FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 7
by John
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Summary: To give a summary would be to give away the plot. One word of CAUTION…our ratings have been weak so the network has insisted we try to liven things up a bit.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Matthew: I hope this doesn't scare you.

(Matthew raises his hand and moves a stick a few inches across the ground without touching it.)

Maria: Telekinesis?

Matthew: Something like that I guess? Can you do anything like that?

Maria: (He asked the right person.) No…but it would be handy to be able to.

Matthew: It's another thing I got from my mother that my father forbade me to do. I really don't like to do it…it makes me feel strange. I thought, since you people could read thoughts, you might also be able to do that too.

Isabel: Your mother must have been very special.

Matthew: I wish I had known her…and I wish she had told us more than that we were special and unusual. My father thinks these things are freakish and I don't ever want to be known as a freak. I'm afraid my brother's antics are going to expose us.

Liz: Can he do things like that too?

Matthew: I really don't know…I didn't discover I could do it until after we'd both left home and we were on our own. We've never discussed it, but it wouldn't surprise me. As I said, we're twins. All I know about for sure with him is the thought connections.

Michael: So you think you could move the slat on the other side of the door.

Matthew: I don't know. Maybe! It's pretty heavy. I can't move really heavy things.

Isabel: We've got to try something.

Matthew: OK! Let's plan to go down after Milan's next people leave. A soon as he's gone back in, we'll make our move. If I can't move the slat enough though….

Michael: Let's hope you can.

Isabel: Uh…Matthew?

Matthew: Yes!

Isabel: We probably won't have time to talk later…can I ask you something?

Matthew: I guess…

Isabel: Are you interested in knowing if you're any relation to us?

Matthew: I've been wondering about that since I discovered the thought connections.

Isabel: If you'd give us a little blood sample, we could test it. We all have some common things in our blood we know to look for. If your blood has them too, it would prove that your mother had some connection to us. If not… no harm done, right?

Matthew: I don't know…

Isabel: You don't have to…but we're curious too.

Matthew: What would I have to do?

Liz: Alex has some biology stuff in his car…we might be able to safely get a sample. Matthew: Oh, what the heck…you just want to see if I'm a vampire, right?

(Liz gets the stuff and takes a small slide of blood from Matthew. Isabel gets his home address for follow up.)

Isabel: If you folks will excuse me for a moment…

Liz: I get the picture…

(Isabel goes behind the cabin to find Max.)

Max: Hey!

Isabel: I'm thinking I hope you don't materialize.

Max: I hope I don't either. This feels really strange…walking around with absolutely no clothes on. It's a little chilly.

Isabel: For now, I'm glad I can't see you.

Max: If you could see me I would be more suitably attired.

Isabel: I thought talking to empty clothes was weird, but this is really unbelievable. Is your present situation hard on the feet?

Max: You got that right. As soon as we get Alex out, can we concentrate on getting me in? In view that is.

Isabel: Absolutely! For now…here's the deal. It's looking more and more like Matthew is one of us. He showed us that he can move things and he wants to try to open the door for us. Isabel asked him if he'd like to see if he was related to us. Liz took a blood sample.

Max: You haven't told him any more have you? I don't have a good feeling about doing so.

Isabel: Now you get these feelings.

Max: Look at me and tell me you're sorry that Liz, Maria, and Alex are part of our lives.

Isabel: No…that's really a good thing.

Max: Then trust me. So…what are we doing?

Isabel: I think we need to do what you and Liz discussed. You slip in with the next group Milan takes back there and hope like heck you stay invisible.

Max: I have spent most of today hoping the opposite.

Isabel: When you get in there, untie Alex and try to let him know we need a diversion. Then go stand by the door and wait for us.

Max: I've been totally invisible for over an hour now and I'm not going to eat anything. That seems to affect it.

Isabel: Good! You'll probably have to move the door barricade. Matthew's power is weak…I really don't think he can move it, but we can let him think he did.

Max: I wonder if it's weak because he's half human or if he just hasn't developed his powers?

Isabel: I don't know…but what Matthew is or isn't is really another issue. I'm going to connect with Alex if I can and just make small talk.

Max: Liz suggested I join in and let him know it's me that's coming to help him. I think he'll get the idea of what we're trying to do…and hopefully Matthew will think the other voice is Michael or someone else.

Isabel: Good idea!

Max: Did we find out about guns?

Isabel: Matthew says he pretty sure that the Scott guy has one. Maybe we can either move it away or disable it.

