FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 5
by John
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Summary: To give a summary would be to give away the plot. One word of CAUTION…our ratings have been weak so the network has insisted we try to liven things up a bit.
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(Isabel dropped Matthew back at the cabin and headed back to find the others. She's really confused as to how something so similar to what they've experienced could be going on. She's also very worried about Alex. He can connect with her it's true, but he doesn't have any other powers he might use to protect himself. She arrives back at Michael's, where Michael, Maria, Liz, and Max have been hanging out…and trying to figure out what to do about the incredible invisible Max.)

Maria: (Looks out window when she hears car.) It's Isabel…driving Alex's car…but he's not with her.

Liz: He probably asked her to come over for something.

Max: (Visible at the moment) Maybe she's brought me a cure.

Michael: From the panicked look on her face, I'd say she has brought something else.

(Isabel knocks once…then opens the door.)

Isabel: Everyone sitting down?

Liz: Uh Oh!

Isabel: That's a pretty good summation. As you know, Alex and I went out to the dessert….

(Isabel explains everything that happened out in the dessert.)

Max: What you've told us doesn't make much sense…but neither does my turning invisible.

Isabel: No change in that yet? I can see you right now.

Max: It still comes and goes…mostly goes.

Michael: The mask looks a little odd when he's visible normally.

Isabel: I can see that.

Maria: So, what about Alex.

Isabel: I'm really worried about him. I connected with him twice, but I'm afraid to contact him too much if what he says to me can be sensed by Milan.

Michael: We don't know for sure that that's the case.

Isabel: I'm 99 percent sure Matthew read me. Matthew said his brother might also be capable.

Liz: How is that possible?

Isabel: I don't know. Matthew said his father told him his mother was a witch that did unusual things and that's why he divorced her. But a witch wouldn't likely have stones like ours, would she? There's a possibility she might be one of us. In any case, I don't like the thought of someone selling re-balancing rays… especially if they're using stones like the ones we have.

Max: How old is this Matthew guy?

Isabel: I'm guessing… mid thirties maybe.

Michael: It might make sense…if there were a child survivor from the crash who wasn't in stasis…she could have a 35 year old son…assuming she mated about 25 or so.

Liz: Do you really think that's a possibility?

Michael: It seems like a long shot…but I'd like to meet this guy. Does he know where his mother is?

Isabel: He said no. He said the only time he ever met her was the day she gave he and his brother the stones.

Max: (Invisible again.) We better go out there.

Liz: Are you OK to travel…I mean….

Max: Yeh…I think so. This invisible thing might actually come in handy. Maybe I could slip in and free Alex.

Michael: Assuming you stay invisible…and assuming you want to take all your clothes off.

Maria: Pretty risky if you ask me.

Isabel: Matthew mustn't know any more about us than I've already told him. We really don't know much about him. One thing for sure...he can't see Max here one minute and gone the next.

Michael: Agreed…but if Matthew is one of us…even in part…is there any way to tell? That would be a way interesting find…especially if we could locate his mother if she's still alive.

Max: I could tell if we could get some blood or even a skin sample of him. Liz and I have done enough lab comparisons…I could spot anything that looked similar to us I think. Isabel and I look very close in cell structure and Michael isn't far off. We've identified a number of consistent differences and some definite similarities with human samples.

Maria: But we still don't know if we can mate, do we?

(Maria smiles at Michael…Liz smiles at Max, even though she can't see him…Isabel blushes.)

Liz: It looks promising…but maybe I'm just being hopeful. If this Matthew guy is half alien, that would speak volumes. We haven't finished researching that aspect.

Michael: I'm surprised.

Max: Down Boy! Are you volunteering?

Isabel: This group is amazing when it comes to ignoring a crisis. What about Alex?

(Just them there's a knock at the door. It's Kyle. Max excuses himself; heads for the bathroom.)

Kyle: Is Alex here…I've been looking for him and I saw his car out front. He was going to give me some extra study material for science class.

Isabel: He's not here…he let me borrow his car.

Kyle: Can you help me find him? I need the stuff for a test next week.

Isabel: (Thinks: got to get rid of him.) He'll be back later tonight. He went somewhere with his father.

Kyle: OK…please tell him to call me or bring over the stuff as soon as he can. Bye!

(Kyle leaves…but he senses that he might not have been told the truth. He's wondering if he should keep an eye on the group…but he decides to go seek out a basketball game instead.)

Liz: I'm not sure he believed you.

