Fanfic - Max/Liz
"For Then, For Now, Forever"
Part 4
by Selena Santiago
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or any of it's characters, however I love borrowing them whenever I come up with some insane ideas to write about! OH, and any songs are copyright of the respective owner.
Summary: While rummaging through one of Grandma Claudia's old boxes Liz finds a beautiful necklace. She finds herself being haunted with memories that are not her own. Could this necklace be the key to Max's past? Or is it the key to his future? Takes place mainly in the happenings of this season, but goes back and forth between events.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: I'd love feedback. Positive or otherwise... and let me know what I can do to improve or if you just liked it! Thanks!

"Liz?" Max climbed up her balcony ladder and jumped onto the porch. She sat, writing in her journal, a blanket keeping her warm. He smiled at the sight of her and went over to her.

"Hey." She looked up at him quietly and he kissed her. He loved kissing her. It felt so... right. It was a familiar feeling. One he'd grown to love, but sometimes under-appreciate.

"I love you." He pulled the journal out of her hand and placed it on the floor just as he leaned in to kiss again, this time more passionately as she kissed him back with fire burning in her lips.

"What's wrong Max?"

"I just had to see you."

"Right." She looked up at him suspiciously. He smiled and kissed her once more.

"Ok spit it out Mr. Evans." She looked into his eyes and they felt the current run through their bodies. It was something neither of them had ever experienced. Not when Liz was with Kyle or when Max was with Tess. They couldn't explain it. They just knew it was their strongest physical connection.

"Ok. I think I know a way to get my son back." Her face drew back in surprise.

"What? Is that a bad thing?"

"No, no. I just didn't expect that, that's all. That's great... umm... you need anything?" She looked down and then back at Max. She was obviously trying to hide something.

"What is it Liz?" She curled up and embraced her knees.

"What if.... I mean what if you fall in love with Tess again? Or you go and you forget about me? I mean, there are so many possibilities. I don't know what to think. What if you never return?" She looked at Max weary eyed, and he embraced her.

"I would never leave you. And I love you Liz. When I started to remember things... about our planet... I remembered Tess, sure. But I remember something else. I remember feeling like there's something important I'm missing. And my life with Tess seemed a little too perfect. I don't even have a way to prove that those memories are real. But you're real. You're the most real thing that's ever happened to me. Just be happy for me please."

"I'm happy. I swear." She smiled and Max hugged her tightly.

"Ok..." He went to the ladder, as Liz got up, but then turned back to Liz. He kissed her passionately as he held her face in his strong hands and she simply gave into his seducing ways.

"You really have to stop doing that." Liz smiled flirtatiously and Max winked at her before he climbed down the ladder and into the night. Liz couldn't get herself to sleep after that so she made her way up into the attic. She turned the lights on and wrapped the blanket around her a little tighter. She went up to "her" area and found the boxes labeled GRANDMA CLAUDIA. She developed a sudden curiosity and craving for the priceless treasures in the box. As she slowly opened a few, she found old pictures, clothes and Claudia's book about Native Americans. She touched the book with reminiscent tenderness and tried to control the tears she so wanted to shed. Then she found a small box labeled FOR LIZ. She reached for it and slowly, but full of curiosity. She opened it and inside found several things. One was a book with what looked like an unfinished story. Another was a small bag of several objects. There was an old rose, a bracelet of charms, and a letter.

My Dearest Elizabeth,

If you are reading this now, it is because I am long gone. I sure hope I didn't cause you too much pain. I just want you to know that you have always meant the world to me. And your lively spirit that leads me to believe you will in fact lead a long and amazing life. There are things, perhaps, that I should have told you, but didn't get the chance. I have left you a half written story. I could not finish it. I want you to read it, and finish it, however you see fit. Because you can't write the ending of a story that's just beginning. You'll understand that someday. Now you need to understand that you are a very special young lady. And our bond was beyond what I can explain. So I have left you my lucky charm bracelet so you can remember me by. But in the box there is something else. There is a necklace. The necklace holds significant meaning. Look at it. Meditate on it. You will find it strangely familiar. Don't ask questions. Just accept. And never forget Liz, to always follow your heart. I love you.

