FanFic - Max/Liz
"Finding the Truth"
Part 4
by Liz
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Summary: Liz has been reliving her betrayal of Max. When Isabel and Michael get nosy, Liz decides that she has to do something before Max finds out.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This takes place not long after “End of the World”. Just so you understand, things in italics are dreams and stars mean a change in scene or perspective on something that just happened. I want to dedicate this to all the authors who have inspired me to write a story of my own. Ash, Mavonne, Carol, and many more. Also I dedicate this to one of my best friends Heidi and of course the show and all the people who make the show possible.
Max was about to fall asleep when he was startled by his door opening. He looked over to see Isabel and Michael whom looked like they had been a train wreck. They also looked like something was wrong and that they needed to talk to him now. “What’s wrong, what’s happened?”

“Oh Max, I’m sorry but Michael and I noticed that Liz was upset and looked sickly. You shut us out and wouldn’t talk about it so Michael and I came to an agreement to find out what was going on with you too. We dream-walked Liz.” Isabel started to say as Max jumped in.

“What! I told you never to do that to her. It’s worse enough you do that to people, but I told you to stay away form her. How you go behind my back like that!” Max screamed.

“Max! Stop yelling at her. We were concerned about her well being and yours. Don’t you even want to know what we found out.” Michael screamed back. Max paused, so Michael continued. “There is a lot that you don’t know. Liz has been having nightmares…. Isabel I know it’ll be hard but you have to connect with Max so he can see what we saw. It’s too hard to try and explain it to him.” Isabel with a tear in her eye nodded and she put her had on Max’s face. As soon as they touched a connection was formed. Images from Liz’s dream flooded to Max’s brain. When the connection was broken Max’s eyes were filled with tears. He felt so horrible about what his future self had asked her to do. How could he ever put so much pressure and dump a load so big on her? Then he felt sick when he remember how he acted towards her after he found her and Kyle. Sure he didn’t know the truth but he had been mean. He had punished her for a crime that she didn’t commit, a crime he told her to do. Max thanked Isabel and Michael and apologized for everything and bolted out the door. He jumped into the jeep and raced to Liz’s apartment.

When Max arrived he didn’t even bother to ask for permission he flew up the stairs. When he got to the top he saw that she wasn’t there. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a paper addressed to her mother and beside it a tape recorder with a note that said “ To: Max, Please listen.” He didn’t have to listen he knew what was going on. She’s gone. He pressed play.

“Max, I’m guessing since you’re hear listening to this that Isabel and Michael blabbed my secret to you. I’m also guessing that you know that I have left. The truth is that I love you Max with all my heart and soul, but I can’t stay now that you the truth about me and Kyle. The night that your future self came I had gone to a carnival with Maria and Alex. I was told that I was going to marry my true love. When I got home I was so ecstatic, I was going to marry you Max in the future. Just then I saw a flash and there you were, only older, and longer hair. At first I didn’t believe him that he was you 14 years from now but he knew about you serenading me and about the color change in the roses. He was up on my balcony when you were singing to me. He told me that because of our love that Tess left and that you, Isabel, and Michael couldn’t fight the skins so they died. That led to the destruction of the world. Hell, we were going to die soon. Your future self had managed to alter the Granolith so it could take you back in time. Your future self left my future self, the only person who he had left in the world knowing he would never see her again just so that I might be able to make our future never happen. How could I tell him that I was too selfish to go along with his plan. I tried telling you it was over and that I wanted to see normal boys, but you didn’t stop loving me. I hated lying to you so I told him that I couldn’t lie anymore but he insisted that he couldn’t talk to you and that I couldn’t tell you about it otherwise it would never work. I finally agreed to do what I never thought I could ever do, I pretended to sleep with Kyle. Ever since I saw your face when you saw Kyle and me, I have been reliving it again and again in my dreams. That’s why Isabel and Michael found out. I wanted to tell you a million times, but I knew that that would just reverse my actions. That’s why I have left, we both know that we can’t stay away from each other forever in the same town. I’m sorry for all that I have caused you. I’ll miss you. Please play this for Maria and Alex this. I was going to write it down but I wanted you guys to hear it in my own voice. I added a song that explains what’s been going on with me lately so maybe you won’t hate me forever, and please move on with your destiny with Tess.

