FanFic - Max/Liz
"Abduction, Guilt, and Forgiveness"
Part 4
by Kelly
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Summary: Around a month after Balance, Max and Liz get back together. However like the in the history of their relationship though, someone or something interferes. To make it worse, something happens to a majority of the gang. From then on, even though they don't think it can get worse, it does.
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Rating: PG
Authors Note: I know nobody wants to take the time to write feedback, but if you write something and no one responds, its really discouraging. Please tell me how it is, cause I want to make this story really long, but if no one tells you how it is (I want the truth) then its really easy to just give up, so please tell me what you think.
Max pulled his knees to his chest and rocked back and forth sobbing. This couldn’t be happening. No wonder everyone was so cold to him earlier. What if Liz died thinking that he didn’t love her? What if-… No. No no no. He was not going to let her die, no possible way he would let it happen.

He went through possibilities in his mind. All his powers, his connection with Liz, anything that might help him get her and the others out. He could heal- that could help, play CD’s- nope not at all, move things with his mind- very helpful, dreamwalk- yeah he needed to make sure they were okay and communicate with them, change molecular structures- hmmm, that could work. If he could change the way things look by moving molecules, couldn’t he move his molecules far enough apart so that they were barely visible? He tried it and moved to a mirror. Yep, he could only see what looked like a shadow of himself. Unless they were looking directly and purposefully at him, they wouldn’t spot him. While he was trying this, in the back of his mind he was forming a plan. It was very risky, but Max believed it would work as long as he was able to get the others to co-operate.

He dried his tears, and lay his head on Maria’s pillow. He concentrated, and soon found himself in the dream plain. Every person who was in Roswell had an orb that appeared whenever he or she fell asleep. This orb held whatever dream they were having and allowed the aliens to enter the dreams, become a part of them, and communicate with the dreamer through it. Max looked all over for one of his five friend’s orbs, but they weren’t there, none of them were sleeping he assumed.

He opened his eyes and thought about other possibilities. He and Liz had always been very close, he easily was more at ease with her then with anyone else, maybe he could make a connection with her without her being asleep or touching her. Once again he closed his eyes, this time he focused on Liz. Everything about her, her eyes, her hair, her skin, and every memory he had of her. Suddenly he felt her emotions. She was scared, very scared, but he was in. He tried talking to her. “Liz are you ok? I’m really-” But he didn’t get a chance to finish. He heard Liz scream “Leave me alone” and she broke the connection.

Max tried to connect again, but Liz was blocking him out. He started crying again; she wouldn’t even talk to him. “What am I going to do now?” he asked himself. “What am I going to do now?

Maria was miserable. She knew she shouldn’t be feeling bad, Liz was going through so much more then she was. Not only had the man she was in love with been totally cruel to her, but also she was about to be tortured so their kidnappers could find out more about him. Although she didn’t share this with Liz, she didn’t want to believe that Max had written the email. All the evidence was pointing at him though, considering the things he had done in the past, this would just be a more serious and cruel way to show he changed his mind on their relationship. Maria didn’t know what to think, so she decided to trust Liz when she said it was from him.

She wished she knew who was holding them there, it would make things a lot easier on her. Maybe it Topolski. Their ex-guidance counselor always seemed to be out to get them. Or maybe it was Sheriff Valenti. Ever since Max healed Liz that day at the Crashdown, he had been trying to find out who and what the aliens were. It might also be Nasado. She didn’t know much about him, but he was an alien who didn’t worry about killing anybody. Maybe he wanted to make sure that Max was really an alien before he contacted him.

She glanced over at Michael. He looked, well, if she hadn’t known Michael better, she would have said he looked scared. She studied his face. As much as he was trying to put on the big macho man act, she realized that he really was scared. She wanted to reach over and hold his hand so badly. But that was impossible. Anytime, she tried to show any feelings for him, he’d shut her out. She didn’t realize that she was still staring at him until he looked up and they locked eyes. For the first time she saw what he was feeling, 100% Michael emotion. She gave him a small smile and slid her hand a little closer to his. She didn’t want him to feel forced into a relationship he was opposed to and didn’t want to be a part of, so she thought she’d let him make the final move. He looked at her, and moved his hand so it was on top of hers, and even though it didn’t improve their situation, they both felt a little safer and a lot calmer.

Isabel smiled. Michael had finally taken a small step into a relationship with Maria. She knew it was only a matter of time before Maria forced him to break through the shell that kept all his emotions inside of him. She was scared too, but she understood how they felt now that they realized how much they needed one another. At the moment she was sitting on the cold floor with Alex’s arm wrapped around her. She knew that he really cared about her. Most of the guys she had previously gone out with only went out with her because they thought she was hot. None of them would have stuck with her through times like this. Alex was different. The more time she spent with him, the more feelings she found she had for him. Isabel glanced over at Liz. She hadn’t said a word since they had woken up and found themselves in the dark windowless room. None of them had said a lot, but she had been completely silent. The only sound that came from her was an occasional sniffle and a small sob as tears ran down her cheeks. Suddenly Liz stiffened and sat up straight. What was going on? “Liz, are you ok?” she asked. At that moment however, Liz suddenly screamed “Leave me alone!”

Everyone looked at her, but she simply said, “Sorry, I guess I was kinda dreaming.” Isabel knew that wasn’t true, but she didn’t want to push it. She got up and sat down near Liz and hugged her. As much as she wanted to know what happened, Isabel knew asking would get her nowhere until Liz felt like talking.

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