Max: I told Liz that might be tricky.

Isabel: What option do we have.

Max: We could just wait until they come out for the night.

Isabel: And Alex?

Max: They'd probably bring him out with them…we could jump them then.

Isabel: I think there's more chance of Alex getting hurt that way than if we can surprise them.

Max: Your probably right.

Isabel: I better get back…Matthew might get suspicious if my potty break is too long.

(Max and Isabel clasp hands for a moment…then she rejoins the others.)

Isabel: I feel better. I'm going to say hey to Alex…just so he knows we haven't forgotten about him.

Isabel: (Connection to Alex.) Hang in there hon…don't answer…just know were here.

Max: (Joins in connection) I'll see you soon.

Matthew: Who was that?

Liz: (She guesses it was Max as planned, but to cover she responds....) Me!

Michael: Here comes a car…I guess all we do now is wait.

Matthew: Let's get out of sight.

(The gang and Matthew hide behind the cabin. The invitees, two attractive young women and a young man, are met by Milan and taken into the cavern. Max…invisible and very naked follows them in undetected. He tries not to look at the women…even though he's invisible, he's embarrassed…and he's scared to death he'll become visible while he's in there with them. Why couldn't it have been three old men, he thinks to himself. While the others are getting ready, Max loosens the ropes binding Alex. Neither man dares initiate a connection…although Alex really wants to thank Max for taking this risk for him. Max grabs Alex' hand and walks his fingers up and down his arm. He hopes Alex will understand he wants some confusion created. Alex smiles slightly and nods as if he understands. Max moves over by the door as the ceremony with the stones is about to begin. Max is praying that he won't become visible. Milan tells the people to just close their eyes and relax. He tells them to think about the direction they want their lives to go. It really does sounds like a balance session. Max is still not sure…but, as he sees the stones glow and feels their rays, he's convinced. Suddenly, Max is scared, not only of becoming visible, but of accidentally getting re-balanced. He's been very happy with how he was able to balance himself to be able to have a life that includes Liz. He's also worried about having the stone's power in Milan's hands. He hates how they're being used…that Milan is charging to re-balance people. He wonders if Alex has been affected. No question, he decides, this has to stop. As the session progresses, Max' worst fear is realized. He starts to become visible. Max is about to panic…but then he fades away again before becoming fully visible to anyone. Meanwhile outside, the group is still hiding behind the cabin…)

Michael: Let's get ready to go in. Liz, Maria and Isabel; let Matthew and I go first.

Isabel: Hey…we can fight as well as anyone…and Alex is down there.

Michael: Just let me go in first…just in case…

(He stops himself…he was going to say just in case he has to use his powers to manipulate guns or something.)

Isabel: I can take care of myself.

Michael: OK…OK…just follow my lead.

Matthew: Let me go in simultaneously…my unusual talents might help.

Liz: Maria and I'll be right there too…

Maria: I wish we had the sixth sense.

Isabel: What do you mean?

Maria: Max!

Matthew: Who's Max?

Isabel: He's my brother…but we couldn't see him when we left. We're not sure what happened to him.

Michael: Shhhh…I hear them coming out.

(The group watches as the "customers" come out. Our friends overhear what's being said.)

Man Customer: I feel really good…like I could take on anything. Whatever that was, it worked.

Woman Customer 1: I can't believe what I thought I saw during the ritual…a naked man…a really handsome one too…standing by the door. I blinked and the vision was gone.

Woman customer 2: I saw an image like that too. I thought I was just imagining something.

Woman customer 1: I'd pay $150 to see that guy naked anytime.

(Everyone of our friends except Matthew cringe. Beyond cringing…Liz is really not at all happy about that development. The people get in their car and drive away. Milan goes back down the tunnel. Thankfully, except for that brief moment, Max has stayed invisible. He's still inside the cavern.)

Matthew: OK…very quietly…let's go…and please...try not to hurt any one. Just do what you have to get your friend out. I suggest, if we get him out, that we lock my brother and the other two in there while you people get away. I'll go back and let them out later. Milan won't hurt me.

Liz: Are you sure about that?

Matthew: I counting on it.

Isabel: Let's go!

(As quietly as possible; Michael, Matthew, Liz, Isabel, and Maria head to the end of the tunnel. They can hear men talking through the door.)

Milan: That's it for today. Let's gather our stuff.

Scott: What about the kid.

Milan: He's coming with us…we'll decide what to do with him later.

