FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 6
by John
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Summary: To give a summary would be to give away the plot. One word of CAUTION…our ratings have been weak so the network has insisted we try to liven things up a bit.
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(Here's the dilemma. The gang needs a plan…but they've got to distract Matthew somehow. Michael, Isabel, and Max can't connect because Matthew can read them. They can't connect with Alex because Milan can read him. Max is lurking where his invisibility can't be seen by Matthew. Alex is still tied up in the cavern and can't move. Whatever they decide to do, they need to be careful not to get their balances messed up, if what they think is going on is really going on. Max would like to get over the invisible thing too…but that may have to wait. We hope your not getting a headache just thinking about this.)

Isabel: How long did you say your brother's been selling access to the stones rays?

Matthew: A little over three months. He's had probably 60 people through there and he charges $150 to each one.

Michael: What he's doing isn't right.

Matthew: I don't really know if it does anything…but the people seem to think it does.

Isabel: Have you not been there when he makes the stones radiate?

Matthew: No…the only time I saw them do that was at my home when we put his stones and mine together after a long time.

(Just then the sound of a motorcycle starting breaks the silence. Matthew has his motorcycle behind the cabin and he can't imagine who might be trying to take it. He goes running off to investigate.)

Liz: Way to go Max!

Isabel: Think it's him?

Liz: Who else? I'm sure he realized we needed some time away from Matthew and created this diversion.

Michael: Remind me to buy him a hot fudge sundae.

Liz: And I'll give him cherry Cokes for a year.

Maria: We won't have much time without Matthew…what should we do?

Isabel: First priority should be getting Alex out of there. If we can also get Matthew back his stones, that would put a stop to all this and would be so much the better.

Michael: I've been thinking. If Max is staying invisible…he could slip into the tunnel when the next group of clients goes down. I know it's risky because he'd have to take all his clothes off and it might be embarrassing if he became visible. It might be difficult to explain too. At the same time…it's our best shot. Max could free Alex. Alex could distract the men while Max opens the door for us. He could run out …we could have some clothes for him in the tunnel… and we could run in and overtake them. The other option is to use our powers to open the door…but if the Max thing works…we won't have to use that ability in front of Matthew. He'll just think his brother forgot to barricade the door.

Maria: Do we know if they have guns?

Isabel: Matthew might know…I haven't asked him.

Liz: I'm going to slip away before Matthew comes back. I'll tell Max the plan and see if he'll do it. Like you say, it's risky… but he has been staying pretty transparent the last couple of hours.

Michael: You know…we need to figure out what to do about Max too. Maybe the stones can help that.

Liz: He doesn't think his invisibility is a balance problem…but anything's worth a try. I'll be back when I can…I'll pretend I was using the "facilities".

Michael: I still want a skin or blood sample from Matthew for Max and Liz to study. If he's one of us, maybe we can tell him more.

Isabel: Even if he is one of us, he doesn't know it. He might not accept the idea he's an alien even if it's true.

Michael: But if he is, and he can tell us anything about his mother, we need to pursue it.

(Liz has found the invisible Max in the bushes near where the motorcycle was parked. Matthew is moving it around to the front of the cabin)

Liz: That was great what you did…starting the motorcycle. We needed to talk without Matthew around.

Max: I guessed that. Had I been with you, I'd have wanted to talk among ourselves. I assumed you were thinking the same thing.

Liz: Michael has a plan to rescue Alex and maybe put a stop to this thing with the stones.

Max: We have to be careful around Matthew. We can't reveal our secrets.

Liz: Matthew already knows about the connections. He can do it too…with Iz and Michael…and with his brother. He thinks we can all connect.

Max: Everybody?

Liz: Yeh…Iz and Michael kinda fooled him when he tried to test us.

Max: Well…that's all he should know for now. We don't know why he can connect.

Liz: Isabel says he might be one of you; but even if he is, he doesn't know it and might not believe it if you tried to tell him.

Max: Better we error on the side of caution. If many more people find out about us…I'll have to wear a T-shirt that says, "I'm an alien…deal with it".

Liz: Don't worry Max. No one else will know unless you want them to. I know if I want a life with you, it has to be that way. That's why Michael wants to take advantage of your current situation.

Max: I'm not going to like this, am I?

Liz: With Matthew here, Michael doesn't want to use his powers by moving the door barricade. He wants you to invisibly slip in there the next time they open the doors to take people in. He wants you to free Alex and then wait by the door. Somehow, tell Alex to divert the men's attention. When he does, you open the door barricade and let in the others. You slip out while we overtake them and grab the stones…at least Matthew's three. We can have some clothes in the tunnel for you.

