FanFic - Max/Liz
"June in November"
Part 3
by Crazysmilee
Disclaimer: I do not own any of them!! *sniff* so sadÖ
Summary: A new girl comes to town. Interesting things happen when she comesÖ..
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my first fic, so please write back! This takes place before Meet the Dupes. I promise there will be more M/L later. Hope you like it!
~* In the car *~

Alex, and Liz are in Valentiís car. Maria and Isabel have taken Mariaís car. Max, Michael, and Tess are in the Jeep.

"So your telling me this new girl is an alien too?" Valenti is unbelieving. Another one?

"We think so. She seems to have alienÖ.qualities." Liz responds.

In Mariaís car, Maria and Isabel discuss Alexís new love.

"He really likes her doesnít he?" Isabel sounds a little sad.

"Ya, but why do you care? Youíre the one with the Ďgreat friendí speeches." Maria defends her best friend. Isabel doesnít respond, but looks down. She looks up when she sees they have arrived.

Max starts off "Weíll split up. You guys stay here and be ready to leave at any moment." He gestures towards Maria, Liz, and Alex. "The five of us will go in." Alex wants to go too, but he knows he wonít help by going with them.

The five of them set off and the three humans settle into the different cars.

~* Inside the Warehouse *~

"Okay, we stick together." Says Max.

They search around until they hear screams. They follow the screams to a downstairs storage room. Nicholas is there, along with several other skins. June is tied on the floor, screaming because Nicholas is torturing her.

"Donít lie to me. I know who you are. I know who you were before. I can see it in your eyes. Now tell me what you know about the granilith. Where are the other three?" Nicholas asks June.

"I donít know what youíre talking about. Iíve never heard of the granilith." Whimpers June from the floor.

"Really? Well then weíll just find out for ourselves then." He begins to mind rape her. "HmmÖlived in San FranciscoÖ. had a date tonight. Interesting." Nicholas is busy teasing June for information.

"Letís just hit him and run." Suggests Michael.

"No we canít. Heíd stop us. Letís all pick a skin and attack. That would even the odds. " Says Max.

"The boyís right. Iíll take the one on the right." Says Valenti. They pick their targets and attack, but the skins are prepared. They turn on their attackers and pin them all down.

"Well well well, the royal four. Couldnít resist and had to come back for more?" Says Nicholas. The group is now held captive and surrounded by the skins. He turns to Isabel. "Vilandra, have you finally decided to come back to us? You know, Iím sure Kivar would be happy to see you."

"Tell him Iíd die before I go back to him." Says Isabel, trying to sound as menacing as possible.

"Weíll see about that. Today, weíre dealing with her, so youíre off the hook for now." He motions toward where June is curled up on the floor.

He gives Isabel a questioning look before saying "Let her go. She has nothing to do with this."

"Iím not letting her go. I can already see she has more alien blood than any of you do. Besides, would I let your trusted protector go?" Says Nicholas with a smirk. "No. Iím not that stupid. She can help me find the other three."

"What do you mean protector? And what other three." Says Tess. Sheís a little afraid of what she might hear

"You donít remember? Well, let me refresh your memory. She protected you all in your past life." Reminiscing he says " She was strong and it took a while to get rid of her, but it was worth the wait, considering everything she did." He scowls at the thought of what June did in her past life. "I hope to have as much fun as I did before. It really is a pity she doesnít remember a thing, she was really quite the fighter."

"How can that be?" Isabel doesnít believe June is really on their side.

"I believe your parents thought it best to send her separately, to throw us off. Well, it didnít work." Laughing, Nicholas uses his powers on June. She screams out in pain. "Iím almost done with her mind. I can kill her after I find out where the granilith is."

"NO!" Max doesnít want an innocent person to die, especially if sheís on their side.

As Nicholas is draining the last of Juneís memories, they look toward Tess to create a vision for the skins so that they can escape. She has no time to start. June lets out an ear-piercing scream. Nicholas backs away in shock. They all turn to see a blue field of light growing around June.

"Oh my god Max." Whispers Isabel.

It grows and becomes so bright that they cannot look directly at June anymore. Suddenly the light fades; they open their eyes and see bits of skin floating around. Nicholas is no where to be found, but they have the feeling he is still alive. The group frees themselves and rush to help June. Michael and Valenti free June and help her up. Max urges them to hurry.

"Címon, in case Nicholas is still here."

They jump into the cars where Maria, Liz, and Alex are waiting. Max and Tess jump into the jeep with Liz. Michael and Valenti help June into the patrol car that Alex is driving. Isabel is with Maria in the Jetta.

~* Back at the Crashdown *~

"So sheís not a skin?" Liz and Maria didnít hear what Nicholas said and they are catching up on what happened. June had already been sent home. Considering what she had been through, the gang decided she needed to recover.

"She was sort of our body guard in her last life. At least thatís what Nicholas said. She wasnít with us because she wasnít part of the family. But she must have been important because they still sent her." Explains Tess.

"You donít actually believe any of this do you?" Maria, as always, doesnít want to believe what she hears. "This could be some evil skin plot to make you trust her. What if she IS a skin?"

"No. That canít be possible. She dusted all the skins there. If she were on their side, she wouldnít have done that." Says Isabel, who had obviously already thought of this.

"But what about the other three? Are they the people in the second pod?" asks Liz, still a little lost.

"I guess weíll just have to wait until tomorrow to ask ETís little sister what she knows then huh?" says Alex, trying to lighten the mood. Everyone is silent, deep in their own thoughts.

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