FanFic - Max/Liz
"Goodbyes Are Not Forever"
Part 4
by Anonymous
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or it's characters. I would love to own Jason but can't have him either.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This story takes place about two years after destiny. Most of the gang aren't mentioned to much in the story. This story is mostly Max and Liz oriented.
Liz walked into the den and immediately noticed Maria sitting on the couch with Michael. His arm wrapped possessively around her shoulders. It had been strange seeing them together. It had been so long because of Michael's decision not to get to close. She guessed it didn't matter now. Nothing did. They all had to be together one last time. Max decided that since almost everyone was there it was probably the best time to just get the rest of the story over with. He walked over to the closest chair , sulked and cleared his throat. Everyone looked up at Max. The Evans and Maria were the only ones in the room who didn't know what was going on but they knew by the look on Max's face that something was wrong. Getting prepared Maria starting searching frantically in her purse for her salts. " I have some bad news guys," Max started. " Maria I never told you this because I wanted to protect you. Liz only found out about this news this morning so please don't go off on her. Mom and Dad I didn't even know how to begin to tell you guys that we know alien, but now that you do know it makes this news only a little easier to tell. We, Isabelle, Michael, Tess and I, we have to leave. I know that you probably don't understand why and I will go into detail about it soon. To pretty much sum it up for you the place that we came from has a war that has been going on for many years. We learned from one of our protectors that it is very likely that it will not end until the four of us are returned. Only we can stop the war." Max's parents appeared lost so he explained his story for the second time that day about what had happened to them. This only created more tears. The group was silent for a while until Tess spoke up. " Well, I think we had enough doom and gloom for one day. Why don't we spend the rest of it just hanging out and enjoying each other's company." Max, Michael and Maria starred at each other surprised at Tess's remark but nodded in agreement as well as everyone else. Isabelle jumped up and turned on the stereo. " Well then let's have a party!" Tess brought up the suggestion of grilling in the backyard and soon everyone was eating and dancing trying to make the best of the little time they had left. By the end of the evening all but Max and Liz retired in the living room. Michael and Maria were sleeping in a big chair. Phillip and Diane were slow dancing to the music on the radio. Tess was sprawled on the couch. Max and Liz were out in the back sitting on the porch swing. Liz snuggled up closely to Max holding on to him tight. " You know, if you squeeze me any tighter your going to cut off my circulation!" Max joked. Liz just looked up at him and smiled. " Well today was certainly entertaining! You promise that you don't have any more surprises for us?" " I promise. Come on it's getting late. I'd better take you home before your father kills me." On the drive home Liz fell asleep on Max's shoulder still holding on to him. When they arrived at her home he didn't wake her. He smiled down at her a few times memorizing her face and the smell of her hair. " Liz, Liz come on wake up!" Max gently shook her, " We're here." Liz woke up in protest. " Hey, can I see you tomorrow?" she asked. " I'm working though so you will have to come and visit after my shift. I promised my father I would help him out. We're getting to that busy time of year." " Liz, I'll keep hanging around you until you get so sick of me you'll want to smack me." Max joked. " Well that's never going to happen. Hey thanks for the ride." Liz leaned in to give him a kiss. Max held on to her not wanting her to leave. " Max," Liz grinned, " If you don't let me go how can you see me tomorrow?" " Alright. You have a point." he let go of her. As Liz opened to door to her home she looked back at him. " I love you Liz." " I love you too. Goodnight Max." She closed the door.
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