FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 2
by John
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Summary: To give a summary would be to give away the plot. One word of CAUTION…our ratings have been weak so the network has insisted we try to liven things up a bit.
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Rating: PG
(Liz promised Max that she would never again have any doubts about him or her desire to be with him. This invisible thing is trying her resolve, but she's hanging in there. Thank goodness for the re-balance. She gets on the phone to call Alex…she finds out he's not at home.)

Liz: He's not home, Max.

Max: (still invisible) Maybe I can get to him.

(Max stares at a framed picture Liz has of all six friends; but he concentrates on Alex.)

Max: (Attempts connection) Alex old buddy…where are you?

(In silent connection)

Alex: (startled) Oh…Hi Max. What's goin' down.

Max: Are you anywhere near by?

Alex: Actually, I'm at your house. Isabel and I are packing a lunch…we are going to head out in the dessert and look for geodesic rocks.

Max: Could you come over to Liz' ?

Alex: I suppose…what's up.

Max: I need you to see for yourself.

Isabel: (In the connection) What are you two talking about?

Max: You weren't supposed to hear this.

Isabel: You called us.

Max: I called Alex…maybe I shouldn't have used the picture of all of us that Liz has here.

Michael: You certainly shouldn't have. You woke me up. What's wrong?

Max: Oh man… you may as well all come over. I have a problem. You're going to find out sooner or later anyhow.

Michael: Shall we meet in the Crashdown?

Max: Yeh…come over…Liz will bring you to me…I can't go downstairs right now.

Isabel: Max…you're acting strangely.

Max: That's an understatement. See you soon.

(End connection)

Max: Well…I did it…I got Alex…but I got Isabel and Michael too. Oh well…they were sure to find out anyhow.

Liz: Somebody will know what to do.

Max: I'd almost rather be losing my powers like I was before than be dealing with this. At least then only I knew when there was a problem.

Liz: I'm sorry the kiss thing isn't working…I was looking forward to it.

Max: Like I said…I'll kiss you anytime you want…but…

Liz: Oh…you've faded back in again.

Max: (Looks at his hand) So I have.

Liz: (Takes his hand in hers' while she can see it.) Think it's over?

Max: I don't know. I have no idea what is going on…or how to fix it.

Liz: Want to go downstairs?

Max: What if I fade out again…better not…all I'd need is the sheriff…or anyone else to see that happen…

Liz: You're probably right. (Pause) This is my fault, Max…if I hadn't been so concerned about my stupid hair dryer…

Max: It's OK…there's no way you could have known…I certainly didn't know there was any danger…

Liz: Back in a minute…please, stay visible.

Max: I'll try.

(Liz goes down and waits for the others. When they arrive, she brings them up to her room. Max has faded out of view again)

Liz: Is everyone completely calm?

Isabel: Why? What's wrong with Max?

Liz: You'll see…or maybe you won't see.

Alex: You're talking as strangely as Max was when we connected.

Liz: That's not surprising.

(Opens the door)

Liz: Max…they're here.

Max: I'm not...I mean I am, but I'm not.

Liz: Oh great…I was hoping this was over.

(As Max walks toward the group all they see is headless and armless clothes approaching them. Michael and Alex stare…Isabel faints.)

Max: I was afraid of that. Take her over to the window…get her some air…

Alex: I suppose you can explain this, Liz.

Michael: It better be good…where's Max?

Max: I'm right here, Michael.

(Max touches both Michael and Alex on the shoulders as they are helping Isabel…Max takes Isabel's hand as she is coming to.)

Isabel: Max…wh…what…you're OK, right?

Max: I'm OK…you just can't see me.

Alex: Is this a new Czechoslovakian thing?

Max: I have no idea what it is…or how to fix it. I was trying to fix Liz' hair dryer…

(Max and Liz explain to the others what happened with the hair dryer and the subsequent problem for Max.)

Alex: Is this a balance problem…do we need to get you back to the cave?

Max: I don't know what it is. I was hoping one of you could venture a guess. If it doesn't go away…I mean if I don't come back…the cave might be worth a try.

Liz: Every now and then he fades in…or he has been.

Michael: That's too bad. I was thinking how we could take advantage of this. You could slip into the sheriff's office and change those files he has on Liz. It's a great opportunity. Maybe you could visit the ladies locker room too. There are all kinds of things you could do…

Max: I'd have to strip naked, otherwise they'd see my clothes.

Michael: I know…That's why it's too bad you might fade in…maybe the fading in will stop.

Max: Hey…could we concentrate on getting me back to normal…not how we might use this situation. I don't like it.

Alex: I can believe that

Liz: Put some of my make-up on your face…maybe we can see an outline if you do that.

(Max rubs some make-up on…and it does help)

Liz: At least now we can see an image.

Max: But this isn't good enough. I can't go anywhere! I can't even go home. I don't want mom and dad to not see me.

Isabel: I don't think you need to worry…

Max: I'm not worried about their love and support…They'd support me I'm sure…but I just don't want to do it to them. They really think we're pretty normal for aliens…I want to keep it that way.

Isabel: You're right…but you can't stay away forever…and you can't stay here overnight…Liz' parents…

Max: I know! Michael…could I stay with you? We can tell my folks I'm helping you with a big school project or something.

Michael: Sure…but that doesn't solve anything.

Alex: I've got an idea for a temporary fix. The make-up scheme gave me inspiration.

Max: Are you sure it wasn't indigestion?

Alex: Sounds like one of my lines.

Max: Now I know I'm in trouble.

Alex: Hey…I'm trying too help. What if we got some stage make-up and mask putty. Michael…could you mold a Max image?

Isabel: He's a painter…not a sculptor.

Michael: Actually…maybe I could. It wouldn't work for close up…but at least he could ride in a car…or walk down the street.

Max: Would it be good enough I could walk into my house shadows…at least get to my room.

Michael: Maybe…

Liz: How can we get some of this stuff?

Alex: I have a friend who does make-up for the school drama department. I think he would have what we need.

Isabel: Can you get the stuff without him asking questions?

Alex: I'll try.

Max: This is stop gap scheme at best…how do we get me cured.

Alex: Maybe you could go to a smokehouse…or is that too close to a sweat lodge?

Isabel: ALEX!!!!

(Well instead of geode hunting with Isabel, Alex is off to find his theater department friend. Michael still thinks Max should take advantage of this situation to maybe cover some tracks…and Liz and Isabel don't know what to think. Liz can't ever keep anything from Maria and she has to go to work anyway. Soon the last of the "We Six" will know of the latest disaster. Isabel stays with Max to keep him from going nuts. And so…our time is up for today…and just like Max, our scene fades. We await the next installment of "The Balance Statements II". Y'all will come back now…won't ya?)

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