FanFic - Max/Liz
"June in November"
Part 2
by Crazysmilee
Disclaimer: I do not own any of them!! *sniff* so sadÖ
Summary: A new girl comes to town. Interesting things happen when she comesÖ..
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my first fic, so please write back! This takes place before Meet the Dupes. I promise there will be more M/L later. Hope you like it!
~* At the Cliff *~

"You mean she IS an alien?" Maria is in total shock. She thought Max was being paranoid for nothing.

"I think so. I mean, you donít get flashes from just anyone, right?" Alex is disappointed; he hadnít wanted her to be a skin. He wanted her to be normal. Maria stops shouting long enough to put her arm around Alex. She knows he really liked June.

"I knew she was bad." Michael takes this opportunity to take credit.

Max looks at Liz, but Liz looks at the ground. She knew that he was thinking about the flashes they had gotten. Itís true, you donít get flashes from just anyone. You get visions from someone special, someone you connect with. More specifically, a special ALIEN. Liz regretted giving up that wonderful connection with Max, but she knew that it would pay off some day in the future.

"So what do we do about her?" Tess can feel the emotional tension in the air and wants to keep their attention on the situation.

"Well, we canít do anything just yet. She could be human." Says Max. "We donít even know if sheís with the skins."

"What?! Youíre just gonna let her go like that?!" says Michael.

"Michael! We canít let her know that we know. We should just watch her and see what she does." Says Isabel.

"Isabelís right Michael. We should watch her. See how she uses her powers Ė if she meets with any strange people. We canít let her out of our sight." Max then looks at the human members of their group. "Try and find out all you can about her past. You guys know her better than we do." Everybody nods in agreement. This could be serious. If there are still skins lurking around, then their lives are all in danger.

~* Tomorrow at School *~

Alex is at his locker, staring at nothing in general. He is thinking about what happened this weekend. He still canít believe it. All of a sudden, June pops up behind him.

"Earth to Alex! Whatís wrong with you today? Is there something in your locker?"

"Huh? Oh no, thereís nothing wrong with my locker. I just didnít sleep well last night. Guess Iím just a little tired." He turns and finds himself staring down into Juneís brilliant blue-green eyes. "Wow, did anyone tell you, you have beautiful eyes?" June blushes and looks down at her feet.


"Oh, sorry I didnít know where that came from. Itís just you have green eyes and brown hair. Itís such a rare combination. Does your mom have blue-green eyes?" Nowís Alexís chance to find out a little about her.

"WellÖ." June is obviously embarrassed. "She doesnít have green eyes. I was adopted."

"Adopted? Oh, I didnít know that. Why didnít you say anything?"

"Well, it was kind of a strange adoption. My birth mother just left me on the doorstep." June looks really sad about the fact that her mother supposedly abandoned her.

"Oh, itís okay. If it makes you feel better, Max and Isabel are adopted too." Max and Isabel, however, werenít exactly from this planet. Maybe this was some sort of connection. Whitaker was adopted too.

"Really? Oh, I didnít know that. Well, some people told me, but I didnít really listenÖya know?" She seems better knowing she isnít the only adopted child in the school. The bell suddenly rings behind them.

"Hey, walk you to class?" Alex doesnít want to leave her. They have to watch her every move.

"Sure! I would love to have you, Alex Whitman walk me to class." Says June, offering her arm and smiling up at him. They walk off together, Alex silently thinking about what he just found out.

~* Next Friday at the Cliffs *~

"So did we find anything out?" says Max.

The whole group moans "No."

"The only thing we found is that sheís adopted." Says Tess.

"Ya and that doesnít mean a thing. Besides we donít know if her parents are human or not." Says Isabel. They are all tired from following her around all week.

"Maybe we should just forget about it. She didnít even use her powers once! Not even to fix her hair or something." Says Maria.

"Maybe youíre right. Well Alex, you have another date with her tomorrow right?" Asks Max.


"Well, just find out some more stuff about her. I think if there isnít anything suspicious we can relax a little bit." Everyone nods, hoping this will be the last of it

~* Next Saturday *~

By the time Saturday came everything was set up. Alex would take June to the Crashdown. Maria and Liz had supposedly gone shopping with Isabel and Tess. Everyone hid in the backroom of the Crashdown. Alex would arrive with June any minute now.

"Hello, Iím here to pick up June. Is she here?" Alex was really nervous about this whole plan. Something wasnít right.

Juneís mother, a sweet middle aged woman with blonde hair, responded " I donít know where she is. She never came home today."

"Did she say where she went?" Alex was worried that somehow she had found out and skipped town.

"No she didnít. Iím sure she just left without you. She forgets sometimes." Her mother seems calm.

"Well okay then. Thanks anyway. Bye." She nods and closes the door. Alex is worried and decides to run back to the Crashdown to tell the others. Rounding the corner to the Crashdown, he spots something on the ground. Itís a small notebook. Alex picks it up and sees that it belongs to June. Somethingís not right, Alex can feel it in his bones. He runs even faster to tell the others.

"Alex what happened? Whereís June?" Liz asked anxiously.

"Sheís not at home. I think something happened to her." Alex is breathless.

"What do you mean? What makes you think something happened?" Maria has just come out from the backroom.

"Her mom didnít know where she wasÖ..and I found this." He shows them the notebook. Michael flips through it and is suddenly thrown against the fall by the force of a vision.

"Michael!" Isabel shouts.

"Yo Alex man, I think youíre right." Says Michael picking himself off the ground. "I saw June tied upÖ..and Nicholas was there." Everyone sucks in their breath for a moment, speechless.

Finally Tess speaks up "Did you see where she was?"

"I think it was some warehouse." Michael is still thinking about what he saw. So maybe June wasnít badÖbut why did Nicholas want her?

"I know only one old warehouse" says Alex "Itís just out of town."

"I think we should help her." Says Max. No one objects so he continues. "Letís get the sheriff and weíll go find her." Everyone is relieved to have something to do and they nod in agreement. What is Nicholas doing with June?

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