FanFic - Max/Liz
"Mothers Know Best"
Part 4
by Susan
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Summary: Diane Evans and Nancy Parker set their children up to find out why they broke up.
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Rating: PG
Evans Residence:

Upon arriving home after dropping Liz off Max walked up to his parents bedroom door and knocked. "Mom, dad are you up?"

"Yes, Max, come on in." Diane Evans stated.

"I just wanted to say...uh..thank you."

"You don't have to thank us Max. We are your parents and we want you to be happy. I'm just glad to see that sparkle back in your eyes."

"Yea, well good night."

"Night Max."

Max closed his parents bedroom door and proceed back to his room. To his surprise both Isabel and Michael were waiting for his return. "Michael what are you doing here?"

"I called him. I thought we should discuss the Liz situation together." His sister answered.

"The Liz situation?"

"Maxwell, you have to admit there is a Liz situation that needs to be discussed." Michael said with angry tone to his voice.

Max was starting to get angry himself. "Look you two, I never asked for any of this destiny crap. You both of all people should understand that. I'm in love with Liz and I know she loves me. That's the end of this so called discussion of the Liz situation."

Michael is now shouting. "End of the discussion. I don't think so. You made her glow in front of a whole restaurant full of people Maxwell. Are you crazy?"

"Michael calm down. Our parents are just down the hallway." Isabel went over to her brother and calmly stated to him. "Max I know you love Liz, but you have to know that what happen tonight can't happen again."

"So now you think that Liz and I shouldn't be together?"

"Max, I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is that you two need to be more careful with the touchy, feely, glowing thing. I mean you obviously can't control it. We need to discuss this if you want to continue to see Liz so this doesn't happen again."

"Look I understand both of your concerns about this..."

Michael interrupted Max before he could finish his sentence, his voice more quiet but still angry. "Concerned, that's an understatement."

"Tomorrow I'll call Liz and set up a time to meet with her. Then we'll see if I can figure out why and when this glowing thing happens and if I can control it."

"And if you can't?" Isabel asked nervously.

Max just looked at Isabel and Michael hanging his head low. Silence filled the bedroom.

Next Day - Crashdown:

Maria and Liz were having a pretty easy morning since the cafe wasn't busy. Liz had been able to fill Maria in on all the events of the previous evening. She also told Maria of her plan to not only fight for Max, but to prove to Tess that Max and her belonged together.

"So when is Max going to call?" Maria asked still in shock about the whole situation.

"I'm not sure. He said he would call me today that's all I know." Just then Max, Isabel and Michael walked into the cafe and sat at one of the booths. Liz and Maria both walked over to their booth. "Do you guys want something to eat or are you here to discuss last night's events?" Liz asked not sure if she was ready to have another open discussion of her feelings about Max with the whole group.

Maria stood by Liz's side quietly. For the first time in her whole life she was at a lost for words. She was trying not to look at Michael and noticed he was having the same difficulty trying not to look at her. She wanted so badly to reach out and touch his hand to tell him she still loved him, but somehow it just didn't seem like the right time or place to do it.

Isabel felt bad for both Michael and Maria. She knew they were both hurting right now. She didn't want to lose their friendship. She also wanted the chance to let Maria know that her and Michael had already decided that they were not going to follow the part of their destiny that said they were to be together, together. "Hi Liz, Maria do you have a minute? I need to ask you something."

Maria had no idea what Isabel was going to say, but she felt that she needed to hear it no matter what good or bad. "Sure what is it?"

Isabel stood up from the booth and said. "Come on, let's go in the back. We'll be right back." Before walking away she turned back to Liz and ordered a cherry coke. Then jokingly she whispered. "Oh and try not to let my brother touch you just yet. We wouldn't want you glowing on the job." With that Maria and her started laughing and the two of them walked into the back room. Leaving Liz and Max both blushing.

Michael also couldn't help but give a rare laugh and ordered himself a cherry coke too. Then not wanting Isabel to best him said. "Yea and you better bring Mr. Glow hands here one too, but could you do me a favor and hand them to me. We wouldn't want you guys to cause a power failure from any electric sparks."

"Michael!" Then looking at Liz. "Hey, you okay?"

"Yes, I'll be right back with your guys drinks. And don't worry Michael I'm not planning on being used as a flashlight in case the power fails."

In the back room Isabel could tell Maria was nervous so she hurried up and began to talk to her. "Look Maria, I know you've heard all about this destiny crap and I just wanted to let you know that Michael and I aren't together in that way." Maria just gave Isabel a stunned look still feeling speechless so Isabel continued. "Come on, I think of Michael as my brother. I know he is being his stubborn self right now, but don't worry he cares for you a lot. He'll come around sooner or later."

Maria couldn't help but throw her arms around Isabel and hug her. "Oh Isabel, thank you for telling me that. I mean I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable before. I just..."

"I know, I understand. Friends?"

