FanFic - Max/Liz
"Mothers Know Best"
Part 6
by Susan
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Summary: Diane Evans and Nancy Parker set their children up to find out why they broke up.
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Rating: PG
Michael's Apartment:

Both Max and Liz decided to wait until after the pizza was eaten before Max would try to see if he could make anyone else glow. When they walked back into the apartment, they both noticed the tension that had been in the air before seemed to have disappeared. Max was careful not to touch Liz, but nothing could stop his soulful looks in her direction which Liz returned.

Alex handed Michael a piece of pizza without any sauce on it. Without thinking about it Michael started to reach for the hot sauce, but Alex stopped him. "Come on Guerin, suck it up and eat your plain pizza like a good little boy." He joked. Michael glanced over at Maria as she watched in amazement as Michael grabbed the pizza out of Alex's hand and took a huge bite of it.

Then in return reached for another piece of pizza and proceeded to drench it with the hot sauce. He handed it to Maria and when she made a face at him he said. "Chicken?"

Maria: "I'll show you who's chicken." With that she took a good size bite of the pizza. The sauce was so hot it made her eyes start to water, but she was determined not to let Michael win this battle. She forced herself to chew slowly and after she swallowed it, she licked her lips. "HMMHMM now that's what I call pizza with a bite to it."

Michael couldn't help himself any longer. He grabbed Maria and planted a long deep kiss upon her mouth. Maria was surprised at first, but soon found herself melting in Michael's arms. Liz smiled for her friend and then looked to Max who was staring at her both happy for their two best friends.

Alex and Isabel both started laughing at their two friends. Finally Isabel stated. "Hey you two, there are those of us that are still trying to eat here. Can't you control yourselves or what?"

Michael pulled away from Maria slightly. "I'm sorry, forgive me." Maria still stunned just shook her head. Then he looked over to Max and said. "See I told you Max I know how to shut her up."

With that Maria smacked him lovingly on his arm and the whole group started laughing. Max watched the playfulness between Michael and Maria and decided it was time to show Liz she was his destiny and not Tess. He stood up and went over to Isabel, whispered in her ear something that no one else could hear to which she nodded her agreement. Liz of course knew what he had asked and watched closely as Max closed his eyes in concentration. When he opened his eyes again he looked deeply into his sister's eyes and then reached over and began to caress his sister's arm. Everyone in the room knew what he was trying to do, everyone except Tess. They all watched closely waiting to see if anything would happen. When no glowing affect happened they all let out a sigh.

Max turned to Liz who smiled a thank you smile to him. Then Liz turned to Maria. "Maria, I need to know do you mind?" Max looked to Michael as if asking permission to touch his girlfriend.

Michael gave a hesitant nod and then looked at Maria. "It's up to you."

"This isn't going to hurt right?" She couldn't help but ask and when she seen the desperate look in Liz's eyes she couldn't help but agree. Max did the same thing with Maria that he had done with Isabel. He closed his eyes concentrating on his emotions for Maria. He knew he didn't have the same feelings for her as he did for Liz, but he had to be sure. When he opened his eyes and looked deeply into Maria's eyes he knew how much of a true friend she was to him. He concentrated on his feelings of friendship for her and slowly reached over and caressed her arm. When no glowing occurred Maria let out her breath not even realizing she had been holding it. "I guess that proves I'm a one alien kind of girl only huh!"

Max just smiled at Maria and then at Michael mouthing the words thank you silently to both of them. Then he looked back to Liz who nodded for him to continue. Tess had watched the exchange between Max and Isabel and Max and Maria and couldn't figure out what he was trying to do. Then when Max approached her she couldn't help but feel like butterflies danced in her stomach. "Tess I have found out something lately that I can't really explain right now to you, but I need to ask you a favor. I need to know if we are truly meant to be together and I think I have a way to see for sure or not. Are you willing to see the truth no matter which way the truth may go?"

"Max, I don't want to hurt anyone here." She looked directly toward Liz. "I know what the truth is. The question is can all of you accept the truth if it is true that you can prove it and it is revealed?"

Liz spoke up before Max had a chance to reply. "We all need to know, Tess. I'll accept the truth no matter which way it happens to go, if you are willing to accept it too."

"I agree. So what do you need me to do?" Tess asked. She was sure her destiny was to be with Max and felt bad. She didn't want to come in between Liz and Max, but if they both wanted to know what the truth is then she was going to let them both see it now.

Max approached her slowly and spoke softly to her. "I need you to think about your feelings for me. I mean really let your feelings surface. When both of us are sure that our true feelings are surfaced for each other I need to touch you. It's kind of like making a connection in a way and we'll see what happens. And Tess we all need to be sure so no games, you understand?"

Tess knew exactly what Max was saying. She was confident no games would need to be played out this time. What ever was supposed to happen would happen without her mind control abilities so she nodded her agreement to Max and then again to Liz.

Max and Tess stood in front of each other and both closed their eyes concentrating on what they each felt for the other one. Tess was the first one to open her eyes for it didn't take her long to let her feelings for Max to surface. She stared deeply at him and waited for him to do the same. As she stood there and waited she saw how hard he was concentrating. It was the first time she wasn't feeling confident about Max choosing her instead of Liz. When Max finally opened his eyes he looked deeply into Tess's eyes and she knew before he even reached out to touch her she had lost him. Max slowly and ever so gently caressed her arm. They both felt a tingling sensation to his touch, but she didn't glow.

Tess had felt the sensation and knew Max did to when he let out a sign. She misunderstood the sign as being upset that he found out the truth. But the sigh that Max had let out was of pure relief that he had proven without a doubt that he belonged to Liz. Tess wrapped her arms around Max's waist. "I'm sorry Max, I didn't want to hurt anyone."

Liz who had witnessed the entire exchange between Tess and Max also had let out a sigh of relief and almost fainted. Alex thankfully was standing next to her and caught hold of her before she had the chance. Max quickly pulled away from Tess's embrace and walked over to Liz who was still being held up by Alex. "Liz I think it's time to show the truth."

With that he held out his hand to her and brought her to stand directly in front of him and Tess. He knew he had to get Liz's emotions for him to surface. "Liz I need you to look at me." He stared into her eyes and the connection between the two of them was immediately felt by the two of them. Without hesitating Max reached over and gently caressed Liz's arm. As soon as her arm began to glow Tess's eyes grew as wide as they could. Her mouth opened and she began to gasp for air.

"I don't understand." Was all she could bring herself to say.

"I'm sorry Tess, but I do belong with Liz. You, me, Michael and Isabel will always have a special bond with each other. We were sent here for a reason, but not for the reason you thought we were sent here for. I know not everyone is lucky enough to find their true soulmate, but I am. Liz is my soulmate Tess. It might have taken me two different lifetimes to find her, but I did."

Liz put her arm around Max. Then she turned her attention to Tess. "I know this must be really hard for you to except, believe me I know." Then she looked up to Max. "But, I have no more doubts about who I was meant to be with."

With that Max picked Liz up into his arms and began to twirl her around. His heart was soaring with happiness, because he knew from that moment on Liz would be with him, stand by him and love him for all eternity. It didn't matter what the future had in store for all of them. It didn't matter, Liz would be by his side forever.

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