FanFic - Max/Liz
"Hidden Paths"
Part 38
by Mslayer713
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Liz looked around the vast fields as Max drove them further away from Roswell. She didn't know where they were going and couldn't care less. All that mattered was that she was actually alone with him. Shaking her head, Liz pushed that thought far away. She needed to focus right now. She needed to remember why they were here. Liz and Max needed to talk; and it's hard to do that when you're thinking about how hot he looks with the wind whipping his shirt close against his chest.

Stop it! She ordered herself. Shaking her head, Liz sighed and returned her gaze to the countryside.

Max chanced a glance her way and was shocked with the emotions that came rolling over him. She was so beautiful it took his breath away. Her hair was flying behind her, making it seem like she was flying. Max was enchanted by the scene and had to make himself concentrate on the road before they wrecked! Liz felt his eyes leave her and she watched him as he pulled off the road some and finally came to a stop. She was entranced with his arm muscles as he shifted the gear into park and turned the car off. Shaking her head once more, Liz took her eyes off him and took in her surroundings.

The view was spectacular. Liz took in a deep breath and climbed out of the car slowly, looking around. They were over looking a cliff, parked far away to be safe from falling off. Walking closer to the edge, Liz looked down at the water below and felt so little. The river seemed to go on forever, leading into the horizon.

"When I was little, I distinctly remember looking over this exact edge, feeling even more tiny then I was," Max said suddenly.

Liz, never taking her eyes away from the view, replied, "I was just thinking that; how tiny I feel. Like there's so much out there, you know?" she asked.

Max nodded, her words helping calm him some. "That's one of my few memories of Roswell."

Liz turned and looked at him, crossing her arms. "What do you remember?" she asked.

Max shrugged and walked closer, looking over the edge. "A few clips of stuff. I know I was in an orphanage here. That's how we met Michael." Max suddenly wished she hadn't said that. Michael didn't like to be talked about. "And um, I remember my first day of school. Getting off the school bus and all."

Max smiled slightly, thinking about the little girl. She was so cute, standing there playing patty cake with a little blonde haired girl.

"What?" Liz asked, noticing his smile.

"Oh…nothing," Max answered, feeling subconscious. "Um…I guess we should talk," he said softly.

"Yeah…" Liz pulled in a shaky breath and looked Max in the eye. "I need you to know that no matter how weird this sounds, I swear I'm telling the truth."

"Ok," Max said, getting a little lost. Why would she sound weird? He was the one being accused of using some freaky-power thingy.

Liz nodded and started to unwrap her hand. Max watched as the last part of the bandage came off, exposing her perfect hand. She turned it over, showing him her palm. "It's clear…and totally healed," she whispered.

Max had to concentrate on taking deep breaths as he looked at her hand. It was true; he had some kind of powers.

"Max…I don't understand," Liz added. "How-how could I…my hand just didn't heal over night."

Max nodded and opened his mouth, only to have Liz speak up once more. "Is that even possible? Cause the more I thought about it, the more I was convince that my hand healing itself couldn't really happen."

"You're right, it couldn't," he said after beat.

Liz looked up at him and asked in a small voice, "then what did this?"

"I…I did," Max admitted.


Michael Guerin walked up to the lunch table and sat down, eyeing Isabel. "Where's Max?"

Isabel looked at Alex, who looked at Maria, making Michael sigh.

"We haven't seen him all day," Alex admitted.

"Or Liz," Maria added after a beat.

Michael looked back at Isabel and asked, "They've skipped all their morning classes?"

Isabel nodded and sighed with resign. "They left the house before we did and…we haven't seen them since."

"They rode to school together?"

"Max said something about them needing to talk."

Alex perked up suddenly. "Did they say about what?"

Isabel shook her head 'no'. "Why?" Michael asked.

Alex shrugged. "It's just that…well, Liz was acting really weird the other day and all."

Maria nodded. "I know. She totally flipped out on me too."

Michael thought back and recalled how Max seemed so guarded about going near Liz, who was also acting strangely. Seeing this wasn't good, Michael stood abruptly and pulled Isabel along with him.

"Hey!" she protested, but Michael tightened his grip on her.

Spinning to look her in the eye, he whispered softly so the others wouldn't hear. "Something's up…we need to go."

"Go where?" Isabel asked, her eyes wide.

Michael glanced back at Maria and Alex, who were trying not to stare but failing. It was obvious they wanted to be in on the loop. "We gotta find Max," Michael answered, forgetting to lower his voice this time.

"Why?" Maria asked suddenly. "I'm sure him and Liz are just 'talkin'."

Michael ignored her and pulled Isabel along. "We gotta go," he called out.

Isabel pulled free of him and stood her ground. "Michael…we can't just leave school," she exclaimed.

Sighing, he looked back at her. "Something's going down. I'm gonna be there."

Isabel crossed her arms, well aware of Alex and Maria lingering in the background. "Would you just grow up," she hissed. "We don't even know where he is."

Michael shrugged. "He has to be somewhere." Then he walked away, not planning on giving up just cause Isabel was.

"What was that about?" Maria asked, walking over to Isabel, Alex a close second.

"It's s long story," Isabel mumbled, deciding to go after him. "Michael!" she called out, jogging to catch up with him. "Michael!"

"I'm going Isabel-"

"And how are you gonna get there? You don't have a car," she reasoned, stopping him at the school doors.

Michael looked at her for beat then over Isabel's shoulder at Maria, who was watching the whole scene with a curious face. Michael knew for a fact that she'd drove her moms' car to school that day.

Striding past Isabel, Michael closed in on Maria, who was now looking nervous. "What?" she asked, her hands pulling down on her shirt.

"You got a car?"

"Yeah, why?" she asked, raising her eyebrow at him.

Isabel, reaching them once more, sighed. "Michael, let it go."

Ignoring her, Michael stayed focused on Maria. "I need a lift."

"Where to?" she asked, crossing her arms. Alex, guessing what was going on, added, "you don't know where Max is."

"Hello, what have I been saying?" Isabel mumbled.

"You gonna take me?" Michael asked.

Maria sighed and looked up at him.

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