FanFic - Max/Liz
"Goodbyes Are Not Forever"
Part 6
by Anonymous
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This story takes place about two years after destiny. Most of the gang aren't mentioned to much in the story. This story is mostly Max and Liz oriented.
Early the next morning the drive home was quiet. Neither of them wanted to go back but knew that it had to be done so he drove Liz to Maria's house. Maria was sitting on the porch waiting. She knew Liz would be there soon. Maria watched the jeep pull up to her home. It was nice that Max and Liz were getting back together but she was already getting annoyed with having to start covering for her again. At least it wasn't so bad this time around. They were over nineteen now so very few questions were asked. Maria watched as the young lovers bid each other their long goodbye. It was cute but something seemed a bit different with Liz this time. She couldn't figure out what it was so she quickly dismissed it. " Hey Maria. I know I'm late. My mom didn't call did she? " Liz looked a little worried. Her mom was still way overprotective but knew it was out of love. " No she didn't call because when I left the Crashdown last night I left a note for her that you were sleeping over." " Oh thank you Maria. I promise you one day I will repay you for all the times that you've done this for me." Liz quickly gave her a hug and they walked into the house. " So, where did you go last night anyway?" Maria inquired. " It must have been someplace special for you to go running off so quickly." Liz looked down at her feet blushing. " Yeah, it was pretty special." Maria studied Liz. " Liz? What happened?" " I.. I just mean it was special because we were out there in the desert under all of those beautiful stars." " Lizzz?" Maria began to beg. " What! It was a nice evening that's all." Liz tried to hide her face again. " Liz come on. I know your hiding something from me. Tell me, I'm your best friend. Oh no, wait. Liz, you didn't!" Maria screamed. " On man, what was it like? I need answers!Tell me." " Maria! Gee, your never suttle are you? Alright, but I'm not going into great detail." Liz said defeated. " It was beautiful. It was perfect. I don't really know what more to say..." she was interrupted. " That's not what I meant Liz, what I want to know is did anything weird happen? Like did it glow? Oh my gosh did I just say that!" Maria quickly covered her mouth."I'm sorry." She was embarrassed now. " No Maria, nothing glowed. Nothing weird happened at all." Liz suddenly remembered Alex. They were supposed to pick him up this morning. " Oh Maria I am sorry that I got here so late and didn't go the airport with you. Where is Alex?" " He's in the kitchen." Coincidentally Alex walked out of the kitchen. " Hey did I just hear the voice of one of my bestest friends in the whole world!" Alex looked at Liz and gave her a huge smile. " Alex!!!" Liz ran to him and jumped into his arms. Alex whirled her around like she weighed nothing. " Alex, I missed you so much! So how's school?" " Good. Getting in a lot of studying. I want to graduate early," he rushed." So..How is everybody doing?" Maria and Liz both knew he was talking about Isabelle. " Well considering the circumstances I'd say that we are all doing okay." Liz said somberly. " Hey why don't the three of us just hang out today. Liz and I aren't working. It will be like old times!" Maria was excited. It hadn't been just the three of them in a long time. " Yeah that sounds good," Alex agreed. " We could rent some movies and I could talk about how much bigger of a computer geek I've become." Alex joked. The rest of the day was spent at Maria's, talking and laughing, remembering the old highschool days. Somehow Maria let it slip that Liz was now a woman and Liz received a good talking to from Alex. " You know what?" Alex said later." We've all had our differences and sometimes we wish that we weren't around them but now, now that they're leaving it just seems so... so" Maria and Liz started to cry. " I know Alex. I know." Liz wrapped her arm around his shoulder. Maria joined in and they sat on the couch sniffling and holding each other. It was going to be a very sad day. Liz wasn't sure she could go through with it. Moments later they heard a knock at the door. Maria questionably lifted her head, " Who would be knocking at my door at this hour? It's freakin' 10 PM!" Reluctantly Maria got up and opened the door. She was surprised to find Max, Michael, Is and Tess standing there. The four were sitting in the Evans living room bored to tears when it suddenly occurred to them ' hello, lets see what Liz, Maria or Alex are doing'. So after a few phone calls they found themselves at Maria's home. They brought with them pizza's, soda's and huge smiles hoping that at this hour they could all just chill out. Michael stopped to speak to Maria as the rest of the group casually walked inside to join Liz and Alex in