FanFic - Max/Liz
"Goodbyes Are Not Forever"
Part 5
by Anonymous
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This story takes place about two years after destiny. Most of the gang aren't mentioned to much in the story. This story is mostly Max and Liz oriented.
It was Saturday evening and the Crashdown was particularly busy. The tourists had come early this year and to top it off they were short two waitresses. It was Liz's day off but she promised her father she would work if it got really bad. She was beginning to regret it. " Oh I am so glad that we're almost done. I've had more than my fair share of rude customers today. Get this, do that, I want it now. Hurry up! I'm your waitress not your slave. Sometimes I just want to take their food and slap it in their face!" vented Maria. " Maria, why don't you go take a break. Look, the crowd is starting to thin. I can handle it from here." Liz grabbed a plate of food and carried it over a man sitting at a booth. " Here you go sir, one Moon burger and Saturn rings. Enjoy!" she smiled. When Liz turned around she noticed the Fab Four walking in, well all but one. Michael was coerced into working as well that evening. She smiled at them and went back into the kitchen to serve the rest of her customers. Soon the Crashdown closed it's doors for the evening and Maria walked over to the group slumped into the booth and wiped the sweat off of her forehead with the back of her hand. " Man sometimes I wish that I didn't take that year off of school. College just can't be this hard!" Liz and Michael were finishing up in the back. When they were done they joined the group. Max instantly locked eyes with Liz. She loved the way he looked at her. She always felt safe and loved around him. Max stood to embrace her. Michael and Tess rolled their eyes while Isabelle smiled. She was happy for her brother. Liz made him happy. It was about time they realized how silly it was for them to be apart. " Hey guys, I'd love to stay and chat but I'd really like to change out of this uniform. I'll be right back." Liz turned around and headed upstairs not knowing that Max was following close behind. When she reached her room a pair of arms wrapped possessively around her. Liz leaned back against Max and closed her eyes taking in his scent. " Let's go somewhere." said Liz. " Go where? What would we tell the others?" Max whispered in her ear. His breath against her ear sent tingles up and down her spine. Liz turned around to face him. " I don't care what we tell them or what they think. I just want to go away with you. Right now." Liz was suddenly lost in thought. " Hey do you have any blankets in your jeep?" " Yeah? Why?" " Because I want you to drive me to the desert." she gazed lovingly into his eyes. " Well, if that's what you really want to do I'm not going to argue." he smiled down at her and brushed his lips against hers. " I'll see you downstairs." A few minutes later Liz was dressed and ready to go. " Hey, where ya guys goin' ?" Maria asked. " Why the rush?" Liz turned back to Maria and pulled her away from the table. " I just need to get out of here Maria. I really want to spend some alone time with Max. Please tell the others that I'm sorry. I'm sure they won't mind anyway." Getting the hint Maria sighed and sent Liz on her way yelling behind her, " Don't forget that Alex is coming tomorrow." " I won't, I promise I'll be here." Liz yelled over her shoulder rushing out of the diner. Max and Liz jumped into the jeep and headed toward the desert. There was soft music playing on the car radio and Liz snuggled close to Max resting her head on his arm. " Max, why were we so stupid?" Max looked down at her seemingly confused. " What are you talking about? Why do you think we're stupid?" " I only say that because look at us Max. Look at our past. If we only knew what was going to happen would we have broken up? I just think that things would have been different. Don't you?" Max pulled the car over and shut off the engine. " We're here." The scenery was beautiful. It was very dark out and when you looked up you could see so many stars. Max laid out a blanket and found another one in the back seat to use as cover. Then he went around to find something to make a fire with. Moments later the small fire was glowing and the two were sitting on the blanket looking up at the stars. Max thought about how lucky he had been to be able to be with Liz again. She was right though. They had been stupid. They could have been so happy, now he just had to try to make up for lost time. Max wrapped his arms around Liz and buried his head in hair that smelled of sweet vanilla. With Liz everything seemed so right, so perfect. He wanted to make this even better. But how? He looked around and found a twig lying on the ground concentrating Max turned it into a perfect white rose with a hint of pink. " Close your eyes. I have a surprise for you!" he whispered. Liz was so comfortable on Max that she had started to drift into a peaceful sleep until she felt his lips brush against her ear. It was Max's voice that woke her but his action. How does he do that? Liz asked herself. He always manages to send that fuzzy feeling all through my body. " Okay, she whispered back. Max whipped the rose in front of her. " Okay, you can open now." " Oh Max, it's beautiful! Thank you." Liz turned around to give him a kiss. " Max?" she looked down appearing to be embarrassed but then made eye contact. " Will you make love to me?" Max was taken aback. He was not expecting Liz to ask something like this. Every fiber in his being screamed ' Yes Liz I will ' but it didn't come out that way. He has always dreamed of being with Liz this way but not in this place. Not under these circumstances. She deserved to be somewhere romantic. He didn't know what to tell her so he just starred. " Liz...I..." " I know what your going to say Max and I need you to know that I've thought about this...a lot. Max, I want to be with you. I want those memories. I need these memories." Liz studied his face, her eyes filled with love and passion. " Liz, are you sure? I don't want this to be something that you'll regret. I would kill myself if I knew I ever hurt you." Liz leaned in closer to him and kissed him on his neck. " I'm sure." she whispered in his ear. Max's lips immediately found her own and they kissed hungrily. They began to undress each other their mouths never untouched. Max laid her down gently onto the blanket and leaned over her kissing her lips, her face, her neck. Anywhere he could reach. The whole time he looked into her eyes and saw so much emotion it almost overwhelmed him. He had no doubts about her love for him but never realized just how strong that love was. When they finished there was no need for words. They lay there by the firelight holding each other and kissing. Max then laid onto his side for fear of crushing Liz. He looked at Liz. The light cascading a beautiful golden color to her skin. " Your so beautiful Liz," Max was suddenly filled with a sense of loss. His eyes began to tear,he wrapped his arm around her tightly crying into her shoulder. " Liz, I'm so scared. I don't know how to do this. It was so hard being without you seeing you everyday. How am I going to make it without you millions of miles away?" Liz cried with him. She didn't have an answer. " I don't know Max. I just know that we should try to spend the little time we have together making it special. Don't you think?" Liz smiled up at him. " I love you Max and I have no regrets about anything. Your the best thing that ever happened to me." Max smiled back at her through tear glistened eyes. " I love you too." They kissed and made love again under the starlit blanket with the promise that goodbye was not going to be forever.
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