Fanfic - Max/Liz
"If I Could Make You Mine"
Part 4
by Anna
Disclaimer: I don't own roswell or anything to do with it, just some posters and pictures
Summary: Liz is a princess and Max is a commoner who works at the castle.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
“Umm... Hello?? Is somebody here?” Liz asked out loud as soon as she had reached the horse stables. She had thought about Max all night, so she barely had gotten any sleep. But even just thinking of Max made her wide awake. ~*~What are you doing? You barely even know this guy!~*~

“Yeah, I’m back here.” Max yelled out to Liz. Even though he couldn’t see her didn’t mean he couldn’t sense her.

“Uh... Hi!” Liz’s face just lit up seeing Max. ~*~He’s so gorgeous!~*~

“Hi.” Max replied shyly. “So.....How’s it going?” Liz was so busy staring at him that she didn’t hear the question. “Liz?” He could tell Liz was out of it, because she had this dazed look on her face. He was getting a little uncomfortable with the way she was looking at him.

“What? Oh! Yeah. It’s going fine. Sorry about how I acted yesterday. I was a little upset.”

“That’s okay. You can come to me anytime you need.”

“Thanks.” Liz looked at him shyly and smiled.

Max saw her smile and realized that when she smiled, her whole face lit up. He wanted to make her smile again.

“So, what are you doing here?” He asked her.

“Oh. Well, I just wanted to say thanks and wanted to know if we could be friends?”

“Sure. I would love that!” ~*~Just friends?~*~ Max thought to himself.

“Okay, well we should get to know each other a little bit.”

“Umm... okay.”

“Okay, I’ll start. How old are you?” ~*~please please please be my age!~*~

“17. How about you?”

“Well, I’m 16, but I’ll be 17 in a couple of months.”

“Okay, um....I don’t know what to ask.” Max said jokingly. He almost fainted when he heard her laugh. ~*~She sounds like an angel!~*~

“Well, let’s see. Do you have any siblings?”

“Yeah, actually. You should know her. Isabel.”

“Oh yeah? That’s great! I love Isabel.”

“Yeah she’s a great sister. I love her alot.” ~*~And I love you, too.~*~ Where did that thought come from? He had only known her for a couple hours.

“Well, how about you tell me a little bit about yourself. Are you engaged or anything like that?” ~*~ What a subtle way to get that into the conversation. Idiot!~*~

Max smiled before he answered the question. “No, i’m not involved or engaged or anything like that. I was involved with this one girl, Tess, but we decided that it would be better if we were in love, which we weren’t.”

“You’re so lucky. You’re able to fall in love with somebody and marry them. I have an arranged marriage to another prince, who I’ve never met before. Life can’t get more worse than that.”

“Is that what was bothering you yesterday? Because when you were talking to Chocolate you said something about how nobody understands you.” Max said teasingly, knowing that she was embarrassed about talking to a horse.

“Yeah, well. I tried talking to my parents about the marriage and about how I don’t want to marry him, but all they think about is money. Supposedly, this family is going to make my parents richer. That’s why I’m marrying him. But I want to marry for love. You know what I mean?” While Liz had been explaining everything to Max, the two of them had been moving closer together. Max couldn’t help himself. ~*~This is bad, you should be doing this. She’s a princess.~*~ But he felt the pull and didn’t want to do anything about it.

“Yeah I know what you mean.” He couldn’t help but look at her lips. She was so beautiful and she was here, talking to him. Liz noticed Max looking at her lips and couldn’t help but smile. ~*~ I hope he kisses me!~*~ Liz licked her lips and hope that Max would get the idea to hurry up. Max noticed Liz licking her lips and started moving in. Just before they kissed-

“ELIZABETH!!!” Liz’s mother called out. Liz closed her eyes and cursed. Max looked up at her and smiled.

“Later, I promise.” He smiled knowing she would come back later that day.

“I hope you keep that promise,” and smiled teasingly at him when she saw his eyes widen in surprise. “Tonight, meet me here tonight.”

“Uh.. uh.. uh... right. Right tonight, ok. You got it.” And gave her one of his mind-blowing smiles back.


“You had better go, before your mother finds us like this.”

“What? Oh. oh. Right. Okay, I’ll see you tonight.” As she got up she brushed her hands against his shoulder. “Later.” As soon as she had turned the corner, Max fell against the hay groaning. He couldn’t believe that he was falling in love with the princess.

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