FanFic - Max/Liz
"One of God's Better People"
Part 5
by Sarah
Disclaimer: The characters are from the WB show Roswell, they are borrowed, the story takes place around the time Tess came around, but there are some twists and turns I put in to spice it up.
Summary: Dark, strange, twists and turns.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
You're One of God's Better People
And you don't know
That's why you're special
And I cry so I can talk like this
From my downbeat existence
And I know that you can make my wish
If my wish is pure
You're One of God's Better People


Liz ran over to Max. Alex and Michael ran to Isabel.

"Are you okay, Max?" Liz said, looking for the cloud behind his beautiful brown eyes. The cloud was gone.

Max looked up at Liz, confused. "Yeah, why am I on the floor? How did you get here so fast? Tess was just here..?" he trailed off.

Liz leaned to him to help him up.

At the same time Michael and Alex were practically fighting over who was going to ask if Isabel was okay.

"Are.." Alex said.

"You.." Michael cut in frustrated.

"Okay?" they both said at the same time. Michael shot a look at Alex. He immediately backed off.

Alex stood up and went to Maria. She was so scared she could hear her heart pumping loudly.

She stood there looking at Michael wondering when he would recognize what she just accomplished.

Alex just stood there silent waiting for his turn to see if Iz was, in fact, okay. "Jeez G.I. Jane where'd you get those moves?"

Maria chuckled remembering the pain in her hand. She then realized she saved the day, out of fear something would happen to Michael, she also kept Liz's soul mate safe as well as Alex's love interest. She smiled feeling her eyes get hot. Emotions started rushing through her body. She broke down and started to cry.

Michael heard her sobs. He stood up and turned around. He looked at Alex.

Alex took a step back, understandingly. He then went to Isabel.

"You okay Iz?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, I just don't know what happened." she said confused.

Liz heard Maria's cries. She stood up. Max nodded and followed her to Maria.

"Hey, Maria." Liz said.

Maria heard Liz's voice and pulled away from Michaels embrace.

Liz stepped in giving Maria a big hug in thanks. "You did so great, thank you Maria." She smiled knowing Maria was going to be okay.

"You okay, Maxwell?" Michael asked as soon as he knew Maria was okay.

"Yeah, a little confused, though. Fill us in?"

"Sure." he said smiling. Max returned a grin, but quickly went back to focusing on Liz.


"Okay, we are going to need your help if we are going to figure out exactly who Tess is." Max said taking charge again.

"As always, you know what to do!" Isabel said still filtering the information she and Max were given about what Tess was doing to them.

"We are going to need your help too.." Max was waiting for a sign that Liz, Maria, and Alex were going to help.

"Yes, we want to know just as much as you do." Liz spoke for everyone.

"Okay," he smiled to Liz, "here's what we're going to do..."

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