the den. " Hey Maria! I hope you don't mind but we were bored." Maria just stared at him. Of course she didn't mind. How dumb did he think she was? Michael stood there for a moment and started to caress Maria with his eyes. She could feel his heated stare go up and down her body. Michael made her want to do things to him that shocked even herself. She licked her lips and looked at him the same way he was with her. In that moment they made a grab for each other. Michael brushed his lips against hers taking in her scent and the feel of her body against his but soon he craved for more. His arms wrapped tightly around hers until there was no space left between them. He kissed her long and hard plunging deep into her mouth searching her. Their tongues dueled as their passion grew deeper not wanting to let the other go. Michael picked up Maria and placed her on the kitchen counter wrapping her legs around his waist. Maria felt like she was in heaven and hell. Heaven because she was with Michael, kissing him but in hell because she knew that it would not be like this for long. It really sucked. Michael was just starting to show more emotion towards her and for what?, now he was leaving. Michael continued to kiss Maria but a little slower now almost memorizing the way she kissed. She was so soft and she smelled of lavender. He wanted to do so much more with Maria right now that it hurt but he knew that not only was this not the place and time but also that Maria was not ready. He stopped kissing her but didn't want to let her go. They stared deeply into each others eyes trying to catch their breath. " Maria?" Michael spoke to her barely above a whisper, " I'm really going to miss you.....I love you Maria." Maria's throat almost closed hearing those words. She couldn't stop the tears that were starting to fall from her eyes. She loved him to. More then he would ever know. " I love you too, Michael." They stayed that way embracing each other until Alex interrupted them in the other room. " Hey what are you guys doing in there? Come here and watch Breakfast Club with us!" Michael and Maria made eye contact one last time, smiled at each other and walked into the family room to find Alex and Isabelle sitting close to each other on a big chair and Max with Liz snuggling on the sofa. Maria and Michael found a spot to sit down on the other side of the sofa. Maria started to chuckle to herself, stared down at Alex and yelled," Hey Alex, does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?" Alex with a scowl on his face,raised his finger at her in protest " Listen, shut up you stupid, worthless, no good, ***damn, free loading, son of a bitch, retarded, big mouth, know it all, asshole, jerk!" Liz perked up and added, " Hey, you forgot ugly, lazy and disrespectful!'' Max just looked at Liz surprised. He had never seen the movie so he had no idea what was going on. Alex sneered back in reply " Shut up bitch, go fix me a turkey pot pie!" Max was getting angry. " Hey Alex, you don't need to talk back to Liz and Maria like that!" Everyone in the room just laughed. " What's so funny?" He didn't get it. What was the joke? Liz looked up at Max and chuckled. " Max, it's part of the movie. I guess you never saw it before, huh?" Max's face was red from embarrassment. " Oops!" When the movie was over Alex and Isabelle were asleep. Maria looked at the clock. " Oh Lizzie, you'd better call home and tell your mother where you are before she sends the cops out to look for you!" Max had Liz cradled in his arms. He was asleep so she had to finagle her way out. Max awoke from her movement and held on to her tighter. " Where do you think your going?" he asked slyly. Liz leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. " I'll be right back don't worry." As Liz was calling home Maria woke up Alex and Is, when she came back everyone was up and discussing who was sleeping where. Isabelle kissed Alex goodbye and waited in the jeep for Max. Alex decided that he would spend the night with Maria. Michael wanted to stay also but knew that Amy would never in a million years go for it so he kissed her goodnight, said goodbye to everyone and headed home. " Maria, I'll see you tomorrow at work okay?" Liz kissed her cheek on her way out, " Love ya!". Maria smiled as Liz and Max left the house. " Max, I need to talk to you." Max looked at his beloved, " Okay, is there anywhere in particular that you'd like to talk?" Liz grabbed his hand as they walked to the jeep. " I don't really care where we go," she then appeared to be lost in thought, " Why don't we just go talk in your room." Max smiled like a cat who swallowed a canary. Liz saw this and added " Max, talk. know." she smiled as they got into the jeep. " Sorry, it's just that your so beautiful and it's hard to be away from you." Max said sweetly. Isabelle looked at the two of them from the back seat of the jeep and rolled her eyes. ' Could they be anymore ga ga for each