FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 4
by Kes
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Summary: (Tess Free Zone) Genndy has a secret bigger than the secret that Max, Isabel and Michael keep.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Authors Note: We are not asked to be brought into this world. Those of us born with the weight of the world on our backs often never belong to anything or feel at home any where; like living anachronisms, but in our own time. According to Cambridge Dictionaries Online, the definition for anachronism is "a person, thing or idea which exists out of its time in history, especially one which happened or existed later than the period being shown, discussed, etc." With living anachronisms like myself in mind, I wrote this story while thinking of the song, "This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)" by the Talking Heads. Lyrics to "This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)" are at the end of Anachronism.
A long strained silence followed. Then Genndy spoke.

"I am descended from your worst enemy; an enemy that you all loved more than life. What's the use in going into it? This is hell." Genndy's hands glowed while slapping away at her tears as she had done earlier in Biology class.

Michael and Isabel hopped back on the defensive with their faces screaming out for directions or a manual for the situation. Everybody was floored and nobody knew or could guess what was going to happen next.

Genndy clenched her glowing hands to her shirt above her heart. "I'm sorry. I'll try to make this work this time. Hopefully it will help you." She gasped and became motionless on the ground with her still open eyes not glowing.

Michael stirred to her side, "Oh no you don't, Genndy!"

"Michael, no!" Maria yelled, too late.

He huffed, placing his hands over her heart, "If you thought you could do a hit and run on us..." Flashes of swirling and ominous colors potent with emotions blanketed Michael's mind and broke his sentence.

Below Michael's hands, Genndy coughed, jolted upwards and the glow returned to her open eyes.

"Michael? You can..." Isabel looked dumb founded. One more surprise and she vowed she would faint.

"Yeah, yeah," Michael cut her off, "I've been practicing on road kill."

"But..." Isabel sighed out about to add her two cents.

"Stop before you start, Isabel. Hello? Bad time, okay?" Michael rambled off.

Isabel looked hurt and was at a loss for words. She seemed ready to blow over with the next gust of wind.

Michael cut a quick glimpse at Isabel who looked like an empty shell, and apologetically remarked, "I"m sorry, Isabel. Later...please."

Isabel fainted. Michael said 'please' and it was an over load. Even Max's shoulders flinched in surprise. Max and Isabel had always joked that Michael could not so much as sound out the word 'please.' Alex gracefully caught Isabel before her body slammed into the ground.

"Why?" Genndy questioned with her eyes, to Michael.

Michael zeroed in on her creepy, glowing greenish yellow eyes that were running images not unlike that of a movie. "Answers! Answers now, Genndy!"

Genndy opened her mouth to explain, but Liz spoke while squirming to get up from Max's over protective arms.

All Max knew at that moment was that Liz was safe in his arms. He had no intention of letting her go. That vision of Liz sailing at 40mph in the air kept haunting him.

"She's our daughter, Max. I don't know how I know, but..." Liz was silenced by Genndy's laughter.

Genndy laughed as an insane person, "I wish it were that easy."

"Oh, Genndy (name said like it was an STD)...give up already. Come back with me," a maniacal voice made everyone's head whip to it's direction.

A gorgeous, approximately 18 year old girl came out of no where. She was floating above the ground. Her voice was gritty and chilling. The girl's height looked equivalent to Isabel and Max's height. Her hair was the exact color of Isabel's hair but thicker and as long as Alanis Morisette's hair. The hair tumbled in even waves down her back to the bends of her knees. Runners type muscles protruded from her never before seen or imagined attire. It was a fluorescent, tight fitting, short strapless dress made of suspended water molecules. The fluid dress copied clouded day time sky. The girl's body frame was comparative to Liz's body; very narrow but attractive with substantial features. Her eyes were an opaque swirl of mixed, changing ominous colors and her face was identical to Max's face, but pretty instead of handsome.

Genndy's insane laughs stopped with the strange girl's first word. Her sobs returned as she crawled into Michael's chest, hyperventilating and horrified. His eyes showed no pity for her. She was wrong if she intended for him to hold her.

Isabel was again conscious but she held a fainted Alex in her arms. The first look at the strange girl blacked him out.

Still holding Liz's hand, Maria huddled into Max's shoulder. Max held Liz closer to him than before.

"Okay, people," Maria leaned her words into the awkward silence, "Can I buy a vowel, here?" She nervously whipped her hands and Liz's hand around as would a conductor before an orchestra.

"So sorry, you're all bankrupt and I never loan out vowels without collateral. (she started to fade)." The strange girl clicked her tongue three times, "Looks like I'm about out of time, so I'll solve the puzzle." She laughed like an evil Walt Disney character.

"I can't believe she thinks she's funny," Alex was conscious again and mumbled under his breath. "So funny I forgot to laugh."

With lit, opaque, swirled colored eyes, she stared through Max, Liz, Maria, Michael, Genndy, Alex and Isabel. "There is no fortune on this wheel, right Genndy (name said like it was an STD)? I am Claudine Evans; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max and Liz Evans. Then Claudine turned to Genndy and gurgled with a death metal voice, "I am a very patient person, Genndy (said like it was an STD), you know I'll be back!" Claudine disappeared with her last word.

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