FanFic - Max/Liz
"June in November"
Part 1
by crazysmilee
Disclaimer: None of the Roswell characters belong to me!! June does though.
Summary: A new girl comes to Roswell. Suspicions fly and strange things happen.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Hey this is my first and I would appreciate feedback. Don't get mad if I don't respond really soon though. This takes place before Meet the Dupes and I just wanted to let my imagination go. I hope you guys like it. It doesn't have all that much of M & L, but I think it's interesting.
"All right class, today we will be reading about Huck Finn. If youíll all pull out your textbooks and turn to page 185 we will begin by reading a little about Mark Twain. Michael, since youíre here today, would you start by reading the first paragraph for us all?"


"Weíre on page 185 Michael, could you read us the first paragraph?"

"Oh, right." Michael grunted unhappily before he began reading. "Mark Twain, whose real name was"

Michael stopped mid - sentence when somebody suddenly opened the door. It was a cute girl with long brown curls. She looked like she had woken up late; her hair was one big curly mess and her clothes looked like they were the first things she grabbed from her closet. Immediately she started apologizing for being late.

"Oh! I am so sorry for being late, but our stuff isnít here yet and I donít have my alarm clock. I also got a little lost." She handed the teacher her schedule so he could make sure she was in the right place.

"Itís okayÖ.June is it?" He looked at her card for her name.


"Okay well, we were just getting started here. Have you gotten your textbook yet?"

"Oh, no I havenít"

"Well in that case you should go down to room 2 and ask for one. Do you know where room 2 is?"

"UhhhÖ..I think so." She didnít look very sure of herself.

"Why donít I send someone up with you? Alex you feel like taking an early morning walk?"

"UhÖsure, I guess." He was a little surprised. He had been staring at the new girl. She was really cute and had this feeling about her that he just couldnít resist. At the back of his mind however he still thought she was nothing like Isabel.

"Alright then, you can go with June here."

Michael was a little suspicious. Nowadays he was suspicious of everyone. Anyone could be an enemy, a skin. He watched as they left. He would have to talk to Max about her later.

~* Outside in the Hallway *~

Alex was a little uncomfortable with the new girl, but he wanted to get to know her.

"SoÖ. you new in town?"

"Yea. We just got here last Friday." To tell the truth June was just as nervous about walking with Alex as he was.

"Oh I see."

"Ya." This conversation was going nowhere, thought Alex.

"So what do you think of the famous Roswell, New Mexico? Not as great as it sounds huh?"

"Well I guess they do exaggerate a little, but itís really not that bad." She was secretly thinking about how she could just die from all the dust, but she didnít want to say anything to offend Alex.

They walked in silence for a little while longer.

"So do you believe in aliens?" Aliens were the first thing that popped into his mind.

"Aliens? Well, I guess it depends, but right now I have no reason to believe in aliens. Why do you ask anyway?"

"I was just a little curious. This being Roswell and all. You know, home to the í47 crash."

"OhÖ..right. I see."

"Well here it is. Good luck getting your book."

"Ya. It was nice talking to you. See ya."

"Ya. Nice getting to know you too. Iíll see you Ďround." She was opening the door when Alex found something else to say. "You know maybe weíll have more classes together later and we could uhÖ.talk more." He couldnít believe he had gotten himself to say that.

June giggled. "Sure Iíd like that. Well, I guess Iíll see you later then?"

"Right bye" She went in and Alex leaned against the wall. He banged it lightly on the wall; he had made such a complete fool of himself. Why must he be so awkward around girls?

~* At lunch *~

"Thereís a new student? Where?" Michael had just told Max about June.

"I donít know where, but she just arrived. Apparently she doesnít have any of her stuff yet."

Isabel, who just sat down said "Who just arrived?"

"New girl. Maybe a skin, we donít know yet," Max replied.

"There she is. Thatís her with the curly brown thing on her head."

They all turned to see who it was Michael had pointed out. They saw a sweet looking girl who couldnít possibly be evilÖ.but you never know. She sat down at an empty table.