Grandma Claudia

Liz was crying by then, clenching the letter firmly in her hands. She could not believe she had waited so long to open the boxes. Two years, a whole two years the treasures had been waiting for her and she had been selfishly grieving a woman who was very much alive in spirit. Liz looked through the box and found the necklace. It was beautiful. It was made of a strange gold, not quite like the one she'd seen before. It was a double necklace, composed of two parts. It was a heart broken into two. One heart had half of planet Earth, the other half had half of what might have been the moon. She wasn't quite sure what to make of it. Or what it meant. But as she touched it, she had a flash. She felt as if she could remember having the necklace placed on her neck and then kissed. But of course she knew she never had seen the necklace before. Something was weird, but strangely intriguing.

Liz grabbed the small bag and the necklace in her hand and ran downstairs. She put the box in her closet, and as she looked in the mirror, she started to place her necklace on her neck. As she closed the latch, and the necklace fell on her chest, she felt the flash again. Except this time, she saw the images in the mirror. She couldn't understand why, but she saw herself in a gown, Max behind her looking into the mirror and placing the necklace on her, then passionately kissing her neck. She shook her head to snap out of it, but the thought was still lingering in her head.

"Geez Liz... this isn't the Titanic." She jumped into bed and turned off the lamps. Once she lay in the dark, she realized she was actually very tired. As she closed her eyes, she began to drift into a profound, but dream-full sleep.


"Why are you here?" A pair of deep hazel eyes looked at her with the sun darkened skin and dark, messy hair.

"To discuss politics... sir." Her tone was arrogant and almost mocking. She stared back with her own big brown eyes and long dark hair. She stood tall and majestic.

"Politics?" He raised his eyebrows in amusement. He looked over at the blonde beauty next to him.

"Eliza... you have met my wife. Have you not?" Ava stood up with her long white dress and golden crown and nodded her head in acknowledgment.

"Miss Ava." Eliza stated nonchalantly. She curtsied and then turned her piercing eyes back to Zan.

"Do you realize what is happening between our planets?" Zan pressed a button and received a glass of wine.

"Would you like a drink Miss Eliza?"

"Stop avoiding the subject Zan!" She shot back without thinking and Zan was left appalled.

"The subject? And that would be...?"

"That our planets are falling apart! Geez... can't you see that millions of people are dying?" She got dangerously loud but was so intense that Zan was actually left speechless. He didn't know why or didn't particularly like the fact that she made him nervous. Her presence was enough to give him butterflies and her intensity drove him wild with thoughts he knew he shouldn't have. Not when she was the enemy.

"Ava... please excuse us." Ava looked at Zan confused, seeing something in his eyes that worried her.

"Go now."

"Yes sir." She stood up and walked slowly out of the room, but not before making sure she caught Eliza's eyes with her jealous glare. She walked out and Zan stood up slowly from his throne. He walked leisurely over to Eliza who stood slightly stiff from nervousness.

"You know... I forgot what it felt like to feel. To be truly passionate about something." He stood in front of Eliza, and took her face in his hands.

"Why did you leave?" He looked deeply into her eyes, leaving her feeling vulnerable.

"I had to. I was forbidden to return. When your father died, you became ruthless and uncaring. Your kingship was unimportant to you and my father saw no future for me here. Then Kivar and his men rose up against Earth and threatened to move in on Antar. I didn't know what else to do." She tried to hold herself up regardless of her weakened knees.

"Do you know how you tore me apart by leaving? First my father dies, then my wife to be disappears never to contact me again. I loved you Eliza." He touched her lips and kissed her passionately.

"Zan... our planets..."

"It's destiny." As they kissed, Ava was talking to Kivar out behind the city wall.

"The little princess is here!" Ava's jealousy was difficult to hide. Kivar looked at Ava and held her close.

"Don't worry... it's under control. Just let it all play out." Ava looked at him with a seducing glare and he smiled acknowledging her.

"What's your plan?" She pulled him in closer to her and he whispered into her ear.

"Vilandra is letting me in tomorrow night. She'll open the city gate and I'll come right in and kill them. All of them."

"You've gotten pretty close to Vilandra."

"Well, I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to see how it's breaking up the relationship between her and Zan." They laughed as he moved in to kiss her.


Liz awoke violently as she tried to catch her breath.

"My God... what was that?!"

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