FanFic - Max/Liz
"Mothers Know Best"
Part 5
by Susan
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Summary: Diane Evans and Nancy Parker set their children up to find out why they broke up.
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Rating: PG
Michael's Apartment:

Tess walked into the apartment knowing immediately she had just walked in on something, but didn't know what. She herself was surprised to see the three humans at Michael's apartment. "Hi, so what's everyone up to today?" She asked trying not to sound disappointed in seeing them their, especially Liz.

"Hi Tess, we were just discussing the dinner Max and I had with our parents last night." Isabel wasn't sure if Max or Liz wanted to discuss the real reason they were all there.

"Oh, that's right. You mentioned your mom wanted you guys to get together with a dear friend and her family. So how did it go?"

"It was..eventful." Isabel answered but couldn't help the giggle that escaped her. Which in turned made Maria giggle, which led to both Alex and Michael laughing.

The laughter was in deed catching as Tess found herself smiling without even realizing it. Then she noticed that neither Max nor Liz were laughing, but blushing badly and knew she had missed something that wasn't good for her. Then she turned her full attention to Max. "Hi, it's good to see you up and about."

"Yea, well I just didn't feel like myself lately. So what brings you to Michael's?" He asked as he began to step closer to Liz. Liz took a step farther away from Max not wanting him to touch her accidentally until she had a chance to talk to him about her plan.

"Nothing really, just wanted to say hi." Tess had noticed how Liz had moved away from Max the moment he stepped closer to her and couldn't help but smile slightly.

Max also noticed that Liz had moved away from him intentionally, but he also knew the true reason why she had done it. He had wanted to talk to Liz privately before they had met up with Tess again but her untimely presence hadn't given him a chance. He thought about how he could be alone with Liz long enough for them to discuss Tess without letting everyone know what he was up to. Especially Tess. "Hey guys I'm starting to get hungry. Who wants pizza? My treat!"

Alex: "Pizza sounds good to me."

Maria: "Sounds good to me too. But let's get two. One with and one without the hot sauce, deal."

Michael: "Hey hot sauce goes with pizza normally."

Maria: "Some people may like it on their pizza, but I don't. Do you have a problem with that?"

Michael: "Yea I do. If you and I are ever going to be together then you have to learn to at least eat pizza with hot sauce on it." Maria went silent and just stared at Michael. With all of them together again it had seemed like old times to Michael and he had forgotten for a minute about not being with Maria. Until she got quiet and looked at him. Then it had dawned on him what he had said.

Isabel: "Michael, Maria doesn't always have to do things your way you know. Maybe we should go ahead and get two and make you eat the one without the sauce." Isabel tried to run interference between the two of them before they started saying things they would regret later.

Alex: "Okay, okay, two pizzas. One with, one without sauce. Maria you have to try one piece with hot sauce and Michael you have to try one without. Compromise is the only way to go right sweetheart."

Isabel: "Right as usually honey pie." With that both Alex and Isabel started laughing. Which made Maria giggle and Michael smile.

Michael: "I'll try it, but I'll never admit to liking it."

Maria: "Ditto."

Max went over and ordered the pizzas. Then he looked at Liz and asked. "Do you think you could get us a discount on some sodas from the Crashdown?"

Liz: "I'm pretty tight with the owners so I'd say the chances are good."

Max: "Well we'll stop by there and then pick up the pizzas. If you don't mind helping me carry everything?"

Liz: "I think I can at least manage one or two sodas." With that she grabbed her jacket and quickly put it on before Max put his arm around her shoulder.

As soon as the door closed Tess looked around at the group of friends and couldn't help but ask. "So are Max and Liz back together?"

Maria: "I don't think they will ever be apart again after last night."

Tess: "What happened last night?"

Isabel once again told the story about what their parents did. She decided to leave out the part of Max making Liz glow for some reason it didn't seem like her place to tell that to Tess. "Tess, I know this must be hard for you to understand, but Max really does love Liz. I'm sorry if that hurts you. I really am, but I want my brother to be happy and Liz makes him happy."

Tess: "Isabel, that's all I have ever wanted. To make Max happy. I understand his attraction to Liz, but I also know what was meant to be. I can wait until he's ready."

Maria: "I think you'll be waiting along time."

Tess: "Look I'm not trying to hurt anybody. Especially Liz. She's a very sweet, caring human being. But Max and I are the same. We belong together and eventually he will understand that. Just like eventually both of the two of you (pointing to Michael and Isabel) will understand what was meant to be."

Michael: "I don't care what some damn book says. Isabel is my sister. I will always see her as my sister. Maria is the only girl my heart will ever belong to. You got that Tess?" Maria began to blush at Michael's statement. Which didn't go unnoticed by Michael.

Isabel: "I have to agree with Michael on this one Tess. I'm sorry, but Michael is my brother and to think of him in that kind of way..well.. it's just sick."

Tess: "Look I'm not here to tell you what you should do right this minute. I'm just stating what the facts are and what will eventually happen no matter how much you guys try and deny it. We are all very young, a lot can happen in say two years, five years, or even twenty years. All I'm saying is I want Max to be happy and if Liz makes him happy right now then I don't have a problem with him being with her. Because I know he will eventually be with me in the end."

