded on the sparkly table top. She'd changed into a warm burgundy shirt. It had light pink and green designs flowing over it. Her long black skirt had been a present from her parents when she started school again. She had made an effort to look nice, although she wasn't all that sure why she did it. While in her room, she had looked out her window and thought about the future Max. She recalled the shooting star she had seen just moments after he had disappeared. She wondered if somehow he could look down upon her, watch her live out her life. Liz smiled sadly at the idea as she glanced out the front window. Maybe a part of him would always be with her. He had given her images of his future, memories to hold dear to her heart. He had danced with her, shared her pain. If this was true, then maybe she would be a little less alone. He would know her sorrow and anguish. And she would live in his future, dream of what her life could have been like. From now on, every time she saw a shooting star...Liz would say his name and shed tears in memory of his life. A life she had never experienced, but had learned to love.

Maria pulled Liz out of her thoughts by asking what she was smiling about. It was the first smile, however small, Maria had seen on Liz's face in the past three days.

"Oh, it was..nothing," Liz whispered sadly. Maria had promised a quiet girl's night. No questions, no Czechs, no parties. Liz could tell it was killing Maria to hold her multiple questions at bay.

"So, um, what are we going to do?" Liz asked quietly. Maria frowned at her friend, she looked so forlorn as she sat and gazed out the window. Hopefully Isabel and Michael would be able to find out what was wrong with Max. Then maybe Max could help Liz. They really needed each other desperately. Maria remembered that Max had come to her two nights ago, unable to understand Liz's attitude. He had ranted and raved about how she had given him this speech. Which essentially had said they couldn't now and never would be together. Maria wondered if that had anything to do with what was going on now. She was dying to ask Liz. But in the mean time, she was trying to come up with something that would help her friend relax.

"Well, we could go for a too cold. We could rent a movie and snuggle up under some blankets with our favorite ice-cream...We could call Alex over to entertain us. He always does a great job...I don't know, what do you think chica?"

Liz had let her head fall to rest on the table with her arms. Her soft, shiny dark hair spread out around her. She really just wanted to go upstairs and write in her journal, try to get what she felt out on paper. Then she could take a nice long bubble bath. Light candles around the bathroom, blow rose petals into the hot water, play music softly from her stereo. Maybe tonight she would actually be able to get some sleep. Her dreams had been plagued with memories of Max. She re-lived her act of betrayal over and over. His painful expression, which she had seen through her window, was tattooed behind her eyelids. How was she suppose to move on, when both his older and younger self, insisted on monopolizing her dreams.

Liz lifted her head in order to announce her plan, sure that Maria would understand. The two of them could go out tomorrow, but right now, Liz needed the comfort of being in her own room. It wouldn't heal her wounds, but it would help to ease their pain.


Isabel sat in her bedroom staring at her phone, which seemed to be staring mockingly back at her. She lay back against her blue feather pillows and contemplated calling Tess. Their friendship wasn't all she had hoped for when she first met the small blonde alien. But she felt enough of a connection with her to save her life, just weeks ago. Strangely, Tess was spending more and more time at the Valenti's with Kyle. Isabel wondered if Tess was finally settling in, discovering her family. Isabel's reason for calling her friend was related to the frequent subject of their conversations. Max. Isabel needed to know if Tess had any idea what was bothering Max.

Isabel was desperate, she was completely and thoroughly petrified. Max was wasting away; if he continued at this rate, he would soon cease to exist. Normally, Isabel let her brother take care of himself, he was a big boy. Besides, he was usually the more responsible one. Glancing in the mirror at her troubled reflection, Isabel made her decision. Max needed help and she was determined to be there for him. He would most likely resent her interference, but he would do the same for her. Her trembling hand picked up the phone and she barely managed to catch it before it slipped onto the floor. She dialed the number off a piece of crumpled paper, which she held in her other hand. The phone rang shrilly in her ear. Unconsciously, Isabel lifted her perfect nails to her mouth and began to chew nervously. The phone rang three times before she noticed she was biting her nails. Wincing, she flung her hand in the direction of her desk. Her fingers started to slowly drum the wood surface, eventually moving faster and faster. What was wrong with her? Isabel Evans NEVER chewed her nails.

