FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 5
by Denise
Disclaimer: All Roswell Characters and situations are all owned by the WB. Except I wish I owned Jason Behr.
Summary: Liz gets Abducted
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
(Isabel goes over to Max's room to see what's taking him so long. She stops by the door and hears Max saying where do you want me to go)

Topolsky: "Wait guys .... Don't kill her just yet. I knew I would change your mind Max. Now here's where you meet us. You know the old compound outside town?".

Max: "Yeah I know the old compound outside town".

Topolsky: "That's where we are and you better come alone Max because if you don't... I will pull the trigger on your precious Liz."

Max: "Yeah I know Topolsky. I will come alone." (Isabel hears enough and goes back to her room where Michael, Alex, and Maria are)

Michael: "So did you see what's keeping Max?"

Isabel: "No I thought I would give him a few more minutes".

Maria: "I think he better hurry. We still have to figure out what to do before Topolsky does something to Liz......If she hasn't already." ( Alex goes over to Maria and puts his hand on her shoulder)

Alex: "Maria don't talk like that. Liz is a fighter you said so yourself. Besides I doubt Topolsky will kill Liz before she gets Max."

Michael: "With Topolsky you never know. I mean we have no clue of what she's capable of ".(Max comes in)

Michael: "Maxwell what took you so long?" (Max doesn't look directly at Michael and Isabel)

Max: "The Sheriff was on the phone he wants to ....Talk to me about Liz. He said if I could see him now."

Maria: "What are we going to do in the meantime? I mean Liz's time is running out and we still have no clue what to do."

Max: "I know ....But if I don't meet Valenti he's going to come here or follow us and...that's what we don't need. I'll be back as soon as I can." (He goes over to Isabel and hugs her then shakes hands with Michael and heads out)

Alex: "Great so what are we going to do now?" (Isabel takes Michael aside and out of earshot from Maria and Alex)

Isabel: "I know Max is lying about where he's going".

Michael: "How do you know?"

Isabel: "Well I overheard him on the phone. He was talking to Topolsky."

Michael: "Why did you not confront him about it? But it make sense with the way he hugged you and shook my hand like he was saying good-bye. Why did he lie to us?."

Isabel: "Because I think Topolsky told him to come alone or they will kill Liz. It makes sense Michael. There only suspicious of Max and this is a way to bring him in. Plus if we all go and follow him they will kill Liz. I think that's why he didn't tell us. But I am worried for him. I think this is a trap and when they get him they will kill him."

Michael: "Do you know where he is supposed to meet Topolsky?"

Isabel: "Yeah at the compound outside town. But I don't think all of us should go Michael if they see all four of us they will kill Max and Liz if they hadn't killed her already."

Michael: "Then I am going to go. I Am not going to let Max get killed and you and I both know Isabel if he goes they will experiment with him. I don't know what Max is thinking by giving himself up is not going to save her it is just going to kill them both."

Isabel: "Maybe Max has a plan"

Michael: "No I think his plan is to try to sneak out. But what if it doesn't work his dead and so is Liz."

Isabel: "We can't let Max and Liz die Michael".

Michael: "Of course we can't. I am going to the compound. I'll take Maria's car and I'll park it pretty far from the compound and stake it out trying to see if there's a way in that they won't see me."

Isabel: "It might be too dangerous Michael. If they get you too......what am I going to do?"

Michael: "Look you know me I'll figure a way out. I always do.

Isabel: "But the first sign of trouble.........".

Michael: "I'll call but I need a cell phone".

Isabel: "Maria has one. She got a new one from the one you broke when you kidnapped her." (Michael goes up to Maria)

Michael: "Maria I need to borrow your car and your cellphone".

Maria: "Why what's up?"

Michael: "I can't tell you right now. Isabel will fill you and Alex in but I need to go."

Maria: "Maybe I can go with you".

Michael: "Not this time its too dangerous".

Maria: "When has it stop you from taking me before?"

Michael: "Because now I really care about you Maria. Where I am going now is too dangerous. A lot of lives are at stake where am going."

Maria: "Okay you better go". (Maria hands him her keys and cell phone. Michael starts to head out but turns around and goes over to Maria and Kisses her)

Michael: "Just for good luck". (With that he turns to Isabel and Hugs her and heads out)

(Valenti is outside the Evan's house and sees Michael get into Maria's car and drive away.)

Kyle: "Dad" (Valenti turns around)

Valenti: "Kyle what are you doing here?"

Kyle: "I wanted to help you find Liz"

Valenti: "Kyle I know you care about Liz and I know you want help but if you really want to help Liz and me you'll stay out of it Kyle."

Kyle: "You think Max has something to do with Liz disappearing don't you? Why else would you be here?"

Valenti: "Your right Kyle. I do think Max had something to do with Liz disappearing. I am here to ask him a few questions. But Kyle I want you out of this okay go home and the minute I know anything I'll call you."

Kyle: "Okay dad" (Kyle walks to his car and gets in and drives away. Valenti turns back toward the door and he goes up to the front door. Before he knocks he hears commotion from the side of the house and decides to check it out. It is coming from Isabel's room which her window is opened. Valenti stands near the window and hears the conversation between Isabel, Maria, and Alex)

Alex: "So Max went to the old compound outside town because that's were Topolsky told him to go?"

