FanFic - Max/Liz
"June in November"
Part 4
by Crazysmilee
Disclaimer: I do not own any of them!! *sniff* so sad…
Summary: A new girl (June) comes to town. She’s got some alien heritage and she’s not alone…
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my first fic, so pleeeeease write back! This takes place before Meet the Dupes. Everything before that is true in my story. I promise there will be more M/L romance later. Hope you like it!
~* In Max’s Jeep *~

Max and Isabel have just dropped off Michael. Max remembers something that Nicholas said earlier and turns to ask Isabel about it.

"Isabel, what did Vilandra do?" Isabel sucks in her breath.

"It was nothing Max." She says, trying to sound carefree, like it was true.

"If it was nothing, why didn’t you tell me?" Damn me, thought Isabel. He’s right.

"Well okay. But you have to remember that what Vilandra did has nothing to do with what I will do in the future. Okay?"

"Ya. Isabel, you’re my sister. I would love you no matter what you’re predecessor did or didn’t do." Isabel is moved by these words and finds the strength to go on.

"Okay. Well, I double-crossed you before. I turned on you, and Michael, and my planet, because I fell in love with Kivar." She sighed. It felt so good to get if off of her chest. Max laughed out loud.

"Is that all Is? Look I know you, and I know you would never do that to me or Michael. Next time you find out something like that, don’t be afraid to tell me okay?"

"Okay Max." The rest of the ride home was calm and peaceful. Max was right. Why had she kept it from him all this time? Secrets were what tore them apart. Like the secret Liz was keeping....

~* Monday at School *~

School goes pretty much as it normally does, besides the fact that June looks traumatized and really tired. Her usually silky and bouncy curls are a little on the frizzy side and she is definitely in another world.

"God she looks terrible Maria."

"Ya I know, just try to act normal." June, however, doesn’t see them and walks by without even glancing their way.

"Okay nevermind." Says Maria giving Liz a look. "We’ll just talk to her after school then." Liz nods, wondering what June must be going through at the moment.

Kyle saunters over and says "Hey how’s June? My dad and Tess told me something happened to her. So she’s another one of them green martians eh?"

"That’s not funny Kyle…. and we don’t know what’s wrong with her. She just kinda forgot about us." Liz doesn’t understand how Kyle can joke about her.

"I’m sorry. You’re right, Buddha does not approve of my antics."

"Uhh…Okay Kyle." Says Maria. "Tell Buddha we want a moment of privacy here." Max rounds the corner and suddenly sees Maria, Liz and….Kyle talking by the lockers. He stops and then tries to continue like nothing happened. Maybe Liz and Kyle did get back together. They sure were getting awful chummy. No. He forced the thought out of his mind. This was Liz’s choice. Even if it hurt like hell, Liz could do what she wanted with her life.

~* After school at Michael’s Apartment *~

Alex has managed to pull a dazed June up to Michael’s place where they meet at times like this. The nine of them stand around in a circle in the living room. Max starts by breaking the ice.

"This must be really a surprise for you. Is there anything you want to ask us?"

"Uh…ya. I guess…I mean…well…" She has so many questions she just can’t decide where to start.

"What’s with this granolith thing. What was he talking about?"

"Oh. Well it’s kind of a long story."

"Well, I really want to know. And I think, since I’m some sort of ‘protector’ I have a right to know."

"Okay." Max looks around for the group’s approval before telling June everything he knows about himself and his home planet. He tells about the destinies and the granolith and Nicholas.

"So basically I’m reincarnated?" Max nods. "That’s…. interesting. Okay…next question. What exactly can we do?"

"Well we can manipulate the molecular structure of things." States Max, giving the same explanation he gave to Liz so long ago. June raises her eyebrows at him.

"And in English that means…?"

"We can change things with a wave of our hands." Max demonstrates by reaching up and turning his thick brown hair blue. June gasps. He changes his hair back. "You didn’t know any of this?" Asks Max.

"No. The most I ever got were weird dreams. How do you do that?"