In my dreams I’m dying all the time
As I wake its kaleidoscopic mind
I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to lie
So this is goodbye
This is goodbye
Tell the truth you never wanted me
Tell me
In my dreams I’m jealous all the time
As I wake I’m going out of my mind
Going out of my mind

Max started to cry when he heard Liz’s words and the song. ‘She thinks that knowing everything I would be mad at her. God it’s far from that. I love her more for her strength to do that. I’m the one that should be apologizing. I’m the one that came back from the future and asked her to do that and I punished her for it. I have to find her, I don’t care what she says I have to find her. But first I got to get everyone together and play this tape and figure out where she might have gone. Come back to me my love.’

Max, Isabel, Michael, Maria, Alex, Tess, and Kyle all met in Michael’s apartment the next morning. Everyone was upset with the knowledge of Liz’s departure. When Max played the tape almost everyone was in tears. They hardly ever cried but knowing that their friend has gone through hell without being able to talk about it and now because of everyone’s nosiness she has fled Roswell to God knows where. Tess just looked down at the floor. All this time she had thought that Liz was a annoying human who stood in the way of her destiny; everything she ever knew to be true. Tess for once felt bad not only because of how she had been treating Liz but also because of her future self made the world come to an end and had made Liz go through all of that. It was her fault, all of it. Everyone gave evil looks to Tess and Kyle. Tess for the obvious reasons but also to Kyle who had let Liz create this lie without even knowing the whole story.

“What are we going to do? My best friend is out there on her own after going through hell because of you people (pointing to the aliens). We have no idea where she is and how to get her back! What am I supposed to say to her parents when they come demanding answers?” Maria screamed out.

“San Francisco. That’s where she is. And Maria just tell them that she hadn’t talk to you about her problems and that she must have just flipped. Just say truth. Just leave out the whole alien/Kyle/space travel thing.” Max blurted out.

“San Francisco? How do you know she’s there? She could be anywhere. How you figure San Francisco?” Michael asked.

“Oh yeah, I remember now, when I asked everyone where they would live other than Roswell she answered San Francisco. Only one problem is that is a large city. Even if she is there, how would we know where to find her?” Alex said.

“Well I could dream-walk her and see if her dreams have any clues. This time I’ll just have to be careful to make sure she doesn’t sense my presence.” Isabel explained.

“Okay you get on that now. Maria and Alex why don’t you go and comfort Mr. and Mrs. Parker. Kyle go tell your dad that Liz is gone. I’ll call you three later when we know anything okay?” Max said looking over at the three nodding their heads then leaving.

Max took out a picture of Liz from his wallet and gave it to Isabel. Isabel was soon taken into Liz’s dream. Luckily Liz was sleeping, she must have just gotten a hotel in San Francisco.

Liz was sitting in her room looking out the window at a sign that read The Porter Café. Liz thinking she wished that she could go there with Max. Isabel was trying to absorb everything she was seeing hoping it could be useful. Isabel decided to leave now before Liz realized she was there.

Isabel woke straight up looking at a very tired and nervous Max. “You’re right she is in San Francisco. I saw a bus pass stub on the bed at the hotel she’s staying at. She was talking out loud too. She was looking out the window at a Porter Café, saying that she wished she could go there with you.” Isabel went on. Max felt heartbroken. Max picked up the phone and called Alex and told him to do a search on a Porter Café in San Francisco. Within a minute or so Alex got an address and told Max. Max thanked Alex and hung up the phone.

“Alright I am going after her. I’m the only one that can find her. Sheriff Valenti would never find her. Isabel tell mom and dad that I had to find Liz, and that I love them very much and that I will be back soon.” Max explained.

“I won’t argue, I know it’s something you have to do. Just find Liz and come home. Please be careful. Do you have enough money?” Isabel asked.

“Yeah I saved most of my money I got working at the UFO center. That should be enough. I’ll be careful don’t worry. I’ll be back before you know it. You guys take care of yourself and dream-walk me if there is any trouble. Okay?” Max tried to say without losing it. They all hugged and wished him good luck. They hoped they would find Liz soon after everything they had caused her.

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