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"You're One of God's Better People"
Part 4
by Sarah
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You're One of God's Better People
And you don't know
That's why you're special
And I cry so I can talk like this
From my downbeat existence
And I know that you can make my wish
If my wish is pure
You're One of God's Better People

***** Maria was standing next to the heat lights in The Crashdown looking at Michael. she stood there silent, waiting for table two's order to come up, she was thinking about how much she wanted their relationship to be more like Max and Liz's.

"Is everything okay?" Alex said when he noticed Maria was off someplace other than her job.

She turned startled, "Yeah, I'm fine. What is there something wrong?"

"No, it's just you're standing here staring at nothing with your order right in front of you." He replied.

'Oh," she grabbed the order for table two, "there's just alot on my mind lately, that's all."

"Sure," he said, knowing there's more than something on her mind. "You know Michael will come around, maybe not as much as Max has, but it'll get better."

"I know, but that's not what's bothering me. I can't explain it, I'm scared, about this whole thing."

"I know, I am too, Liz, Max, Michael, Iz.-We're all scared you're not alone." Alex said, now back into the locker area.

"Thanks," she glanced at Michael, who quickly stopped staring at Maria to finish an order, trying to look busy.


Tess and Isabel walked in The Crashdown, looking tired.

With a sigh Maria walked up to the girls, "What can I get you tonight?"

Tess sighed, looked straight into Maria's eyes, "Well, Cherry Coke with Lime, I thought you'd remember what I like." Tess was obviously irritated about something.

"we'll have a cheeseburger with fries.' Isabel seemed like she was in a daze, like a cloud in her mind.

"Okay, I'll get it for you," Maria said with a tired smile.

As soon as Maria left Tess started talking secretly with Isabel.

"So, how can I get Max away from Lizie?" Tess said agitated.

"Welll," Isabel was talking slowly, "Just position yourself in a place where you know he'll be without Lizie."

Alex could hear the whole conversation they were having.

He stood up and walked to them. "Hey Iz!" he said.

Isabel waved her hand not even looking up. Alex knew something was wrong.

"Isabel can I talk to you for a second?"

"Why?" she said sharply.

Alex took her hand and pulled her to the back locker room of The Crashdown. As soon as the door was shut he looked into her eyes. Knowing something was extremely wrong he laid his hands gently on Isabel's shoulder.

"Isabel?" he said concerned.

No reply, just cloudy eyes staring back at him.

Alex shook Isabel slightly, hoping to get a response.


Michael noticed Alex and Iz. He walked over to them from the grill.

"Is everthing okay?" he said.

"I dunno. I mean it's Iz, but she's not here, look." Alex said beginning to panic.

"Iz?...Isabel?" Michael said looking straight into her eyes. He knew when there was no physical response to seeing him or hearing what he was saying.

"Maria, call a cook and another waitress in. We have to figure out what's going on."

Maria looked shocked, she immediately did what Michael asked of her.-Due to emergency.

"Alex, go get Liz from upstairs. We're going to Max and Iz's."

Without hesitation Alex nodded and went up the stairs to get Liz. Within five minutes The Crashdown was covered and they were on their way to the Evan's Residence.


when they pulled up they found Max's Jeep outside next to Tess's car.

Liz's mind began to race wondering what the hell Tess was doing at Max's.

They got out of the car and walked into the house. They saw Max sitting on the couch, with Tess sitting right next to him looking in his eyes.

Tess stood up when she saw them come in. Isabel walked over to Tess and Max. Max stood up, turned around. And with the same cloudy eyes as Isabel he looked at them.

Max walked over to Liz. "Liz, get out of my house, I don't want to see you ever again." he said slowly. He wasn't himself either.

Liz kept her ground knowing that wasn't Max talking. "No, we are going to figure out what's going on, whether you want to or not, Max!"

Max backed up and stopped to stand with Tess and Isabel.

Michael looked at Tess, "You have to leave now." he said sternly.

Tess looked at Michael and said with a smile, "But I just got here." Her smile got bigger, "Max doesn't think I should leave." She walked to him and they started kissing.


Liz turned around and started to walk away. Suddenly she realized Tess was perfectly conscious. She turned around.

"So, how do you do it Tess?" Liz said confidently.

"What do you mean?" she removed herself from Max's lips.

"This, I mean look you have Max and Isabel under a trance." Liz said, "How do you do it."

"What makes you think I am doing such a thing?" Tess said getting nervous. "Maybe, they are just coming out of your trance, ever think of that?"

"If Max and Isabel weren't under this trance of yours, they would pick us over you."

Maria stepped in, "Tess, do you actually think we are stupid enough to fall for you crap?" she started walking toward her.

"Pretty good you're trying to get me to confess to something you are doing?"

Maria was only a few feet away, Tess began to step back. Max stepped in her way. "SIT DOWN" Maria said loud and strict. She practically pushed him out of her way.

Tess was right in front of her.

"Whatever you are trying it's not going to work." Tess said nervously.

Without hesitation Maria smacked Tess across the face as hard as she could.

Isabel and Max fell to the floor.

Tess disappeared, and the cloud went away from behind Max and Isabels' eyes. They hunt is on.. They have found the mind controlling Nesedo.

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