"I thought we had gotten rid of all the skins." Whispered Tess.

"Well maybe not all of them came that one time. We still have to be careful," said Max, being his usual leaderly self.

All three of them nodded and continued to eat in silence.

~* Across the lunch area *~

"God Alex just ask her to sit with us already," prompted Maria.

"Ya Alex just go for it," piped in Liz.

"Aww.. well Iím not so sure. Noting my history with girls I really donít think so."

"Just go! What have you got to lose?" Maria pushed Alex off the bench toward June, the girl they had been talking about.

Alex stumbled over to the table where June sat alone. He gave Maria a nasty look before saying ,"Hey. June right?"

"Ya. Youíre Alex right?"

"Yea" He was pleased she remembered his name. "I couldnít help but notice you looked a little lonely here, and I uhÖ..thought that maybe youíd like to sit with me and my friends over there. Thatís only if you want to of course."

"UhÖ.sure, if your friends donít mind of course." She didnít want to go where she wasnít wanted.

"Hey donít worry about them. They wonít bite."

June laughed ,"Alright then" She gathered her stuff up and went to where Maria and Liz were trying not to look too eager.

"UhÖJune this is Maria and Liz. Maria and Liz, this is June." Introduced Alex.

Both said their hellos, grinning ear to ear at the thought that Alex had been worried for nothing.

Meanwhile Max, who had been trying dejectedly not to stare longingly at Liz said ", Hey Iz, look who Alex found."

Looking over her shoulder, she spotted Alex and the new girl laughing at their table with Liz and Maria.

She turned back ", Big deal." She didnít want to admit it hurt a little. Max just shrugged and looked at Liz laughing. She was so happy. Apparently sleeping with Kyle had no effect on her.

~* The backroom at the Crashdown *~

"We have to be careful of this new girl. We canít let her know anything; we have to be completely normal around her." Max was lecturing again on being secretive.

"From now on," he continued, "we can only trust each other." This last statement was directed toward Liz. She knew this and avoided his gaze. That night was horrible. First she lost the real Max, but then the future Max had disappeared afterwards. She wanted to tell him everything, but she couldnít.

When the meeting ended, Max stayed behind. Liz was getting ready to start her shift, but then she saw Max, who hadnít left yet. She braced herself for more questions.

"Liz, I still love you. Nothing will ever change that. I donít know why you did what you did, but I still love you. Please tell me what happened."

"You already know what happened Max." Liz avoided his eyes. Her eyes would give her away, she would cave if she looked into his eyes and then everything would be lost.

"Fine, you still donít want to tell me, thatís fine." He had a sudden urge to grab her and kiss her. Show her that he still cared and needed to know the truth. He reached out for her, but she backed away. Tears were in her eyes. She knew that one kiss would give it all away. He would see everything and he couldnít know.

"Please Max, I have to start my shift now." Looking at her one long last time, he left. Tears ran down her face as Liz got dressed for her shift.

~* Next week at the Crashdown *~

"Listen Alex just ask her."

"No way Maria. I barely know her and she probably only thinks of me as her friend."

"Thatís why you have to ask her out now, so you can get to know her better on a personal level."

"Yo! Quit chit chatting out there! Your orderís ready," Interrupts Michael from the kitchen.

"Calm down spaceboy, donít get all excited now." She delivers the food and returns to talk to Alex. "Listen Alex, if you donít ask her I will ask her myself. Thereís not much you can lose right?" At that moment, June walks through the door.

"Hey Maria, Alex."

Alex and Maria share a look. They were talking about June before. Alex gives her a warning look but Maria just ignores it.

"Can I get you anything?" She asks casually to June.

"Ya sure. How about a coke?" She sits down on the stool next to Alex.

Handing the coke to June, Maria says ", You busy Friday night? Because I was just talking to Alex and he wants to ask you out but he doesnít have the guts."

June is shocked. She looks at Alex ", Really?"