Isabel: "Yes Alex".

Maria: "Shouldn't Michael have more help? I mean if Max gets into a trap how can Michael save both Liz and Max?"

Isabel: "Michael is resourceful and he may jump into things but he always figures a way out."

Maria: "Resourceful Isabel its Michael your talking about every time he gets into trouble Max always bails him out."

Isabel: "Your right but where just going to have to trust him on this".

Alex: "So now what do we do while the others are in real danger and where just sitting here?"

Isabel: "We wait for Michael to call. We can't do anything else that might jeopardize Max, Michael, or Liz's life." (Valenti hears enough he goes into his car and drives toward outside of town. Back in Isabel's room)

Maria: "Am surprise you care about Liz at all. You hardly ever show it."

Alex: "Maria ....I am sorry Isabel. She's just upset of course we know you care about Liz."

Maria: "Speak for yourself. I really don't know if she cares at all." (Isabel closes her window)

Isabel: "Of course I do Maria. I have a heart. I don't want anything bad to happen to Liz. Look I admit I wasn't too happy when Max save Liz's life and in the process endangered His, Michael's, and my life. Or that Liz let you know Maria. But I dealt with it and I do like you all. You just don't know what its like to be us. Were always hiding out always scared that were going to be found out. We have to hide it from everyone what we are. We live in constant fear that the wrong people could find out and we would be killed. You don't know how much I wish I could normal like you guys. Or that my parents knew the truth about me. But that's never going to happen and the only ones I can depend on are Max and Michael. If I lose them.....I'll be alone." (Alex goes over to Isabel and hugs her)

Maria: "I am sorry Isabel I forgot what it is like to be you. I am just scared for Liz, Michael, and Max but I should have never said you don't care because I know you do." (Alex lets go of Isabel)

Alex: "Look Isabel, I admit we don't know what it is to be you. But you can trust us Isabel. I mean we haven't let you down so far. I know its hard to let people in were all scared of that sometimes. But were in this together all of us. So right now what Liz, Max, and Michael need is for us to put aside our differences and be there for each other and for them."

Maria: "Alex is right. A truce Isabel?" (She sticks out her hand. Isabel looks at it and takes it.)

Isabel: "A truce".

(Max Looks around the compound and sees a window opened. He looks inside and sees noone. He goes through the window trying to make the least amount of noise as possible. He starts looking around but what he doesn't know is that he is being watched. He sees a guard watching a door. He is sure Liz is in there. A guard hears one of his friends calling him so he leaves and goes around the corner. Max goes up to the door and its lock. He puts his hand over the lock and it opens. He goes inside closes the door and sees Liz who's back is turn to him. He goes to her)

Max: "Liz......." (Liz turns around and is shock to see Max)

Liz: "Max what are you doing here? I told you not to come. How did you get in?

Max: "Through a window".

Liz: "Max you shouldn't be here".

Max: "Yes I should. I am not letting you die. I told you that."

Liz: "Max there going to kill you if they find you. You should have left Roswell like I said."

Max: "Do you think I would have left you? And did you really want me to leave you? (Touches her face with his hand. She takes his hand and places it where her heart is located.)

Liz: "No I wouldn't want you to leave". (She looks up into his eyes and they kiss really passionate like the first time they kissed on her rooftop only more wanting. Liz pulls away and Looks at Max)" It is so romantic that you came riding in here to save me like the heroes do in movies. But this isn't a movie and how are we supposed to get out without having you or me killed?"

Max: "Come on we don't have much time. We will go out the way I came in." (He grabs her hand. They go to the door and Max opens it and there's Topolsky with a gun and a bunch of men behind her)

Topolsky: "Leaving so soon Max". (Two men grab Max and another one grabs Liz)

Max: "How did you know I was here?"

Topolsky: "I knew you wouldn't be stupid enough to come just right in the door. You would try to find another way. So I left that window open for you and my man were hiding and watching you. Then one of my men called the guard that was watching this door so that it would look like we had no idea that you were here. Pretty smart huh?".

Max: "Okay you got me.... now what?"

Topolsky: "Now one of you is going to die. Who's it going to be?". (She points the gun to Max then to Liz back and forth. Max Blocks Liz.)

Max: "Kill me just don't hurt her".

Topolsky: "The night and shining armor to the rescue. Either way your both going to be killed but since Max offered himself he will be first."

Liz: "No Max" (Max looks at Liz)

Music= Oh you can't tell me it's not worth trying for. I can't help it there's nothing I want more I would fight for you - I'd lie for you Walk the wire for you -- ya I'd die for you. You know it's true. Everything I do - I do it for you. (Bryan Adams)

Topolsky: "Don't worry Liz you'll be killed after him. It's time Max." (The men grab him and pull him along. He takes Liz's hand fast and then lets go and goes out the door. Topolsky turns to Liz) "Come along Liz I Insist that you watch." (They grab Liz and follow Topolsky out the door and into another room. Where there's a bunch of machines and an experiment table that they strap Max too. Liz is crying)

Liz: "Max....." (Max looks at her)

Max: "I love you Liz" (Liz falls down to the floor crying and one of the men pick her up and hold her up)

Topolsky: "Get the machines ready".

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