"Just concentrate and imagine what it is you want happening." Explains Max.

"Okay…." June picks up a potato chip she has found on Michael’s counter. She concentrates and changes it into a lily-shaped potato chip. "Guess I need to work on that. So what else can you do?"

"Isabel and I can dreamwalk. That is, visit other people’s subconscious. I don’t do it though, only Isabel does." June nods, wondering if she can do that someday too. "Tess can make people see things that aren’t really there." This thought startles June. What if Tess did something to her? She wouldn’t know if what she were looking at were real. Tess, seeing the look on her face speaks up.

"Don’t worry. It takes a lot of energy and I wouldn’t do that to you." June is a little embarrassed that Tess had seen her fear.

"Can Liz do anything?" Everyone is a little puzzled by this strange question.

"Huh?" Says Maria. "Liz is human. What do you mean?" June is embarrassed that she made such a careless mistake.

"Oh. I…I guess I was wrong then. It was just…I dunno…I just assumed. Sorry." She stutters.

"Wait, what made you think I was alien?" Liz is curious about how June got such an idea.

"Oh, well I just got these sorta vibes from you guys. I mean I wasn’t sure. Yours was kinda different from the rest of theirs. I guess it was something else then." She wants desperately to hide from their incredulous stares.

"Ya…I guess." Liz is distracted. She’s not paying attention to June anymore.

"Well that’s okay, Liz has got that special aura about her. It’s easy to get confused" Jokes Alex.

"That’s not funny Alex, what do you think that means?" Pipes in Maria. "Could this have something to do with the shooting?"

"Hey, that includes me too right? Do I give off ‘vibes’ too?" Asks Kyle, suddenly worried about something that might affect him.

"No way Maria…" Starts Michael. They all start arguing about what this means. How could June tell an alien from a human? How long has she been doing this? She didn’t know, but it must have started when Nicholas reminded her of her alien side. Liz, through the whole thing, was just staring at the hem of her baby blue T-shirt. Suddenly Liz turns around and leaves the apartment. Everyone froze and was quiet for a moment. Maria gasped all of a sudden.

Isabel asked at that same moment. "Maria, when did Liz start wearing orange?"

"I don’t know!" Maria leaves quickly after Liz. "Liz! Wait!" Calls out Maria. She has run after Liz. Liz doesn’t notice but keep running until she’s out in the parking lot. She gets into Maria’s car. When Maria gets there. Liz is just sitting, staring at her hands. "Liz, are you okay?"

"No Maria. I’m an alien."

"Whoa, how are you so sure?"

"Because my shirt was originally this color." She changes her shirt to a lavender color. "Okay so it was blue. Maria, what do I do?" At this instant, Michael runs over to Liz’s side of the car and pulls her out. He pins her to the side of the car.

"Alright who are you and where’s Liz?" He’s holding down her hands to make sure she doesn’t do anything suspicious.

"I am Liz, Michael." Gasps Liz.

"Michael Guerin you let her go! What do you think you’re doing?" Maria has gotten out of the car and is assaulting Michael with all she’s got.

"Stop it Maria. She can’t be Liz."

"And how would you know?!" Maria pauses before giving Michael another good whack.

"Michael, I’m not a skin. I won’t do anything I promise. Let me go." Liz pleads from under Michael’s arm.

"Michael stop it! You’re overreacting!" The others have followed them to Maria’s car and Isabel is trying to pry Michael away from Liz. "People are going see!"

"Then why is her shirt purple now?!"

"Michael, she may be alien, but she’s not a skin!" Maria says this quietly so only Michael can hear. "Now let go of her!!" Maria slaps Michael a few more times for good measure. It makes up for some of the stuff he did before.

"Please Michael it’s me. Remember you said you could trust me." Liz reminds him of the journal incident they had last year. Michael looks at Liz cautiously before finally letting her go. "Thank you Michael."

"So if you’re not a skin, what are you?"

Liz looks around at everyone before saying, "I don’t know."

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