FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 6
by Denise
Disclaimer: All Roswell Characters and situations are all owned by the WB. Except I wish I owned Jason Behr.
Summary: Liz gets Abducted
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
(The men that were in charge of the experiments went over to Max and opened up his shirt and attach tubes and stuff to his chest and his head. Then they start fixing the machines around Max. The whole time Max and Liz were staring at each other. Liz still in tears.)

Music: How do I get through one night without you If I had to live without you What kind of life would that be Oh I, I need you in my arms Need you to hold You're my world, my heart my soul If you ever leave Baby, you would take away everything good in my life And tell me now How do I live without you I want to know How do I breath without you If you ever go How do I ever, ever survive How do I, How do I Oh, how do I live...... (Leann Rimes)

(Liz couldn't take losing Max. It was killing her thinking of losing him. The guard was still holding her. She hit the guy in the stomach with her elbow and push him to the ground. Then she ran to Max.)

Liz: "Max..........." (She touch his face trying not to forget anything. Then she kiss him on the lips) " I love you..........." (Then another man grab Liz and hit her over the head and she fell to the ground)

Max: "Liz.........." (He starts to get mad and wants to hit the guy but can't move)

Topolsky: "Don't worry Max. She'll be fine. " (She turns to the man that hit Liz) "Take her back to her room and tie her up. We will deal with her later."

Max : "Liz..........." ( Liz comes too while the man is grabbing and dragging her out)

Liz: "Max.........." (Then she was out the door. She screams and hits the guard and starts running with him close behind.)

(Michael is around the Compound and hears a girl screaming. He is sure it is Liz. He sees an open window and looks in. Sure enough it is Liz running and the man grabs her. Michael comes through the window and follows them. The man drags Liz to a room and opens it and goes in. A few minutes later the man comes out and leaves around the corner to another room. Michael goes to the room where the man took Liz and it's locked. He opens it with his hand and finds Liz all tied up. Liz sees him and is surprised to see him. He goes over to her and starts untying her)

Liz: "Michael.....Did Max tell you where he was going?"

Michael: "No Isabel overheard Max on the phone with Topolsky. She told me and I came here. He doesn't know."

Liz: "Am glad you did. Michael we have to hurry they hooked Max up to machines and there going to experiment on him.................."

(Isabel is looking out the window of her room worried sick. Maria is sniffing Cyprus oil and pacing back and forth. Alex is just sitting on Isabel's chair.)

Isabel: "Maria will you stop pacing you making me more nervous."

Maria: "Well you looking out that window all scared is not helping me neither."

Isabel: "Look at least am not pacing back and forth."

Alex: "Isabel, Maria calm down. You guys pacing and yelling at each other is not going to bring them back any sooner. We have to stay calm."

Maria: "Aren't you worried?"

Alex: "Of course. But its not going to change anything to worry sick right now." ( The door bell rings)

Isabel: "Maybe its Michael, Max and Liz already." ( Isabel rushes to the door. Maria and Alex follow. Isabel opens the door and finds Kyle on her doorstep. Maria and Alex are next to Isabel.)

Maria: "Kyle what are you doing here?"

Kyle: "I needed to talk to my dad. Is he here?"

Isabel: "Why would he be here?"

Kyle: "Well, he told me he was going to talk to your brother about Liz and he would call me if he found out anything."

Isabel:" If he was my brother and me didn't see him."

Kyle: "Maybe he is with your mom?"

Isabel: "She's in her office upstairs right now. I doubt he would have talk to her. We would have heard him ring the bell and this is the first bell I heard for two hours now. Sorry Kyle." (She starts to close the door)

Kyle: "Wait a minute". (She opens the door back up)

Isabel: "Yes?"

Kyle: "Are you okay? You seem worried about something."

Isabel: "Yes am worried about Liz."

Alex: "What else would we be worried about?"

Kyle: "I don't know my dad saw Michael leave and I am assuming Max left before him. I thought they may know where Liz is and that's why they left."

Maria: "If they did don't you think we would have went with them."

