FanFic - Max/Liz
"June in November"
Part 5
by Crazysmilee
Disclaimer: I do not own any of them!! *sniff* so sad…
Summary: A new girl (June) comes to town. She’s got some alien heritage and she’s not alone…
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my first fic, so pleeeeease write back! This takes place before Meet the Dupes. Everything before that is true in my story. I promise there will be more M/L romance later. Hope you like it!
~* Next Day at the Crashdown *~

The gang talked some more and decided that Liz would ask her dad for some information. Maybe she was adopted also. June said she would call her two best friends in LA. They shared June’s ‘weird dreams’ and maybe they were also alien. Even so, that didn’t account for the missing podster. Liz is at the counter waiting for the cook and other workers to file out before closing.

"Liz. Babe. You’ll be fine. Don’t sweat over it. Your dad’s a sensible guy. He’ll understand." Maria tries and soothes a worried Liz.

"No, it’s not that Maria. It’s…it’s Max."

"Does this have anything to do with…oh….say, you sleeping with Kyle?"

"Ya, and we DIDN’T do anything. Alright?"

"So what did you do? Come on Liz. I think I’ve waited long enough to hear your explanation of what happened."

"Okay, but you have to promise not to tell a soul. Especially not Max."

"Right. Not a soul. Girl Scouts honor." Maria raises her right hand jokingly.

"Very funny Maria, this is serious."

"Okay, okay. I’ll be serious. Just tell me what happened already."

"Well, here goes…" Liz spills every last detail about what happened when Future Max came. She tells Maria about the end of the world, and lying to Max, and pretending to sleep with Kyle. She also tells Maria about the wedding. "Now every time I look at him, the only thing I see is the hurt I caused. I mean, I’m okay with it, but I can’t stand seeing Max this way. I just wish we could go back to just being ‘friends’. It’s so hard Maria!"

"Girl I feel so sorry for you. You find your soulmate, and you have to dump him. Me? I got Michael Guerin. Well, more like had."

"Ya well, I’m over it. It just feels good to tell somebody."

"I understand. I’m here for ya. Well anyways, I better be going so you can have that little chat with your dad. Call me later okay?"

"Ya sure. Bye."

Mr. Parker interrupts Liz. "What little chat?"

"Oh Dad! Umm…it was nothing. I just had a little question."

"What is it honey?"

"Well, see I was watching this thing last week about adopted people." Liz pauses to see if her dad has any reaction to this statement. "Uh…well, these people didn’t know for a really long time because their parents were scared to tell them. It just kinda got me thinking and stuff…." Liz stops before blurting out. "I wasn’t adopted was I? Cause you can tell me if I am."

"Oh princess, you weren’t adopted." He reaches over and hugs Liz. "You know we’d tell you something like that right?" Liz nods and Mr. Parker looks Liz straight in the eye. "But there is something I think you should know. I think it’s about time I told you this."

"What is it?" Now Liz is worried. What could her father have to tell her?

"Listen, I didn’t tell you this because I didn’t want you to worry. You didn’t even show signs."

"What is it Dad? Just say it already."

"Okay. Liz, your grandfather was from the ’47 crash. Grandma Claudia married an…alien." Liz just stared back. "But you’re special Liz. Your blood and cells are completely human. I don’t know how it happened. Some sort of genetic mutation maybe."

"And you never told me this?" Liz is surprised her father is so calm.

"Oh come on Liz. I know you knew about visitors to Earth. You hang out with Max and them so much, I figured you probably knew. Besides, I didn’t think you could use your powers."

"What?! You know about them? And you never said anything?" Liz had sat down momentarily, only to shoot up again.

"I know about Max, his sister, that cute blonde, June, and Michael. I didn’t say anything because then I’d have to explain."

"Oh Daddy you should have told me sooner!" Liz gives her father a huge bear hug.

"I know I’m sorry. Forgive me?"

"You know I do. Now I have to go call Maria."

"Alright princess. And Liz…"

"Yea Daddy?"

"Try to stay out of trouble okay?"

"Okay I will. And thanks for telling me. It answers a lot of my questions." Yep, questions about what she was, where she got her flashes from, how she could do the wavy genie thing – all the normal stuff.

~* Next Day at the Crashdown *~

Liz has told everyone about her heritage, and June is telling about her phone call to her friends.

"So they’re okay with this?"

"Yea. They were really okay with the idea that they’re aliens. And they want to drive down next weekend to get to meet everyone."

"Did they say anything about the fourth?" Michael really wants to find the people in the other pods. He feels responsible for them because he is the one who learned about them.

"Um…not really…" June is a little hesitant.

"So what did they say?"

"Well, they think it’s probably our friend Laurel."

"Really? That’s great. Did you call her too? Where is she?" This is really getting Michael excited.

"Uh…actually…Laurel…died when we were seven." June is suddenly very interested in the floor.

"What?! How did that happen?"

"We were crossing the street. A car…just came out of no where. We were only seven. I’m sorry Michael."

"Don’t worry. Michael will get over it. And with Super-Liz, who needs a fourth podster, right?" Alex puts his arm around June’s shoulders to ease the worry.

"Listen, what happened happened. We can’t change that." Says Tess.

"What about those dreams you had?" asks Max, directing their attention off this touchy subject.

"Oh right. Well, the dreams were creepy, but the weird thing was that all three of us had the exact same dream." June is relieved to finally get off the subject.

"What did you guys dream about."

"It was kind of confusing, but I know that there was a gunshot and blood. Then the blood disappeared. At the end there was this glowy hand thing. Have you ever heard of anything so messed up before?"

"Uh…you never know. When did you have this dream June?" Maria resists the urge to pull out her oils.

"Umm….September I think. Sometime before school started. Why?"

"Well cause it’s not as messed up as you think." Explains Liz. "See, last year I got shot and Max healed me."

"So…?" June doesn’t get the hint.

"Umm…afterwards there was this silver handprint where he healed me. I think maybe you saw that happen."

"No way. You guys are pulling my leg. You think I saw the future?"

"Yes. This just gives us another reason to meet. Call your friends and tell them to come this weekend okay?"

"I can’t believe this is happening to me."

"Well, in the meantime, I think we need to get together sometime and work on our powers. Michael, can we use your apartment?" Isabel is always up for a little girl get-together. Especially if it helps a fellow female calm down.

"Whatever. Just don’t break anything all right? And tell me when so I can not be there."

"Cool. Are you two free Thursday? Or maybe tomorrow? Tess you wanna come help?" All three agree to meet at Michael’s place Thursday around five because Liz has to work. They leave, contemplating the results of everything they learned that day. Only they were so caught up in their thoughts, they didn't notice that there was another car on the road that day....

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