Fanfic - Max/Liz
"If I Could Make You Mine"
Part 3
by Anna
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Summary: Liz is a princess and Max is a commoner who works at the castle.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Liz walked around for awhile, just to clear her head of all the thoughts floating through it. She knew that Maria and Alex would always be there for her, but having an adult care for her was the one thing that she was going to miss. Her parents never really cared about her. As soon as she was born, they put her in a room with a nanny and never really talked to her. Sure she would eat meals with them, but that didn’t mean that they knew anything about her. If they had known anything about her they would know that she only had two people in the WHOLE world that she could talk to and wouldn’t haven forbidden to talk to her.

Liz looked up to see where she had ended up walking to. The first thing she saw was her horse, Chocolate, so she knew she was in the royal stables. She walked up to her horse and started grooming it.

“I don’t know what to do, Chocolate. It’s like I am all alone in the world, even though there are people all around me. Nobody really understands how it is to be a princess. Everybody thinks that I live richly and get anything I want, they all think that I have it easy. What I wouldn’t give to switch lives with any person. I hate being a stupid princess!! My parents don’t care about me, I only have two friends and I’m forbidden to see them ever! What kind of life is this?” She stopped talking, when she heard a sound coming from behind the horse. “Who’s there? Show yourself!” She gasped when a gorgeous young man stepped out from behind her horse.

“Wh- who are you?” She couldn’t help but stare at his perfect body.

“I’m sorry, princess! I didn’t mean to disturb you! Please forgive me!” The young man said. He was captivated by the princess’s beauty, even when she was angry.

“What’s your name?” She had to know who he was!

“Max, princess. My name is Max.” He could see how upset she was just by her eyes. She wasn’t upset at him, but at something else. He wished he could walk up to her, wrap his arms around her and tell her everything would be okay. But, of course he couldn’t do that.

“What were you doing behind my horse??? Don’t you know you should never sneak up on anybody, especially a princess?!” She wasn’t really mad about him sneaking up on her, she was just startled about how beautiful he was.

“I am sorry, Princess Elizabeth. I was just cleaning the stables and taking care of your horse. Please forgive me.” He bowed down, he knew that if he looked at her any longer he would kiss her senseless, trying to make her feel better.

“Please stand up. I hate it when people bow in front of me. I’m not special.” She grabbed his hand to pull him up, but suddenly let go when she saw the sparks fly between them.

Max, who had seen them too, looked up at her and realized that there were tear streaks running down her face.

“Princess, if I may ask, what is wrong?” Max asked apprehensively. He could already tell that she wasn’t like the other royalty, but that didn’t mean she would blow up at him.

Liz looked into his eyes and found something that she couldn’t find in most people. Truth.

“I’m fine. Thank you.”

Max nodded and turned around, feeling it was time for him to leave.

“No, wait. I... I’m lying. Something is wrong.” Liz didn’t know why she wanted to tell this totally unfamiliar man everything she was feeling. She just felt that he could be trusted with everything and anything. “I’m just a little upset with my parents. They just understand....” Liz didn’t really know how to explain everything to him.

“Princess-” He started.

“Liz. Please, call me Liz.” She smiled at him and saw him smile back with his eyes gleaming. There was something in his eyes, some kind of emotion but she could tell what.

“Umm... okay. Liz.” He felt like he was ready to burst. He was so happy that he was actually talking to this beautiful person. “Well, Prin- Liz do you want to tell me what is wrong? I might be able to help. You never know.” He didn’t care what her problems were, as long as she would stay and talk to him.

“I...Well, I guess-” Liz was interrupted by one of the servants yelling out to her

“Princess Elizabeth!!! Princess!!”

“I’m coming!!!” She turned back to Max. “I am so sorry! I really have to go, though. Are you always here?” She asked him sheepishly.

“Everyday. You can come anytime you want. I never really talk to anybody, just the horses.” He smiled knowing that she would be coming back.

“Okay!!! Great!!” she realized that she was acting a little to excited. “Right, okay. Well..... Bye, I guess.”

“Yeah, bye.”

Liz turned around to meet one of the servants and smiled. She couldn’t wait until tomorrow. That’s when she was going to go back to visit Max.

~*~Tomorrow~*~ she thought to herself. ~*~Tomorrow I am going to go back to see that man. I feel something for him, but what is it? Is it more than friendship or just that? Well, I’ll find out sooner or later.~*~ and she smiled thinking back on his beautiful body, smile and his wondrous eyes.

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