Fanfic - Max/Liz
"If I Could Make You Mine"
Part 2
by Anna
Disclaimer: I don't own roswell or anything to do with it, just some posters and pictures
Summary: Liz is a princess and Max is a commoner who works at the castle.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
As soon as Alex and Maria were able to get Liz to calm down a little, the three of them went for a walk. They couldn’t really walk around the castle without running into somebody who would tell Liz’s parents about her friends being there, so Liz changed her clothes into something “common” and they snuck out of the castle.

While walking around the castle’s outside grounds they were talking about everything. Liz found out that Alex and Maria’s mother was deathly ill, and nobody could find out what was wrong with her. Immediately Liz was in hysterics and asking to go see her.

“I don’t know, Liz. What if somebody see’s you???” Maria questioned Liz’s plea’s to see her nanny.

“Maria, she’s like my mother, how can you deny me the right to visit her? I need to see her and make sure she knows how much I love her and always will!” Liz told Maria. Alex and Maria thought about it and decided to take her to visit their mother.

When they arrived at their little cottage, which was rotting and falling apart, Liz ran over to her nanny and started sobbing. She couldn’t believe that the one person who had treated her like their own child, loved her like their own child, was dying and she would never be able to see them again.

“What’s wrong little one?” asked her “mother”

“I can’t believe you’re sick, like this! You can’t be this way. Nobody deserves this way of living, except maybe my parents, but not you! You treated me like I was an equal never higher than you, never lower than you. I thank you for that because that helped me realize everything that’s wrong with this world, our kingdom and this monarchy!” Liz said, after quieting her sobs to little hiccups. “You’re my one and only mother and I will love you forever! Always.”

“Precious, I love you, too. But you have a great mother at your home who could love you like I do, if you just let her. I am glad that I got to know you before my time was up and I’m glad that you became one of my children. Never forget the things that I taught you, never forget that nobody is higher or lower than you we are all equal,” Nanny said, then turned to her other two children. “Alexander, Maria. You two have made me so happy. You’re great people who will do great things in your life. Remember to love each other and that I loved you all of your life, even the part that I won’t be able to share with you.” And then she was gone. Liz turned to Maria and saw that she was leaning against Alex and crying with him. They looked up to see Liz looking at them and opened their arms to her. Liz took one look at them, turned around and ran.

“Liz!! Lizzie, come back!” Alex and Maria cried out to her. They knew she was upset, and just hoped that she wouldn’t to something drastic.

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