FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 3
by Kes
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Summary: (Tess Free Zone) Genndy has a secret bigger than the secret that Max, Isabel and Michael keep.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Authors Note: We are not asked to be brought into this world. Those of us born with the weight of the world on our backs often never belong to anything or feel at home any where; like living anachronisms, but in our own time. According to Cambridge Dictionaries Online, the definition for anachronism is "a person, thing or idea which exists out of its time in history, especially one which happened or existed later than the period being shown, discussed, etc." With living anachronisms like myself in mind, I wrote this story while thinking of the song, "This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)" by the Talking Heads. Lyrics to "This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)" are at the end of Anachronism.
"I am so sorry," Genndy whispered from a shadow near Max's Jeep and Maria's Jetta, outside the Crashdown Cafe.

The cook and the waitress had already gone home. Liz had volunteered to lock up.

"Genndy?" Liz sounded startled, "You promised me you would go home, rest and sleep."

Genndy shook harder than she had all day. Max, Isabel, Michael, Maria and Alex stood in silence looking at Genndy. Something was different about her, something definitely not right.

Liz was still in concerned protective sister mode. She stepped forward to put her arm around Genndy.

"No, please stay back!" Genndy shrieked.

Then noticing what was 'different' about Genndy, Michael lunged out, and roughly pulled Liz away from Genndy. With both hands outstretched/ prepared to use his powers, he guarded himself and his friends.

"Michael! You jerk! What was that?" Liz yelled but stopped seeing that Max and Isabel were also at arms. All of them stared in fear at Genndy and maintained a defensive position except Liz. Even Maria and Alex had assumed a defensive position. Maria had her best Tae Bo stance and Alex had his best 'Karate Kid,' Crane stance.

"Uh-uh! No way...Come on guys," Liz pleaded, "That's Genndy, our Genndy. You know? One of our best friends! What are you doing?"

"Notice anything 'different' about Genndy?" Michael hinted at Liz, not taking his eyes off Genndy.

Liz turned her head slowly towards Genndy's direction. Genndy still stood in a shadow. Genndy's greenish-yellow cat eyes were glowing and something almost like a tiny movie played over her eyes. Liz swallowed hard, "What the...?"

"Please...I won't hurt any of you. I love you all and would never hurt any of you. Let me explain," Genndy collapsed wincing and shaking in pain.

Liz pried herself from her friends (Max tried to grab her) and touched Genndy's arm to steady her and help her up, just as Genndy yelled, "I told you to stay back!"

Liz had another flash, but this one was painful. It consisted of all colors and felt helpless and desperate. The flash was so powerful, that Liz's nose bled and her body flew 12 feet in the air (like a rag doll) at about 40mph towards Max, Isabel, Michael, Maria and Alex.

"Houston, we have a problem," Alex mimicked 'Apollo 13.'

"Liz!" Everyone shouted.

Michael's hands glowed with maximum power. About to fire on Genndy with everything he had, but abruptly he stopped, sending some of his power yanking into him. He groaned at the pain the returned power caused him.

Using her glowing greenish-yellow eyes, Genndy stopped Liz's plummeting and gently guided her into Max's open arms.

"No way!" Alex shook his head insistently left and right, "You're one of 'them?'"

Genndy broke down in sobs at Alex's realization. Why hadn't she told them? They all had a right to know, in fact they all needed to know. Not that it would make a difference. She knew whenever they found out they would feel betrayed and hurt, so she held off from telling them the truth (each time) for that reason. And now she was out of time, again.

Liz had recovered from Genndy's violent flash, the nose bleed and her 40mph trip through the air, but not from the fact that Genndy apparently had power and had nearly taken and saved her life at the same time.

Max carefully devoted all his attention to Liz's well being. He used his power to scan her body for any damage. Liz did not realize Maria had grabbed her hand when she landed. Maria's eyes teared like Niagara Falls.

"You okay?" Maria asked, but only the letter 'K' sound was heard through her thin with fear and worry voice.

Liz felt like 'Star Trek's Scotty had just beamed her up, but she understood what Maria's questioned letter 'K' sound was, "Yeah."

Go ahead Michael," Genndy challenged, "Maybe it will end...this time." She became hysterical with sobs and tears, then she rocked in pained anguish while still on the ground, in her shadow.

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