Alex blushes and gives Maria a look " Ya."

"Well in that case Iím free Friday night."

Alex is shocked at what he hears. "So you wanna catch a movie?" he stutters.

"Sure thatís a great idea. Tell me what time it starts and Iíll meet you there okay?"

"Ya sure." Heís still in shock.

"Well thanks for the soda." She says to Maria after paying. "Iíll see you guys tomorrow at school."

After she leaves, Maria laughs. Alex smacks her on the arm. "How could you do that?"

"What? It worked didnít it?"

"Ya but that was so embarrassing! I had to have my best friend ask her out for me!!" Alexís ears are red now.

"Well, she didnít say anything. Donít worry about it."

Michael overheard everything from inside the kitchen where he was working. He is suspicious and decides to tell Max and warn Alex to be careful.

~* School the Next Day *~

"So howís Kyle?" It was Katie. A girl Liz had never talked to before, but knew from class.

"UhÖI dunno. Did something happen to him?" She hasnít heard from Kyle since the whole town disappeared.

"Well gee, I dunno. You tell me. I heard you two slept together," says Katie with s smirk.

Liz is surprised. How did anyone find out? She tries to cover it up and not give a direct answer. "Well thatís only a rumor and if we did do anything itís nobodyís business."

"Fine then. Since you wonít give me a real answer Iíll just go ask Kyle." Liz was disappointed that Katie hadnít been deterred, but she knew Kyle would do the right thing.

Maria caught up with Liz in the hallway. "You know Liz, there are some freaks saying you slept with Kyle. Where in the world did they get such a crazy idea?"

"Because itís true."

"What?! That canít be! Liz why didnít you tell me sooner?!"

"We didnít do anything for real, it just seemed like it. I canít tell you why, but you donít have to worry." Liz tries to reassure Maria and not tell her what happened at the same time.

"Okay Liz whatís going on? What happened?"

"I canít tell you, but Kyle and I didnít really do anything. If anyone asks you though, we did."

"Huh? Liz youíre not making any sense."

"I know, someday Iíll explain."

"Ooookay then." Maria was completely lost, she didnít want to ask anymore.

~* Friday night *~

"That movie was great!"

"Iím glad you liked it. I know another good one we could go back and watch some other time if you like." June and Alex had just finished their movie and were walking back to Juneís house.

"Absolutely! You seem to have great taste in movies, Alex."

"Nah, itís just probably that we like the same movies."

"Ya I guess."

"So June, why did you and your family decide to move here to Roswell? Thereís nothing really special here that I can think of."

"I donít really know. My parents never had a real reason. They said it was to get away from the city. They told me it just felt right." June thinks a little about this and sighs, like she wants to know too.

"Why did you come now? Itís the middle of November." Alex is really curious. He wants to know if June is trustworthy, he wants the others to feel like they can trust her.

"We were supposed to get here before school started, but we kept running into problems. The buyers kept delaying and there were problems with the new house. It took us forever to move out. Iím really glad we finally did, though."

"Really? What was so bad about your old home?"

"Nothing. Itís just that I got to meet you." June looks down, embarrassed that she told Alex that.

Alex blushes slightly, but then takes her hand, letting her know itís okay. She looks up at him and they walk to her house in silenceÖ.

At the door Alex and June are saying goodbye.

"I guess Iíll see you Monday at school." Says Alex.

:"Ya. I had a lot of fun." They look at each other, not wanting to part yet. Slowly they lean closer and Alex gives her a light kiss. He instantly gets a flash.


There is a blur of dark sky and stars.

Suddenly there is Earth looming in the distance. He is travelling at a fast pace and Earth is getting big, fast.

The connection is broken and the vision ends.


Alex looks dumbfounded at June. June has no idea what he saw.

"Iíll see you then?"

"Ya." Heís still processing what happened when she enters her house. Heíd never gotten a vision before, not even from Isabel. Whatís more is that these flashes only came from aliens. Was June alien?

To Be continued......

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