Fanfic - Max/Liz
"For Then, For Now, Forever"
Part 12
by Selena Santiago
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or any of it's characters, however I love borrowing them whenever I come up with some insane ideas to write about! OH, and any songs are copyright of the respective owner.
Summary: While rummaging through one of Grandma Claudia's old boxes Liz finds a beautiful necklace. She finds herself being haunted with memories that are not her own. Could this necklace be the key to Max's past? Or is it the key to his future? Takes place mainly in the happenings of this season, but goes back and forth between events.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: I'd love feedback. Positive or otherwise... and let me know what I can do to improve or if you just liked it! Thanks!
She opened her eyes slowly, her head still slightly throbbing. Her brown eyes searched her surroundings trying to put things into focus.

"I was hoping you'd awaken soon. I was starting to worry." A soft, very comforting female voice spoke to Liz and finally she met with a pair of sky blue eyes that seemed to smile at her.

"Where am I?" Liz sat up slowly and she saw the beautiful blonde that sat next to her.

"Antar." The whole concept of it was incredible. She'd done it.

"I'm really here?" She looked around trying to make sense of her surroundings.

"Yes." The woman smiled. She pulled over a small table and handed Liz a bowl of something hot and some napkins.

"Don't try to get up. You're still weak from the trip. Eat this, it will make you feel better. Then as soon as you feel up to it, we shall discuss strategy." She smiled again, her smile warm and inviting. Liz couldn't shake the feeling that she'd met her before. There was so much about her. Her voice, her eyes, her friendliness. Liz nodded in silent agreement and began to sip the hot liquid in the bowl. It was spicy, but it had a sweetness to it that made it irresistible.

"This is really good. What is it?"

"Your favorite soup. It's spicy chicken with orange sauce." Liz looked up strangely amused.

"You still have that same demeanor. It's incredible." The woman stared at Liz curiously, full of interest and perception.

"What do you mean?" Liz looked over as she tried not to slurp her soup.

"I mean you're exactly as I remember you." The woman laughed astonished and sent herself into a state of reminiscence.

"I never quite got your name." Liz put aside the half eaten soup and forced herself to sit up regardless of her throbbing headache.

"Serena." Liz's eyes widened at the familiar name.

"I see you've heard of me. Or perhaps you remember me?" She looked at Liz excited hoping it was a little of both. Little did she know it was. Liz reached for her necklace and felt the heart. Her eyes grew sad and she suddenly felt very homesick.

"You found it." Serena whispered and reached over to look at it. Liz looked up at Serena, her eyes were downcast and Serena knew this would be a difficult task they were trying to pull through.

"Can I just ask you one question?" Serena nodded with an understanding smile.

"Why me?" Serena reached out to hold Liz's hands and all Liz could think of was how much she reminded her of Maria.

"Because you're special. You stole the heart of a King and helped him save his soul. Not too many people can say that. You're risking a lot for him. Like you always have." Liz smiled and then tried to get out of bed. Serena took her hands and helped her up. Liz looked around at the modest little apartment with many modern day appliances. She saw the funky furniture and again thought of Maria who she was beginning to miss terribly.

"This place looks a lot like Earth."

"In here it does. It helps with the homesick feeling. But once you step outside it's a whole different world. Literally." She sat and turned on a sound system that played soft music.

"Homesickness? You're from Earth?"

"Born and raised. Sort of. You and I... we grew up together. I was your second hand, your best friend. I was your advisor and in a sense your baby-sitter. I was the one who made your last trip here from Earth with you."

"I remember that." By now the two women were sitting across from each other, having a really great conversation.

"What else do you remember?" Serena leaned in with real interest.

"Small things. Mainly of my... Eliza's visit here before the royal family massacre."


"Yea. Eliza's."

"You say it as if she were a different person."

"It's hard to believe that she was me and that I'm somehow still alive."

"Why are you here then?"

"What do you mean?" Liz looked at her troubled, not sure she liked the direction of the conversation.

"I mean, if you really don't believe who you are then why did you come here?"

"Because I have to help Max... uh Zan. I have to help Zan find his son."

"You are Eliza. Only Eliza would sacrifice everything to help Zan. You have to believe. It's so obvious."

"How am I supposed to believe that I once lived the life of a princess in love with a man from another planet when all I've known is my life on Earth as a simple, small town girl?"

"Would you believe in heaven if heaven was all you had?" Serena's words strung a cord with Liz and she sighed loudly, not sure what to say.

"What's the plan?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"What did you do?!" Max was running towards Larek in a panic.



"You have to let her go." Max's eyes were jumping around wildly, his mind was in a jumble and he was furious.

"Go?! Go WHERE??!!"

"I think you need to calm down." Larek tried to put his hand on Max's shoulder but Max refused to hear of it.

"Take me to her."


"NOW!" Larek saw the Zan he knew suddenly blaze in Max's eyes.

"You can't just leave things unattended. People will suspect. What about Rath and Vilandra? What of them?"

"I can't just let her go!" Max was getting frustrated and he ran his fingers through his hair.

"Do what you have to do, and I promise I'll stay until it's all done. Then I'll take you back to get her. If she's not done by then."

"Where is she?" Max asked afraid of the answer he'd get.

"Antar. She went to get your son."

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