FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 1
by John
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to Warner Brothers. No infringement intended.
Summary: To give a summary would be to give away the plot. One word of CAUTION…our ratings have been weak so the network has insisted we try to liven things up a bit.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
(Liz just got out of the shower…and her hair is all wet. It's seems it may remain that way because her hair dryer is on the fritz. She's fussing with the dryer as Max, the man of her dreams, ascends the wall to her room…she looks on the balcony…smiles… and motions him in.)

Max: Hey…you look…you look…words can't describe…

Liz: Get in here you and help me.

Max: What's wrong?

Liz: As you can see…my hair is all wet…and my hair dryer won't work.

Max: I love you just as much with a wet head…maybe more.

Liz: Thanks Romeo…but if my head stays wet I may catch a cold. If I get a basketball nose you won't want to kiss me.

Max: A basketball nose?

Liz: Yes…one that dribbles all over the place.

Max: (grimaces) Did Alex tell you that one?

Liz: How did you guess?

Max: Let's just say I know you and I know Alex…and there's only one of you who would dream up something that bad.

Liz: Well…anyhow…can you make this thing work?

Max: Let me see it.

(She hands the offending appliance to Max. She expected he would wave his hand over it and it would start to work. For some reason though…he tries to operate the thing normally. As he does so…suddenly there is a huge electrical flash…sparks are flying everywhere and smoke is pouring out of the dryer. Max drops the dryer as Liz yanks out he plug. Max had to draw on some of his special powers to keep from being electrocuted and to prevent a fire from starting on the rug. As it was…his hand was burned a little.)

Liz: Max, are you all right?

Max: I will be…I had to draw on my powers to protect myself…I'm not dead…but my hand is burned a bit. That thing is going in the trash this instant. Lucky this didn't happen to you when I wasn't here.

Liz: Can you heal your burns or shall I get some burn ointment

Max: I can take care of them.

(Max heals his burned hand…then runs his hand through Liz' hair several times. Her hair is suddenly as dry as can be.)

Liz: Kiss me.

Max: OK!

(Liz closes her eyes and enjoys a romantic kiss from Max. When she opens her eyes…she can't believe what she doesn't see.)

Liz: Uh…Max?

Max: Yeh!

Liz: If I didn't know who and what you are…I would be screaming right about now. As it is, I'm telling myself to stay calm…this is Max Evans…the man I love…the man I promised I would never have any doubts about…the man I want to spend my life with…the man I can't see…

Max: What are you talking about?

Liz: Look in my mirror.

(Max looks in the mirror. There is a very long silence. What he sees it what Liz doesn't see. Neither of them sees Max. They see his clothes…but at top of his shirt there is no head…at the end of his sleeves there is no arm or hand…at least that they can see. Max is invisible.)

Liz: Max?

Max: I don't believe this.

Liz: If this is a joke to get even for the basketball nose line…

Max: No…it's not a joke…unless God has a very warped sense of humor.

Liz: I was afraid you were going to say that. Come here.

(Liz runs her hand across Max' invisible head and neck…and holds his invisible hand)

Liz: You're there…I mean I can feel you…you feel warm…you feel like my Max. Kiss me again.

(Max leans over…it looks silly…clothes with no one in them hugging and kissing Liz.

Liz: Yeh…it's you…nobody else kisses me that way. So why…

(As she opens her eyes again…she can see Max…he's back to normal)

Liz: Thank God…I can see you again.

(Looks in mirror)

Max: That was one of the more unusual things I've ever experienced.

Liz: Me too. I suppose it had something to do with you being super charged by my hair dryer.

Max: I'd hate to have to come up with another explanation. I don't recall ever having contacted electricity like that before. You know my body's a bit different…I may have just found another "sweat lodge" type thing I need to avoid.

Liz: I'm just glad you're OK…that electricity might have killed a human…your body was probably just reacting to the shock and…uh, Max…

Max: What?

Liz: You're gone again.

Max: You're kidding!

Liz: No…I can't see you…you're invisible again.

Max: (Disgusted; looks in mirror) This is ridiculous!

(Liz won't allow herself to doubt Max and her commitment to him.)

Liz: (Laughing and crying at the same time) This is so ludicrous I'm almost laughing…but I'm also very worried…but Max, I have no doubts…absolutely none…I know this will not be permanent.

Max: You've got more faith than I have at the moment.

Liz: Can you run your hand over your face and see if the image comes back?

(Max does so…to no avail.)

Max: Any more ideas?

Liz: Wh…what are we going to do?

(She's having trouble talking to just his clothes.)

Max: Obviously I can't go out in public. I'm not sure I can go out in private. I don't want anyone to see me like this.

Liz: That sounds like an Alex comment

(Max realizes how silly what he just said sounded.)

Max: That was kinda dumb wasn't it? Oh man…why did I come here today?

Liz: To see me, I hope.

Max: Yeh…I didn't mean…I just don't know what to do.

Liz: Could Isabel use her powers to fix this?

Max: I'm not sure I want her to know about this. How can I even go home? My mom would freak.

Liz: She'd be OK…she'd understand.

Max: She' d understand…but I don't want to do it to her. I mean…I know she knows I'm an alien…but I'm also her son…one that she can see and touch and regard as normal. This is not normal… and I refuse to believe I need to make it a "normal".

Liz: No…even for you this isn't normal. I need to see you and touch you and regard you as normal too. I meant it when I said I was a little scared…but I'm here for you no matter what. I'm not balanced to have doubts about us anymore, remember?

Max: Thank God for that. So what to do?

Liz: Kiss me.

Max: Normally I wouldn't hesitate…but right now…

Liz: I mean it…kiss me.

Max: OK…

(The same silly scene plays out…the clothes lean over to Liz.)

Liz: Oooh…yes…at least I can feel you and…do you ever feel good right now.

Max: Might as well enjoy what we can.

Liz: (Pause) Damn! It didn't work.

Max: (Pause) I get it. You were thinking, maybe this would be a rerun of when I kept losing my powers and had to kiss you to get them back. You thought I needed to kiss you to be seen?

Liz: I thought it was worth a try.

Max: Lightening only strikes once…God what am I saying…Alex isn't here is he?

Liz: Shall I call him? He did figure out the balance problems.

Max: He did, but not until he led us around with some goofy theory about electrical impulses and…wait…did I say electrical impulses?

Liz: That's what I heard. I can hear you just fine…and touch you…and feel you…and smell you…

Max: Hey…I took a shower today.

Liz: Not what I mean and you know it.

Max: Sorry, I can't seem to help myself. Are you sure Alex isn't here somewhere?

Liz: No, but I'm calling him. I've got a suddenly transparent and overly comedic boyfriend. I know I talk about finding new normals…but no way do I want this to become anywhere near normal.

Max: Alex probably is the one who we can show me to…arrrrgh...there I go again…

Liz: I know what your trying to say…he's the one that will look at this scientifically, so to speak, and not freak too much.

Max: Exactly! I don't want the others to know if they don't have to. Isabel would…I don't know what she'd do.

(Well…We bet you never expected anything like this from the BS Network. It's amazing what the producers will do if the ratings get weak. We heard of one show where they had a guest star fall into a batch of cement. You don't need to worry about anything like that on the BS Network…because we can't afford guest stars. You'll want to be watching though, when our heroes return to try and sort this out…next time on "The Balance Statements II".)

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