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"Hidden Paths"
Part 39
by Mslayer713
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Liz looked at Max with uneasy eyes. "You did it?"

He shifted and looked back over the bank. "Have you ever found something out about yourself that you didn't like?"

"I guess."

Max looked at her then, his eyes a little wide. "I did…or I think I did…I'm not really sure."

Liz took in his expression and knew he was upset too. Taking a deep, calming breath, she walked a few feet closer to him. "Max…what are you talking about? How did you heal my hand?"

He looked down at her feet and shifted. "I have these dreams…they're so real. Stuff that happened in the dream is still around when I wake up. I wake up and know things; things I shouldn't know."

"What things?" Liz asked, her voice barley above a whisper. The way he was speaking about dreams… It made her think about the ones she had about him. The one where he kissed her in his living room was her favorite. She didn't really remember the second one, just that it took place in the desert. But the one she had while staying at his house…her skin was tingling from just the thought!

Max finally looked up, his eyes pleading with her. "Things about you."

Liz stopped, her heart pounding slightly. "What…what things?"

Max shifted once more, making Liz see his nervousness. "You have a million candles, and light them when you're stressed. You have a deep green blanket on your bed, a picture of you, Maria, and Alex on your stand; and a copy of 'Where the wild things are' under your bed."

Liz had to make herself take in air. "How…how do you know that? You've never been in my room."

Max saw her panicked look and tried to calm her. "I had a dream…I didn't want it to happen, but it did-I don't understand it either. But it's like…it's like I was really in your room that night."

"What night?" Liz asked, her mind whirling.

Max hesitated before saying, "the night of the dinner."

Liz thought and gasped, taking a few steps back. As soon as had Max left that night she got a bath, where she lit candles. "You…you where there while I was taking my bath?!"

Max followed her, begging her with his eyes to understand. "Liz…"

"You…" Liz stopped once more, remembering that she too had a dream that night about him. She tried to remember all of it, but all she think about was the scene in the desert. He was there…touching her…running his hands over her skin… Liz took a deep breath, her heart speeding up. This was not the time!

"I didn't see anything, I swear," Max said suddenly.

Liz was astonished when she felt a little sad at that. "I'm losing it," she mumbled, placing a hand to her forehead.

Max walked a little closer, as if he was afraid about approaching her. "Liz…when I dreamed about you, it was so real…like it was happening. It was like I could feel your kisses-" he stopped then, his face getting red.

Liz had flash of him standing outside his bedroom door, that same look on his face the night of the sleepover. She looked up into his eyes. "You had dream that night…didn't you?"

"What?" Max asked.

"The sleepover…you were awake and I just thought…you had a dream, about me. Didn't you?" she asked, her voice trembling.

Max thought she was disgusted that dreamt about her and only nodded, not being able to find his voice.

Liz placed a hand over her mouth, looking down. "You walked into the living and offered me your hand. I took and we stood, looking into each others eyes." Liz stopped and looked up at him. "Then, without any words, you pulled me up against you and gave me this smile…and when we kissed…it was like fireworks, making me call out your name," she finished softly.

Max was speechless. How did she know that? All he could do was stare at her.

"I had that same dream that very night; right before I ran into you in the hallway," Liz added.

Max, finally finding his voice, replied, "I did too."

Liz nodded and looked back down. "Max…what is all this…we share dreams and you healed my hand…" she trailed off, not knowing where to go with it.

He gently reached up and turned her face back up to his. "We're gonna figure it out, I promise."

Liz nodded, trying not to shake her head too much. She didn't want his hand to move from her face.


"This is useless," Maria mumbled, pulling her jetta to a stop in front of the Evans house. They'd already been here twice. "They're not here."

"They might be now," Michael replied, getting out of the car. Everyone else followed, walking up onto the porch and waiting as Isabel unlocked the door.

"I'll check his room," Michael said before rushing down the hallway.

"You do that," Isabel grumbled, walking into the living room.

"Hey…you ok?" Alex asked, walking up to her.

Isabel smiled faintly at him and nodded. "Yeah…Michael can just be so annoying."

Alex smiled. "I'm beginning to get that."

"Please, I've know it for years," Maria added, sitting down on the love seat.

Isabel's smile grew some as she exchanged a look with Alex. She was so hot for Michael it was funny. Sighing with boredom, Isabel looked around at all the pictures her dad had sat up finally.

"So, why exactly are we hunting for Max and Liz?" Maria asked.

"It's a long story," Isabel replied as she picked up one of the pictures. It was of her and Max at their grandma's house. He had his arm swung over her shoulder, a lopsided grin on his face. Where are you Max, she thought, idly running her hand over the picture.

Isabel faintly heard Michael say they weren't there before she felt herself falling. Closing her eyes, she felt her body sway as she was assaulted with a bright light. Still holding the picture, Isabel raised her hands to her face, hoping to stop what was about to happen, but she couldn't.

Suddenly, she could see a deep blue river, winding through curves. The scene shifted and now she was looking over a cliff, the same river far below it. Once again, the scene morphed and Isabel could see their jeep, sitting empty.

Then she could feel the world come rushing back to her. Opening her eyes, she was relieved to see she wasn't lying on the floor. Her heart pounding, Isabel dropped the picture, letting it hit the floor with a clang.

"Isabel?" Alex's voice reached her ears, but she couldn't tear her eyes from the picture.

"What's wrong?" Maria asked, starting to walk over, but Michael beat her there.

"Isabel…Isabel?!" he pulled her face, making her look at him instead of the picture.

She waved on the brink of tears, not knowing what to do. She took a deep breath and pulled away, bolting out of the living room and up to her room. As soon as she shut the door she leaned her back against it.

"Isabel…" she heard the door handle twist as she held it closed and Michael's groan. "Open the door, Isabel."

Stifling a cry, she shook her head, as if he could see her. Walking away a little bit, she sat on her bed, numb to the outside world. It wasn't until she heard the noise outside her window that she looked up, only to see Michael climbing through.

"Go away," Isabel said, her voice sounding monotone.

"No," Michael insisted, coming to squat down in front of her. "What did you see?"

Isabel looked at him sharply. "Who said I saw anything?"

Michael scoffed. "You looked terrified. What did you see?"

Isabel looked down at her knees and just shrugged. "Um…a river…a cliff and the jeep."

Michael's eyes got big. "The jeep going off a cliff?!"

"No," Isabel said quickly. "It was sitting there; like it was parked."

Michael thought for a second. "What were you thinking about? Before it happened?"

Isabel sighed. "Max…I was wondering where he was…" She then played all the scenes back over in her head. "The cliffs…"

"He's at the cliffs?" Michael asked, starting to understand.

Isabel nodded, lost in her own thoughts. How could she do that? "I'm a freak," she exclaimed.

Michael shook his head, saying forcefully, "no you're not-:

"Yes I am!" Isabel stood up, quickly pulling away from him. "I have these…flashes and see things I shouldn't…" her voice trembled with emotions.

Michael walked over to her and pulled her into a tight embrace. "Isabel…you're not alone in this. Me and Max are here."

"So are we."

Isabel and Michael both spun to see Alex and Maria in the doorway.

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