"Friends." With that Maria pulled away and offered her hand to shake. Which Isabel gladly accepted? "I guess we should get back out there to make sure no ones glowing or anything like that, uh." With that both girls once again began to giggle and made their way back over to the booth just in time to see Liz handing all three cherry cokes to Michael.

Just then Alex walked into the Crashdown. He went straight over to Isabelle and put his arm around her waist. "Hi beautiful. How was your dinner with your mom's friend?" With that everyone at the booth started laughing. "Okay, so what did I miss this time?"

Isabel proceeded to tell Alex how her mom and Liz's mom had set the whole thing up to get Max and Liz together. Then she told him about how Max made Liz glow when he touched her as they danced and the whole scene afterwards. "Wow, Liz you're not pregnant or anything are you?" He inquired after hearing the story.

"Alex! No, I am not pregnant." Liz responded.

"Well, they say a woman just seems to glow when she's pregnant."

With Alex's last comment all eyes looked to Liz then to Max then back to Liz. "Okay let me just say this one more time. I AM NOT PREGNANT!"

Max immediately stood up to comfort Liz but as he reached out to touch her Michael, Isabel, Alex and Maria shouted at the same time. "NO!"

Max and Liz stared at their friends and then looked at each other. "Max it's okay, I'm okay. Look Maria and I get off in about an hour. Why don't we all meet over at Michael's so we can see if we can figure this all out in private?" Everyone seemed to agree.

Michael's apartment:

Michael, Isabel, Max and Alex were waiting patiently for Liz and Maria to arrive. When they finally got there Max walked up to Liz and hugged her tightly. Everyone was relieved when she didn't glow. "God I needed to do that." Max whispered in her ear.

"Okay so Liz isn't glowing now. Can we deal with the glowing situation now please?" Michael asked very sarcastically.

"Michael's right Max. We need to figure out why I only glow sometimes when you touch me, but if we can control it from happening when were in public."

"So what do you suggest Liz?" Isabel inquired.

Liz looked directly at Max and stated lovingly. "Touch me Max." Max didn't have to be told twice. He reached out and caressed Liz's face. Nothing happened. Liz then removed her jacket and Max caressed her arm. Still no glowing affect. "Okay so we know I don't glow from you touching me. So now the question is what makes it happen?"

"Could you all excuse us for a minute? I need to speak to Liz alone." With that Max gentle pulled Liz into Michael's bedroom and closed the door. Once behind closed doors he captured her mouth with his and kissed her deeply. After a few minutes he pulled back from the kiss still full of emotions from the kiss and began to caress Liz's arm. This time the glowing affect came almost immediately. "Well, I guess that answers that question." He pulled Liz into a tight embrace and then said. "Come on let's try this again." He grabbed her hand and guided her back into the other room where their friends were waiting patiently.

"I think I know why it happens." He informed them.

"Well, are you going to tell us or just make us guess?" Isabel asked

"Just watch." Max let his feelings for Liz surface and then once again gently began to caress her arm. This time she glowed. Everyone in the room went silent. Then Max turned around and let his emotions for Liz simmer down a bit and to get himself under control. He then took her hand and slowly caressed her arm once more. This time with no affect.

"Okay Maxwell if you know what's going on then I think it's time you fill the rest of us in." Michael stated becoming very impatient.

"It has to do with my emotions." Max answered and before anyone had time to comment he continued. "I'm pretty sure we don't have to worry about me touching Liz in public. This is something that can be controlled."

"Well, apparently you weren't in control last night!" Isabel was quick to respond.

"You're right Isabel, I wasn't in control. I hadn't seen Liz since that day at the cave and then last night when we were dancing all of the emotions I had inside me surfaced. I didn't know what kind of effect it would have when they did, but now I do so I can control it."

"Liz are you okay? I mean does it hurt or anything?" Maria couldn't help but be concern for her best friend.

"Maria, I'm fine and no it doesn't hurt. It actually makes just feels..look it doesn't hurt okay."

Maria gave Liz a questioning look. Liz returned her look saying without words they would talk later. Michael of course didn't get Liz's embarrassment and wanted a more detailed of what it did feel like so asked. "Liz I need to know. Can you tell when you are glowing?"

"No, I can't tell when I'm actually glowing, but every time this has happen I feel...I...uh..I'm sorry but I just can't explain what I experience."

"Why can't you explain it, we need to know Liz?"

"Michael, it's personal." Liz stated firmly letting him know to drop it.

Max couldn't help but become protective of Liz. He put his arm around her shoulder to comfort her and then turned to Michael. "Michael, Liz told you what you needed to know and that's it, so drop it okay."

Michael then looked over to Maria wanting to ask her if she understood what was being said without anything actually being said. Maria noticed the look and nodded to him that she would explain it to him later if he really needed to know.

With the tension in the group slowly fading away they began to talk like the destiny situation had never occurred and just enjoyed being all together. Until there was a knock on Michael's door.

Michael went over to answer it and was surprised to see Tess on the other side of the door. Once she stepped inside the apartment, silence fell onto the group and the tension was back in full force.

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