Max: That's very risky. First…I'd have to go in there naked. I might become visible; I have no control over it. Second, they may have guns…we don't know.

Liz: We were going to ask Matthew what he knows about the gun situation. Do your powers work even if you're invisible?

Max: I don't know…haven't tried them.

(Max moves a piece of wood across the ground.)

Max: Looks like it.

Liz: Good…if there are guns, you and Michael could deflect them.

Max: But that would show our powers.

Liz: Couldn't you somehow disable them without it being apparent?

Max: I don't know…it might be tricky.

Liz: Let's hope they don't have any guns then.

Max: Tell Michael his idea is insane.

Liz: What do you suggest then?

Max: It's an insane idea, but I don't have a better one. We better try it. What about Milan's customers? Do we want to wait until they leave to make our move or do it with them there?

Liz: Seems to me it would be better if no one except Milan and his friends were there.

Max: That means quite a wait while they do the ritual and then escort the people out. I could try and wait in there, but there's a chance I'll not stay invisible that long.

Liz: I guess you better stay by the door and if you start to become visible…open it and we'll deal with the fallout from the extra people. I'll tell Michael of your concerns…but that it's a go. Stay back here for now. One of us will come back for some final coordination. If you see people coming to go back there…go and join them. Hopefully we'll be back to you before then.

Max: I hope this works.

Liz: Alex must be pretty miserable by now.

Max: Now…we can connect with him…right? He just shouldn't respond?

Liz: Matthew will probably hear anyone who connects with him. Milan will hear him if he responds. Maybe there's something you could tell him that would clue him without being obvious. What if Isabel connected with him…apparently just to let him know we haven't forgotten him…then you joined…I'll bet Matthew wouldn't know what was happening. If you told Alex that you specifically were coming to help him, he'd get the idea. He knows about your situation.

Max: Probably the best we can do.

Liz: I better rejoin the others.

Max: Love you!

Liz: Love you too, Max!

(Liz rejoins the others who have now been rejoined by Matthew as well.)

Matthew: I didn't see anyone up there…did anyone follow you guys back out here?

Isabel: No! (That was truth. Max came with them, he didn't follow them.)

Liz: Matthew; does your brother have a gun down there?

Matthew: I don't think Milan does…but I'm pretty sure his friend Scott does.

Michael: That complicates things.

Matthew: What do you have in mind.

Michael: A few minutes after the next people are taken down there…we go down the tunnel. We wait outside. If they leave the door open, we can all rush them…free Alex…and maybe get your stones back. There are enough of us we should be able to overtake them.

Matthew: They'll probably barricade the door? I know it has a wooden slat that can go across it on their side. And there's a hasp and padlock on this side of it.

Isabel: Good, we can lock them in after we run out.

Matthew: But how do we get in?

Michael: Maybe we can break it down…or run in when they open it to let their customers out.

Matthew: Trying to break it down would alert them. It might endanger your man.

Liz: (Trying not to give away anything.) Sounds like we rush in when they open it then.

Maria: I don't like that idea if they have a gun. The only way this can work is if it's a total surprise so there's no time to get to it.

Isabel: Whatever we do, we don't want to endanger Alex any more than necessary.

Matthew: If you guys would wait in the cabin…as soon as he lets the latest customers out, maybe I could go down and talk with my brother…convince him to let me in again…then when he opens the door you could run down.

Michael: That would take too long…we'd lose the surprise element.

Matthew: You're right of course.

Liz: So what do we do?

Matthew: Uh…er…There is something…maybe…

Maria: What?

Matthew: Umm…never mind…I can't!

Isabel: Can't what?

Matthew: (Pause) Uh…Oh, what the hell…you probably think I'm possessed anyway. Would you believe me if I said I think I can open that door even if it's barricaded.

Michael: (Whispers to Isabel.) Maybe we don't need a blood sample.

Matthew: What did you say?

Michael: Nothing…Forget it! Tell us how you'd do that.

(Hmmm…well it appears our heroes may have found a blood brother. This does make things a little more interesting doesn't it? It should make for a few more episodes anyway. We might be able to be on a little more soon because the BS Network just cancelled another show. "People of the Night In Heat" just wasn't getting any viewers to speak of…so they've said our heroes can have some additional airtime. We hope we can improve ratings enough for them so the network won't have to be sold. We understand a company called "THE BIG C" group was looking at buying it…but there were some problems with creating C-BS! Consult your local listings and plan to come back soon for more Balance Statements II.)

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