**God, I'm having my first nervous breakdown. Isn't eighteen a little early? Max had better appreciate what I'm doing for him...**

The telephone rang once more, then someone picked up and she heard Tess's voice saying, "Hello?"

Isabel cleared her throat and said in a high voice, "Hi, Tess...this is Isabel."

"Hey Iz, what's going on? Did something happen?" Tess asked hurriedly.

"Well, no, not exactly. I'm just really worried about Max and I wondered if you might have any idea what's upsetting him?"

Isabel didn't think her brother would confide in Tess, but she was getting desperate. Max usually talked to Liz about his problems. But, considering their current relationship, Isabel doubted Max talked to her either. She heard Tess hesitate on the other end.

"Tess, this is really important. He has NEVER been like this, even when he was depressed last summer. We need him to been functioning for us to survive. It's in all our interests to help him with whatever's going on. I'm just so scared for him Tess," Isabel's voice was starting to sound shaky.

"I don't think there's much anyone can do, Isabel. He was really upset the other night in the park, but he wouldn't tell me what was up. Although...I think I know what it is now. And he just needs to get over it. He's not supposed to think about her anymore, even SHE knows that. So what his heart is broken?" Tess was talking in a very condescending way. "He'll get over it, move on. And realize it was for the better. Liz Parker isn't that special, it's not like someone else couldn't make him just as happy."

Isabel was struck dumb. She was about to argue with Tess, Liz WAS special. She was the girl Max fell in love with in third grade. She was his soulmate. Isabel hated to admit it, but even when they weren't technically together, the two of them had this connection. They knew just what the other person was thinking. They knew each other inside out. She was having a hard time believing that Max would ever change, move on. But, on the other hand, Isabel didn't want to discuss any of this with Tess.

**It's so funny, she just doesn't get it. I don't want Max to be with Liz any more than she does, but I don't see him ever loving anyone else. It's a little too obvious to ignore. God, it's pathetic,** Isabel shook her head.

"Hello?! Isabel?" Tess's voice was now uncertain.

"Ugh yeah, sorry. What exactly happened? I mean it had to've been something big."

For some reason Tess was nervous and she didn't know why. Shouldn't she be glad that Liz slept with Kyle? Shouldn't she want to tell Isabel? Now Max would be hers, right?

"Isabel," her voice was soft. "I talked to Kyle, I'm just going to say this, ok? Liz slept with Kyle. Max knows. He might have even seen them, well, ya know..."

Isabel felt her blood turn cold and her heart skip a beat. Liz did that to Max? Isabel had thought that however much she denied it, Liz still loved Max. Every time Max entered the room, Liz still gave him that look filled with love and devotion.

Isabel was confused by the fact that what Tess said made her feel so angry and sad. Isabel didn't think she was that involved in Max's love life. But she knew Max was crushed. God, more than crushed. It certainly explained the last few days. Isabel was strangely sorrowful, but she was also enraged that her brother was suffering.

"Tess," Isabel said tightly, "Are you absolutely sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. Liz has definitely done the deed."

"All right, thanks. I guess I'd better go, bye Tess."

Isabel hung up the phone and rested her head in her hands. She now understood why Max was the way he was. She wouldn't expect any less from him, Liz Parker was his life. As much as she hated to admit it, Max's universe revolved around one thing. And that one thing was Liz Parker.

The strange thing was, it seemed to Isabel that Liz was just as devastated as Max. She looked on the brink of death herself. Squeezing her eyes shut, Isabel thrust that thought to the back of her mind. Liz had hurt her brother...and Isabel had some things to say to Liz before ignoring her altogether.

But first things first, Isabel looked at the clock. It was already nine thirty. Max was asleep, she could hear his rhythmic breathing coming from the next room. She really wanted to tell her brother that she knew. She knew what happened. Isabel wanted to be there for him and to hold him while he cried. She had heard sobbing through his bedroom door late that afternoon. Then suddenly, she remembered the incident at the Crashdown. Maybe it would be better to dreamwalk him when she delivered the news. He probably wouldn't listen to her in real life. She'd end up with a numb arm like Michael.

Quickly changing, Isabel turned out the light and crept under the satiny covers of her bed. She nudged her pillow with her head until she was comfortable. Who knows how long she would be asleep...

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