Alex: "What makes you so sure? You do know you are mostly human? And human beings have the right of free choice."

Maria: "Yea. Besides, you have no idea what Max and Liz have together. Their connection goes way beyond just a high school boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. They are true soulmates if there ever was such a thing."

Now it was Tess's turn to laugh. "Soulmates? Max and Liz? I don't think so. I mean Max and I died together and were reborn to be together. How much more proof do you need that we are true soulmates. And that is why I'm so confident Max will be with me in the end."

Michael: "Tess I think Maria's right, if you plan to wait for Max. You will be waiting for a very long time."

Isabel: "Please just watch them together. Don't think about what was meant to be in terms of our destinies. I think you will be surprised at what you will see if you let yourself see it."

Maria: "I couldn't have said that any better Isabel. Oh and Tess if you want to be a part of Max's life even if just as a friend I would suggest you not trying to use your mind game powers on either him or Liz."

Isabel: "Yea, I know Max better then anyone and if you did play some kind of mind game on him or Liz and he found out about it. I guarantee he would never forgive you."

Tess: "Okay I promise no mind games. I won't try to come between Max and Liz at all. But, when he does decide to be with me of his own free choice. Which he will. I want you all to promise me not to hate him or me for the choice he will eventually make. Deal?"

Alex: "That's a deal I'll agree to, because I'm pretty sure it's something I won't have to worry about."

Maria: "I agree, deal." With that Maria held out her hand to Tess who shook on the deal.

Tess: "Okay now that we've got that settled I would really like to be friends. I know we got off on the wrong foot because of our destiny, but do you think you could try to get to know me for me and we could try to be friends?"

Maria: "Tess friendship is about trust, loyalty and simply being there for each other whenever it is needed. I'll tell you what, for the sake of Isabel, Max and Michael I would like to for all of us to be friends"

Isabel: "Friends." With that Isabel went up to both Maria and Tess hugging them both. Both of them hugged her back along with each other.

Michael: "Okay a little too chick flick feeling going on in my apartment. Could you guys try to remember this is a MAN'S apartment for christ sake."

All three girls turned to look at Michael and said "Shut Up." At the same time.

Meanwhile in the Max's Jeep:

"Liz, I wanted a chance to talk to you alone. We need to talk about Tess."

"I know."

"You know what I said before about choosing our own destiny?"

"Yes, I remember."

"I still believe that. I love you Liz. I have since I first laid eyes on you when I got off the bus in the third grade. I need to know that you believe in us, in me."

"Max, I know how much I hurt you when I walked away from you at the cave. I'm pretty sure you understand why I did it and how much it hurt me to do it."

"Yea, I understood. But, what I'm asking you now, is if you believe that we are truly meant to be together? Because I do, I always have. I need to know if you believe it now too?"

"Max, I have no doubt in my heart that you love me. And you know I love you. But Tess is...I mean was your wife and that's not something either one of us can deny. I guess what I'm trying to say is that what if I agree with you and let myself feel everything I know I would feel. Then say someday we get into a stupid fight. Tess would be more then willing to open her arms for you. She is a part of your life now and will always be a part of it. Before I can commit totally to you Max I need to know that you are my soulmate."

"Liz we are soulmates, you can't deny that."

"But Tess thinks she's your soulmate, you can't deny that."

"Tell me what I can do to prove to you that you are the one for me and not Tess."

"Okay, you say you make me glow because of the feelings you have for me are true from inside your soul right?"

"Yea, so."

"And you said you've never been able to do that with anyone else, correct?" Max just nodded yes. "So I want you to touch Tess like you touched me. I want to see if you can make her glow too. I mean if you can then we can't deny you have a connection with Tess any longer. But if you can't then we know for sure we were meant to be and there will be no more walking away or denial from either of us."

"Liz do you know what you are asking?"

"Yes, I'm asking for you to let your true feelings for Tess to surface. We have too strong of feelings for each other all ready. It's not fair for either of us to go any further if there is any doubt. I deserve to know Max one way or the other, you owe it to both of us to try. And I mean really try."

"But I think I should try it out on Isabel first. Before I try it on Tess I need to know that this isn't something that I can do with just anyone I have feelings for."

"You're right and you should also try to do it to Maria also. To make sure it's not just an alien/human thing."

"Now the little scientist comes out in her."

"I just think this is too important to both of us not to fully try all aspects." They picked up the pizzas and got sodas for each member of their party. The ride back to Michael's apartment was quiet. Once they pulled up and parked Liz grabbed Max's hand prior to him getting out. "Max whatever happens up there I want you to know that I love you. I will always love you and no other." With that she leaned over to kiss him gently. Max couldn't help but deepen the kiss. He pulled her into a close embrace with him until she was just about on his lap. They both had flashes of the times they had spent together and how the other had felt when they had been apart from each other.

As they broke their kiss Max leaned his forehead against Liz's and said. "Liz don't be worried. We were meant to be together. Why don't we go up there and let me prove it to you so we can get on with the rest of our lives?"

With that they got out of the jeep and headed toward Michael's apartment to find out what path of destiny was the true path. Liz or Tess.

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