(Michael can sense that Max is right on the other side of the door. He motions to Matthew to do his thing to the slat that is holding the door closed. Matthew puts his hand on the door, approximately where the slat is and begins to try to pull it out. It only moves a little. Alex and Max notice the movement, but the men do not. Alex stands up as Max finishes the job of removing the barricade. As the slat crashes to the floor, the group bursts through the door. Alex, now untied, rushes toward Scott and Matthew rushes towards Milan. The women take on Mario. Scott reaches for his gun…he fires. The shot misses Alex directly, but the bullet ricochets off the wall and hits Alex in the leg. Max, fearing for Alex, forgets he's invisible and yells at Alex to get out now. As he does so, Max uses his powers to flip the gun out of Scott's hand. Matthew was trying to do the same thing…he was surprised it worked. By this time; Matthew has Milan subdued, Michael has Scott's hands tied with the ropes that came off of Alex, and the women have Mario in check. The invisible Max yells for them all to run. He grabs the stones from the table, then uses his powers to tip the table over on top of Milan, Scott and Mario. That gives everyone a chance to get away. They all run out, slamming the door against the three men. They put a lock through the hasp as the men, now out from under the table, are banging on the door and cursing.)

Matthew: You all…get out of here…I'll wait a few minutes and then open the lock. Hopefully I can get out too. Milan will be furious, but as I said, I don't think he will harm me. One question…no…never mind…I don't really want to know.

(Everyone runs up the tunnel to the cabin. Alex has already limped his way there, leaving a trail of blood.

Isabel runs to him and rips his pant leg back to where the bullet grazed him.)

Isabel: Can you make it to the car Alex?

Alex: I think so. The bullet just grazed me. Thank you! Thank you all for getting me out!

Max: (Still invisible.) You've saved us enough times, Alex.

Alex: I wonder what they thought when you spoke down there, Max.

Michael: Who cares…let's get outta here.

Max: Hang on a minute. I may be invisible but I'm still useful…

(Max runs his hand over Alex' bleeding leg. The bleeding stops and the pain goes away.)

Alex: Thanks Max!

Liz: Let's go!

Isabel: (Smiles at Alex…looks relieved.) We've still got some things to follow up on…but at least we're all together.

Max: Uh…where are my clothes?

Liz: Uh oh! If you don't have them, they're in the tunnel.

Max: Oh nooo!

Liz: Remember, we said we'd leave them there for you. I smuggled them down when Matthew wasn't looking.

Max: I guess I ran right past them. We can't go back for them…no doubt Matthew will find them now.

Michael: Is your wallet and identification in the clothes?

Max: No…I was afraid I might lose them so I put my wallet and keys in the car glove box before I took them off.

Isabel: Well…at least he can't track us from just the clothes. We did mention you to him once…if he'd found some ID; that would have been very hard to explain.

Max: Oh man! This means I'm going to have to ride back in the car naked.

Liz: I'll sit on your lap and cover you.

(Max has a strange feeling as he thinks about Liz sitting atop his naked body…even if she can't see it.)

Max: This might get exciting. What if I become visible?

Liz: I'll be covering you…don't worry.

Max: With my luck…I'll be become visible and Valenti will stop us for something.

Maria: Come on everyone…quickly!

(They all pile into the car…now very packed since Alex is with them.)

Liz: Who said the Roswell area is boring?

Michael: I have…frequently.

Maria: Ready to change your mind?

Michael: Only because you're here.

Isabel: You didn't find today at all exciting?

Michael: Maybe a little.

Alex: (Pause) Uh…Max…are you here?

Max: Yeh…Liz is sitting on me, remember? Not that I mind!

Liz: I hope you don't mind…I need to talk to you about those women...they saw you, you know.

Max: What women?

(Liz playfully slaps at where she thinks his face is, but misses as he ducks.)

Liz: The women that went into the cavern.

Max: Oh…those women!

(She tries to touch his face again but he moves and she can't see where it is.)

Liz: This is not fair!

Alex: Uh…people…as I started to say…there's something strange…

Isabel: OH NO!

(No doubt you're wondering why Isabel said, "Oh No". I'm afraid you'll have to wait until next time to discover what's wrong. The director at the BS Network is having a cow because we're already running overtime and the news anchor people are threatening to walk off the set if they don't get on the air soon. Stay tuned for the news…we hope there is no news item about Max Evans of Roswell getting arrested for indecent exposure…and be sure to join us again soon for Balance Statements II. Maybe we'll even get to SEE Max again in the next episode.)

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