FanFic - Max/Liz
"Finding the Truth"
Part 6
by Liz
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Summary: Liz has been reliving her betrayal of Max. When Isabel and Michael get nosy, Liz decides that she has to do something before Max finds out.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This takes place not long after “End of the World”. Just so you understand, things in italics are dreams and stars mean a change in scene or perspective on something that just happened. I want to dedicate this to all the authors who have inspired me to write a story of my own. Ash, Mavonne, Carol, and many more. Also I dedicate this to one of my best friends Heidi and of course the show and all the people who make the show possible.
Just as Max screamed out Liz’s name he looked at the girl’s face. ‘Damn, wrong girl.’ Max blushed and apologized and glanced around some more and left the store feeling completely helpless.


Liz had a hard time deciding on the shorts. She finally decided to buy them. At one point on trying them on she swore she heard Max screaming her name. ‘Pull it together Liz, even if Max did come after me he wouldn’t know I was in San Francisco and in this part of the city. Plus he wouldn’t be just screaming my name, he would only do that if he saw me.’ Liz walked up to the cash register and purchased her shorts. Luckily Liz had saved all the money she earned working all these years at the Crashdown otherwise she would be in trouble. ‘Oh I just remembered, I got to go looking for a job. Maybe I could waitress, after all it’s the only job I’ve ever known.’


Liz entered a restaurant called Ann’s. It was a small American style restaurant not far from the hotel she was staying at. She asked if the manager was in. The manager came right out. Liz inquired if they had any waitress positions available. After talking to the manager he agreed to hire her. He also told her if she wanted she could start right now. She smiled and nodded her head and the manager introduced her to the staff and showed her around the place.


Max had searched around the entire area. ‘Maybe Isabel was wrong, maybe I’m wrong…she’s not here. What am I going to do? My future self asked her to do the one thing that would make me want to fall out of love with her. My future self didn’t remember me at this age, because even before I found out the truth I was as much in love with her since I first saw her in 3rd grade. Now because Isabel, Michael, and me were too nosy she has to do another horrible thing…throw her life away all because of me. How did I ever deserve her? Oh well I guess I’ll get something to eat, pack up and call Isabel and see if she can try figure out where Liz is again tonight.’


Liz got right into the swing of things, just as if it was the Crashdown. The only difference was that instead of a Will Smith burger they called them just call them burgers. Lunchtime had just started and already there was a flood of people, nothing that she couldn’t handle though. ‘It feels good to do something like I would be doing if I were home. Stop thinking like that I am home, well at least for a while. I hope my parents are not freaking out too much. I should call them again tonight.’ Liz said to herself. Last night she called them and they were crying and pleading with her to come home and that whatever was going on they could deal with as a family if she came home. She couldn’t tell them, what would she say?

‘Okay mom…dad, my ex boyfriend is an alien. Oh yeah so is his sister and Michael. Last fall I got shot and Max saved my life. Since then the FBI has been chasing, attacking, and kidnapping us. Now there are other aliens wanting to kill us. Oh yeah and Maria and Alex know too, not to mention Sheriff Valenti. Then Kyle got shot so Max saved him and now he knows too. Also Tess is an alien too. She was Max’s wife in their last life. So a few weeks ago Max came from the future and told me to make Max fall out of love with me. So I faked losing my virginity to Kyle. Max was upset. Since then I can’t sleep at night. Then Isabel dream-walked me…one of her powers, and found out the truth about Kyle and me and probably told Max. That’s why I left so that I can save the world. That’s right your little girl is running away from home to save this world and the world Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess come from.’ ‘Yeah I’m sure that conversation would go well. Oh well back to work.’


Max saw a restaurant nearby and walked in. The hostess sat him down in the back of the restaurant. He looked over the menu and decided to get a hamburger. He looked up to see Liz, his Liz walking over to his table. He was shocked. She hadn’t noticed it was Max until his menu came down away from his face. She panicked. ‘What am I going to do? How did he find me?’ Liz decided to do what she had done just a couple days ago. Run. Max noticed her hesitating and realized that she was scared. Liz bolted to the front of the restaurant and out the door. ‘Oh no, not again, I can’t stand to lose her again.’ “Liz!” Max screamed.

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