FanFic - Max/Liz
"Finding the Truth"
Part 7
by Liz
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or any of its characters. I’m not getting any profits so don’t sue.
Summary: Liz has been reliving her betrayal of Max. When Isabel and Michael get nosy, Liz decides that she has to do something before Max finds out.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This takes place not long after “End of the World”. Just so you understand, things in italics are dreams and stars mean a change in scene or perspective on something that just happened. I want to dedicate this to all the authors who have inspired me to write a story of my own. Ash, Mavonne, Carol, and many more. Also I dedicate this to one of my best friends Heidi and of course the show and all the people who make the show possible.
“Liz!” Max screamed as he bolted out the door out onto the boardwalk. He looked left then right. ‘There are so many people how am I supposed to find her in this crowd?’ Out of the corner of his eye he spotted her running. Max took off running after her. ‘She isn’t going to leave me again, I couldn’t stand to lose her again.’ All of sudden he lost her. He looked everywhere and she was gone. He started to continue going straight, but he felt something telling him to go down the stairs to the beach. He knew he had a connection with Liz and trusted his feelings. He walked down the stairs quietly but quickly in case she was near. He looked over to his right and saw a dock that people fished off of. He noticed that there were pillars holding the dock up and that there was a shadowy dark area right next to it. ‘That’s where she is. I just know it.’ Max walked over to the dark area to see a very sad and scared Liz curled up sitting on the hot sand. She was crying.

“Go away Max. You don’t get it; you can’t be apart of my life. Every time we decide to take a “break” we end up being nervous around each other and driving everyone else nuts. Then we get back together. As much as I would love to be with you Max, I refuse to put two worlds and all of the inhabitants of those worlds in risk of all dying just because we want to be together. That is if you forgive me.”

Max now getting teary walk over to her putting his hands on the side of her face. “Forgive you? You should forgive me. What you did took a lot of strength, and I can’t believe that at any point in my life would I ask you to do what you did. I don’t care if everyone died, I would figure out something better than that anything but put you through something as painful as that. I love you Liz Parker with all my heart and soul. When you left we all had a meeting, Tess pulled me aside and apologized about all the trouble she has caused us. She finally realized the importance of us staying together as a group and that just because I’m not in love with her doesn’t mean I don’t care about her. To tell you the truth I think she likes Kyle.” Max said and smiled. He saw Liz’s smile slowly appear. ‘I would do anything for that smile’ Max thought.

“I’m happy for her Max, and don’t get me wrong I love you too, but I don’t want to take the risk that Tess might forget about Kyle and leave and then after all this the future repeats itself. I’m fine here Max, really I am I can’t go back to Roswell as much as I want to. Our happiness is not worth billions of lives. I don’t want to die young knowing that because of me everything is ruined.”

Max looked at her as she said this. ‘She’s right, but it doesn’t matter I love her and I know that together we will make sure that the skins don’t prevail. Suddenly Max realized how to convince her that everything will be okay. He bent down and passionately kissed her.

Liz tried to resist but this was Max, her love, kissing her she couldn’t help kissing back. *FLASH* Tess apologizing to Max explaining that she now realizes how important to the group, and Max telling her that from now on he will try and be more friendly towards her. A sudden wave comes over her, all of the love Max has for Liz pours into her body. Liz couldn’t help but start to cry, and slowly broke the kiss. She lifted her head up and looked into his deep brown eyes, eyes that made her want to do backflips.

“Well you’ve convinced me ET, I guess we’ll just have to take it one day at a time and be nicer to Tess.” Liz said honestly. Max put his arm around her waist and the walked back onto the boardwalk towards the restaurant. Liz stopped before going in. “I’m not going in, I’m guessing I’m probably out of a job after my nice little scene earlier.” Liz said as both of them chuckled.

“You’re probably right. However, I’m starved because after all my favorite waitress ran out on me when I wanted to order. I guess I’ll have to give her a lousy tip.” Max said and smiled. Liz lightly punched him in the arm.

“Come on lets go to the hotel I’m staying at. After I freshen up we can go to the Porter Café, it’s right by the hotel.” Liz explained. Max smiled and told her his story of trying to find her as they walked down the boardwalk. “Wait a minute, that was you at Contempo? I thought I heard you, wow what a weird coincidence.” Liz said. Max blushed at telling her his embarrassing story. Max had thought he felt her presence there, but brushed the feeling off after seeing the wrong girl. Liz stopped in front of the Pease Hotel.

“Wait a minute, you’re staying here too?” Max asked. Liz nodded. Another weird coincidence. “Hold on, I asked the guy at the front desk if there was a Liz Parker staying here and he said no.”

“I know he is correct. I told him my name is Liz Evans.” Max felt a sudden rush of bliss run throughout his body. ‘Liz Evans. What a great ring that has’ Max thought. “ I have always loved you Max and whether we are together or not I will always love you. And with everything that has happened to us I always saw us more that just high school boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. I just hope someday I hope to legally bare that name.”

“So do I. I can’t wait until the day I can make you mine. Although I think if you came back from running away and proclaimed that you were engaged I think you’re parents would flip.” Max said laughing.

“I already am yours.” Liz said and before she could say anymore Max pulled her into a passionate kiss. They walked up to Liz’s room. (Turns out its only down the hall from Max’s) Liz turned to Max and revealed her little secret. “You know Max I have this room until tomorrow. That gives us a full day to ourselves with no parents, friends, aliens, FBI or anyone else to bother us.” Max winced at the fact that list had been so long, and that with normal teenagers “aliens and FBI” wouldn’t be on their list. That was soon all brushed out of his mind when he realized that he was in a hotel with Liz with no interruptions. ‘This is what is meant to be. I somehow doubt those were just coincidences. As long as we are together that’s all that matters.

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