FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 3
by John
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Summary: To give a summary would be to give away the plot. One word of CAUTION…our ratings have been weak so the network has insisted we try to liven things up a bit.
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Rating: PG
(The problem of the invisible Max continues. Several hours passed and there was a change. For a while, Max was fading in and out of view. As the day progressed, he just stayed invisible. Liz decided he was probably getting hungry and is now smuggling some food up to her room where he's been ever since this whole mess started. Alex has just returned with the "stuff" from the theater department. Michael had gone down to see Maria in the Crashdown, but Liz now summons him to work some artistic magic.)

Max: Can you wait until I eat something before we try this. Rubber goop doesn't taste very good.

Alex: Maybe you could put some Tabasco sauce on it.

Max: Very funny…not!

Liz: This is really just a stop gap you know. If you're still in this mode tomorrow, I say we head for the cave.

Isabel: Is there any evidence that this is a balance problem? You know I dislike fooling with that power unless we have to. Somebody might accidentally get unbalanced like before.

Alex: I agree! No way am I going to risk getting into a mode where I get an instant brain dump from everyone I meet.

Max: Isabel's right. That should be a last resort. Balance being the problem doesn't feel right to me. Balance affects emotions and things of the mind.

Michael: Maybe this will wear off and everything will be fine. We'll just try something to get you by today.

Maria: (Comes in) Hi everyone. (Kisses Michael)

Max: Close the door please…for obvious reasons.

Maria: Liz told me what happened. I had to see for myself.

Alex: Oh say can't you see…

Isabel: ALEX!

Alex: Sorry!

Max: OK…I'm ready. Thanks for the sandwich and hot fudge sundae, Liz.

Liz: You're welcome. Was there enough Tabasco?

Max: Almost…your cooking is getting better.

Liz: Hey…look!

(Max has reappeared for the first time in several hours)

Alex: I wonder what triggered that?

Max: Well…I just ate something.

Alex: What was it?

Max: A club sandwich and a hot fudge sundae. This couldn't be related to diet could it?

Michael: It could be related to anything Maxwell…but it looks like you don't need me anymore.

Max: Wait…I faded in and out before…I don't know if it's going to be OK or not.

Liz: That's right. He might fade away again…but I'm going to take advantage of the moment.

(Liz hugs and kisses the now normal looking Max)

Isabel: Well…he survived that kiss OK.

Maria: I'm jealous.

(Kisses Michael)

Alex: Me too!

(Kisses Isabel!)

(When they all come up for air…Max has disappeared again)

Michael: I guess you do need me. Alex…bring the stuff.

(It takes awhile…but Michael is able to sculpt a rather Max looking face mask from the rubber gel. Alex brought a wig that makes Max' hair look strange, but at least he has some. He puts on some driving gloves. The only thing they can't fix is the eyes.)

Max: Anyone got some sunglasses?

Isabel: That might work in the car…but it won't work around mom. She knows you seldom wear sunglasses…and never in the house.

Max: I know…but one step at a time. I wanta get out of this room anyway.

Maria: I'd say that now you can. Michael honey…that was masterful.

Max: Let's go to your place Michael. I'm nervous Liz' parents might come in here.

Michael: OK by me, but are you sure you don't want to try sneaking into Valenti's office? He'd flip if those files of his were changed…and you could do it easily now.

Max: I think he'd suspect who did it too. Even invisible I don't think it's a good idea. Let's go!

(Liz, Max, Michael, and Maria head to Max' jeep. Isabel and Alex decide, since isn't much they can do for Max, they'll go ahead and make their desert run. Max hops behind the wheel. It's a short drive to Michael's but…)

Liz: Oh no!

Max: What?

Liz: Look behind you.

(Max looks and sees a patrol car with it's red lights on signaling him to pull over. He does so.)

Michael: Is it Valenti?

Maria: No, looks like Deputy Dodd.

Max: That helps a little.

(Max rolls down window)

Deputy: Mr. Evans…you look a little worse for wear. Hard night?

Max: I'm having a bad hair day.

(Thinks…Alex and his bad jokes are really getting to everyone.)

Deputy: May I see your license.

(Max gives it to him)

Deputy: You sure don't look much like your picture. Have you been drinking?

Max: No!

Deputy: Take off your glasses so I can see your eyes…I can tell if you've been drinking…

Max: I'd rather not.

Deputy: I'd rather you did; otherwise I'll have to take you to the station.

(Max slowly takes off his glasses…amazingly he's in normal mode)

Deputy: You look OK. I stopped you because your rear license plate is missing.

Max: It must have fallen off.

Deputy: The front plate looks OK…so I'll believe you. See that you get your rear one fixed.

Max: OK…I will.

(Deputy Dodd leaves…everyone is relieved)

Michael: That was lucky.

Max: But it shows why this has to end.

Liz: You're perfectly visible right now.

Max: Yea, but for how long? Michael, let's get to your place before the next fadeout.

(Meanwhile…out in the desert.)

Isabel: Pull up that road…there are a lot of small cave like openings along that cliff.

Alex: I thought we wanted geodes…we're more likely to find those in flat areas.

Isabel: But it's more private up there.

Alex: OK by me!

(As they drive up the road, they see a little used dirt road off to the left. They follow it and pull in next to an abandoned cabin near the cliff. There is an old truck parked off to the side of it, but no one seems to be around.)

Alex: I've been out around here before but I don't remember this cabin. There are lots of tire tracks around it though.

Isabel: Let's look inside.

(Opens door…it's not locked.)

Alex: It looks clean…like someone's been taking care of it.

Isabel: But there's nothing in it…except that big log that's sitting on it's end and some old bed springs…like maybe the log is used for a chair and someone throws a sleeping bag on the springs.

Alex: Hey Iz! (Stomps foot) It sounds hollow under this part.

(Stomps foot again.)

Isabel: Maybe it's cold storage.

Alex: Look…these boards are fastened together…they come up like a square.

(Pulls up floor)

Isabel: Looks dark down there.

(Alex hops down into the opening.)

Alex: Looks like a tunnel down here going toward the cliff. I can't see anything back there…it's too dark. There's a flashlight in the car glove box…would you get it?

Isabel: Are you sure you want to go in there?

Alex: Why not…this looks interesting.

Isabel: OK…I'll get the flashlight.

(Isabel heads towards the car…as she does she thinks she hears a little movement but she continues and returns with the flashlight She does not notice a pair of eyes watching this whole scene.)

Isabel: (Returns) Here you go Alex. (Pause) Alex? Alex, are you here? Alex? This isn't funny, Alex. Alex…please… answer me. (Pause)

Alex: (Sends silent connection to Isabel) Iz…I hope you're getting me… I'm being dragged somewhere. Take the car and get away from here fast.

Isabel: (In connection) Who…what..?

Alex: Iz...just go…get away. I'll contact you as soon as I can. Don't let them get you too. You need to get help. I tossed the keys up top.

Isabel: I see them on the floor.

(Isabel picks up the keys and runs to the car. She's about to drive down the road when a man, roughly age 35, appears. She rolls up the window and locks the door. As she's starting the car, he yells through the window...)

Man: You don't look like the people I usually see coming and going from this place.

Isabel: But I'm definitely going.

Man: Wait…what about your friend?

(Oh my…Alex has been abducted…Isabel doesn't know if she should talk to strangers…and Max still has his problem…at least we suppose he does. Don't you just love two plots going on at the same time? What better spot for an end to an episode! We hate to stop, but the BS Network has a commitment to put on "The Worlds Dumbest Janitors". Stay tuned for that…and keep watching for more Balance Statements II.)

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