other?' she asked herself. Ten minutes later Max and Liz walked into Max's bedroom. He turned around and fused the lock so that no one could get in. He then proceeded to take of his shoes and make himself comfortable before looking at Liz and asking her what she wanted to talk about. Liz sat on the edge of his bed thinking about how to form her questions. Max sat across from her waiting patiently taking the opportunity to study her, to memorize everything about her. Just taking it all in so he wouldn't forget. " So Max, the reason I wanted to talk to you is because well.. I wasn't going to say anything but it's starting to bother me." " So just tell me." Max said wishing Liz would get on with it. It was killing him trying to be polite and not touch her all over. Liz reached over and wrapped her hands around his. " Max, what I'm trying to say is that I've noticed all week that you haven't mentioned anything about your home. How you really feel about going there.You haven't even told me the name of your planet. I just thought that maybe you would like to talk about it. I would really love to know about the place that sent me my true love." Liz gazed lovingly at him. Max chuckled to himself. " Okay Liz, I'll tell you but be forewarned that it sounds like a stupid and very cheesy Sci-fi movie especially the name of my home." " Why? What is the name of your home?" " Alright don't laugh. It's called Qan'aar. Silly huh?" Max seemed a bit embarrassed. " Max, it's not silly. It's your home. You should be proud." " Yeah, I guess I should be. Well anyway, you can probably guess what the people are called. As for how I feel about going. Honestly, I don't know. I don't want to go. I know it's selfish. Your the only one who knows that I don't want to go but as much as I try to deny it sometimes I am their leader, their king. I just can't ignore that. I'm just trying to do the right thing, you know?" Liz hung her head and agreed. It was the right thing she knew. She looked back up at Max and touched his cheek. " I love you Max." Liz moved closer to Max and wrapped her arms around his neck snuggling against him. They held each other for awhile looking into each others eyes. Liz's head rested in the nook of Max's neck while her hands trickled over his chest tracing the curves of his muscles and then going lower to his abdomen. Max was having a hard time breathing. The feel of Liz's fingers raking across his body burned into his flesh. His lips quickly found hers and the kiss became passionate, almost desperate. Liz soon found the opening of Max's shirt and began to pull it over him revealing the hard ridges of his stomach and chest. Her hands slowly reached down to caress him. His body burned with her every touch. He had to have all of her now. Max laid Liz gently on the bed kissing her. He let his hands roam into her soft hair and then onto her face cradling it. He looked into her eyes, kissing both lids and then lower to her cheeks and then to her neck. His kisses were soft and warm and made Liz beg for more. Max began to tug at Liz's shirt pushing it up high to kiss her stomach and then pulling it off to reveal a lacy pink and white bra. " This just has to go." Max moaned using his powers to quickly undo her bra and then peel it off. Liz giggled at this and spoke to him in a strained voice. " Max, slow down. Right now we've got all the time we need." Max smiled down at her as she willingly opened to him. He trailed hot, soft kisses from her lips to her neck and lower. Liz arched her back slightly for him as if to give him more ease and access to her body. His fingers traced patterns lightly on the inside of her thighs making Liz go crazy wanting more. Her body burnedfor him and he was teasing her. Max knew what he was doing to her. He wanted her just as much but also wanted to take his time with her. Liz apparently didn't see it that way because the next thing he knew she sat up and practically tried to rip off his jeans. Max was a little taken aback by this but enjoyed the fact that she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. He leaned over her and kissed her one last time before they connected. Their souls intertwining as one. Together they rode out the waves and when they were done their love was so strong, so intense that they were transformed to a place by a lake. It was autumn and leaves were falling from the trees. There was a small child, a little girl that looked like both Max and Liz running around and feeding ducks with bread. When the vision was gone Max and Liz looked at each other smiling. " Max.. that was our daughter! I know it was." Liz was holding back tears of happiness. Max looked down at Liz a bit heartbroken. " Someday Liz, someday I know I will come back and we will have that littlegirl. " Max moved to lay on his side holding Liz closely to him. She snuggled to him and repeated to herself, " Yeah, someday."
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