Isabel: We can't worry about him right now…we need to go. I think we should all try to fit in one car so as to be able to keep out of sight as best we can.

Liz: I'll sit in Max' lap…that way I'll know he's there even if I can't see him.

(They all pile in Alex' car and head out to the dessert. Meanwhile…out at the cavern…Milan's latest customers have come and gone and Matthew risks going into the tunnel. Milan had blindfolded Alex while he took care of his customers…but Alex felt the rays from the stones and recognized the feeling. He had to pretend he was on stage with his band and think about the music to keep from being affected.) He wants to connect with Isabel but is afraid to. Milan sees his brother come in…)

Milan: So…come to join us, finally?

Matthew: No…came to ask you to let our young friend go.

Milan: I was really hoping you'd come to join us. The stones glow brighter the more people there are who concentrate on them. So what do you know about this kid?

Matthew: I talked to the person he was with…she said you dragged him back here.

Milan: He shouldn't have been in the tunnel…I don't want this place discovered and talked about.

Matthew: I'm sure he won't say anything.

Milan: I might have let him go at first…but brother…he has some connection to us. I sensed him communicating with someone…the same way I can read you sometimes. He said this place was de-ja vu. I blindfolded him during the…uh…proceeding…but I think he knows something.

Matthew: The young lady I was with…she might be his sister…I was able to read her too.

Milan: So…you still think we should let him go?

Matthew: She'll be back…with some help. This could get messy.

Milan: Damn…we can't have this. This cavern and those stones can make me…us if you'll join me… rich. I won't have everything ruined by some nosy teenagers who happen to have some physic powers.

Matthew: Using mom's stones this way is wrong and you know it. Give the whole thing up, Milan! These are just kids…they don't understand anything…and if you stop now, no one would believe them even if they did talk.

Milan: I've got a new house to pay for and this is going to help me do it. If you don't want to come along…fine…just go…I've got Scott and Mario to help me. But if you say a word about this…you'll regret it.

(Matthew walks over to Alex)

Matthew: Your friend has gone…she asked me to check on you. She's OK!

Alex: You talked to her?

Matthew: Yes!

Alex: I gather you're not part of this?

Matthew: I keep telling my brother it's wrong…

Milan: Matthew! Get out of here…or you'll be sitting there…tied up along side of him.

(Matthew leaves and goes back to the cabin via the tunnel. As he comes out…Isabel and the others drive up. They let the invisible Max out down the road and told him to stay out of sight so Matthew won't not see him.)

Isabel: Did you talk to your brother?

Matthew: I tried...but he won't listen. It seems the more he does this, the less rational he becomes. He's fixated on making money selling the rays from the stones. I talked to Alex…he's OK…but Milan did read him communicating with you...and because of that, he won't let him go.

Isabel: We've got to get him out of there…but involving the sheriff isn't the way.

Matthew: I agree…no sheriff…but why do you think that.

Michael: Let's just say the sheriff is not one of our favorite people. Suppose we all storm down there?

Matthew: That won't work…there's a door on the cavern side…they can barricade it.

Liz: Besides…they might threaten to harm Alex.

(Matthew looks surprised that Liz and Michael seem to know so much.)

Isabel: I told my friends everything you told me…we have no secrets. They can be trusted.

Matthew: I'm not sure that was wise.

Isabel: (Exaggerates a little.) They can read me anyway…no use trying to keep secrets.

Matthew: (Silently) I wonder if they can read me? Isabel, there are two other men down there with Milan.

Michael: (Reading him, Michael picks up on Matthew's test; says aloud...) What are their names?

Matthew: What?

Michael: The two other men.

Matthew: Point taken! So you're all family...and you can do what my brother and I can do. Amazing!

Isabel: Please…remember what we promised about secrecy?

Matthew: Sure, you don't tell about us…I don't tell about you.

Isabel: Right!

Matthew: What should we do now? You want your friend out and I want my brother to quit using my mother's magic stones this way. He needs mental help I think. He's becoming "unbalanced".

(That word send chills up and down Michael, Liz, Maria, and Isabel. They need to talk…away from Matthew…but yet he probably needs to be a part of whatever they plan. Michael still wants to find a way to secretly explore the idea that Matthew might be part alien. How can they rescue Alex? Will Max be able to help? How will any of this happen? Stay tuned to this channel…unless you have a satellite dish. In that case you can go tune in the West Coast feed and watch this episode again…on the BS (Balance Statements) Network. Oh…give us your rating…tell us how we're doing! It would be terrible if this show got cancelled before the story ended.)

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