FanFic - Max/Liz
"Finding the Truth"
Part 5
by Liz
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Summary: Liz has been reliving her betrayal of Max. When Isabel and Michael get nosy, Liz decides that she has to do something before Max finds out.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This takes place not long after “End of the World”. Just so you understand, things in italics are dreams and stars mean a change in scene or perspective on something that just happened. I want to dedicate this to all the authors who have inspired me to write a story of my own. Ash, Mavonne, Carol, and many more. Also I dedicate this to one of my best friends Heidi and of course the show and all the people who make the show possible.
Liz unpacked her bag and looked at the scratchy mirror. She noticed that her eyes were puffed and red. Her hair was a mess because she hadn’t brushed it since her nap. She looked out the window again down at the people walking around laughing and having fun.

‘There is so much these people don’t know. They don’t know that there are aliens. They don’t know that the aliens are teenagers who have the fate of their world and this one hanging in the balance. They don’t know that there is another race of aliens called “skins” who want to kill these teenagers and all the other aliens and then overpower our planet. Yet they are happy in their ignorance. If the whole world knew the truth they would panic and we would be even more vulnerable. And they don’t know that I love one of these alien teenagers and because of our love we caused the world to end, which is why I had to deny our love. The worst part of all this is no one knows my sacrifice. I mean it’s not like I want people to thank me, but I just wish I knew it was worth it.’ Liz decided she needed to look around the area, to get to know her new home better.


‘Only one more hour to San Francisco…Only one more hour.’ Max kept thinking to himself. What was he going to do when he found Liz? He knew that she would be upset at him coming after her. But he had to make things right. ‘How am I going to find her? What if I can’t find her?’ Max tried to shake that thought out of his mind. He looked out of the bus’s window at the trees quickly flashing past him. ‘Why does my life have to be so complicated? I just wish I could have at least one day, one day where there are no worries in the world or universe for that matter.’

An hour later Max grabbed his stuff and jumped off the bus. He looked around. ‘Where are you?’ he thought to himself. He began asking around at different hotels if a Liz or Elizabeth Parker had checked in. He wasn’t having any luck. He found a payphone and put some change in it. “Hello?” Isabel said.

“It’s me. I’m not having much luck. Can you try and dream-walk her?” Max asked.

“But Max, It’s 7 o’clock. I can’t dream-walk someone unless they are asleep or drugged. I know you are frustrated and anxious to find her but maybe you should just wait till night time.” Isabel explained.

“I know, I know, I just wish I could find her I looked around the area you told me but no one was listed at any of the hotels around the Porter Café under the name Liz Parker. You’re right, I’m going to find a place to stay for tonight and I’ll try tomorrow. I won’t bother with dream-walking tonight, I just have to be more patient I guess. Thanks though, I’ll call you tomorrow. Give everyone my love.” Max said and hung up.

Max walked down the street and sat at a bench. He saw a pen sitting next to him. He picked it up and all of a sudden a flash hit him. * FLASH * Liz writing on the bench in her journal. Max realized that he was close. ‘I have to find her soon’. Max went to a hotel nearby called The Pease Hotel. He asked if they had anyone listed as Liz Parker there. The man shook his head. “Well can I have a room for tonight?” Max asked. The man gave him a key and he trudged up to his room. He threw his bag down and went straight to bed. He was too exhausted to eat. And what was the point of staying up, it was dark outside and he was getting nowhere with his search. But what kept going through his mind was that flash he got from the pen. He knew she was somewhere close. But where? He had tried every place around the area of the Porter Café. He didn’t know where the Porter Café was from her room, Isabel couldn’t see it, she had just heard Liz say the name. She might have left the hotel she was at. She might have gone somewhere else. He might be searching an area that was far from where she is. He fell asleep thinking of all the possibilities.

Max woke up around 8 o’clock the next morning. He got up and stretched. He walked out of the hotel and started to walk around the shopping areas. He figured that Liz would be looking for clothes since she hadn’t taken that much from her room.


Liz was looking around in Contempo (a shop) for some shorts. She had brought a few but she decided she should get a couple more. She saw a nice beige pair in her size so she grabbed it and when into the dressing room to try it on.


The second store Max walked in was Contempo. He spotted a brunette that was Liz’s height, slender like her, and had the same skin tone holding onto some shorts. She was eyeing some tee shirts, but he couldn’t see her face. It didn’t matter that had to be Liz. ‘Liz! Finally!’ Max thought as he raced past the other girls in the store and put his hand on the girl’s arm and spun her around. “Liz!”

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