Kyle: "Then where did they go?"

Isabel: "They went........"

Alex: "To do there own search around for Liz. They decided to look around and see if they saw anything."

Kyle: "Oh"

Isabel: "Is that all Kyle?"

Kyle: "Yeah that's all. Bye." (He leaves and Isabel closes the door and turns to Alex and Maria.)

Isabel: "What happen to Kyle's eyes?"

Alex: "Max punched him."

Isabel: "My brother Max? Kyle must have got him really mad because Max never try's to pick a fight."

Maria: "Yeah well Kyle deserve it and I say to Max more power to him."

Isabel: "If what Kyle said was true about Valenti. Valenti might follow Michael and then Michael's plan would be off."

Maria: "I doubt he found out where the place was. I mean how could he? He wouldn't have followed Michael he is not suspicious of him. Maybe he got a call before he was going to knock on your door and it was important so he left."

Isabel: "Maybe I hope so. All Max needs is Valenti to go on Topolsky's side and help kill Max."

Maria: "Do you think he could?"

Isabel: "Who knows. He does want the truth about Max." (They all look at each other)

(Michael and Liz are still in the room. He already finish untying her.)

Michael: "Okay so here's the plan. While I was looking around the compound I notice they have a lot of fire alarms. I could pull one down and most of the guys would try to find the noise. When that happens you and I will go in get Max and get out anyway we can."

Liz: "That's awfully risky."

Michael: "That's the only thing I could think of that might work."

Liz: "Its worth a try."

Michael: "Okay come on." ( He pulls on the fire alarm outside her room. They run another way down a different hall and looks around for Max's room. Liz finds the room and signals to Michael. They already started experimenting. They go in and all the people are behind the glass in a room watching. Michael locks the room without them noticing. Then he gets up and goes over to Max and destroys all the computers and machines around Max. Liz runs up to Max and starts taking the tubes and stuff attach to his chest off and his head. Topolsky is behind the glass in a room trying to open up the door but its locked. Michael and Liz both grab Max on different sides and head through the door they came into. Topolsky gets her men to break through the locked door and Topolsky is able to stop Michael and Liz with a gun.)

Topolsky: "Not so fast." (Michael and Liz are still holding Max. They turn around. Max is unconscious.) "Michael......I should have known you would be part of it. Another person to kill." (Valenti comes through the door that Michael and Liz were trying to leave from with a gun.)

Valenti: "You will be killing nobody."

Topolsky: "Sheriff how nice to see you."

Valenti: "Drop the gun Ms. Topolsky."

Topolsky: "What if I say no? Your going to shoot me sheriff. I know you won't because you want to know what Max Evan's really is. Don't you? So you can prove your father wasn't crazy."

Valenti: "I do want to prove my father wasn't crazy but I am not doing it the way you did it Topolsky. You Kidnapped Liz Parker and you almost or did Kill Max Evan's. I have to say your under arrest Ms. Topolsky......" (Michael and Liz Walk to the exit with Topolsky not looking with Max. They start trying to find a way out of the compound. They find a door and get out.)

(Ms. Topolsky notices Michael, Liz, and Max have escaped. She looks at Valenti.)

Topolsky: "I am under arrest.... I don't think so sheriff....." (And she shoots him and it hits his arm. She starts running with him behind her. All her men have already left out the door and have not notice Max, Liz, and Michael outside. Topolsky goes to the corner of the compound and try's to shoot the sheriff but doesn't find him behind her. She holds her gun and starts to go back. He comes behind her and shoots her in the back 3 times and she falls to the ground dead.)

(Michael and Liz put Max in the back-seat of Maria's car and closes the door. )

Liz: "Michael what about Max's car? We can't leave it here if the sheriff men are on there way."

Michael: "I'll drive it. You drive Maria's."

Liz: "But we don't have the car keys for the Jeep."

Michael: "I found them at the compound" (Shows her the keys) "They were on the table in the room I found you in."

Liz: "Where are we going to go? Max might be dead."

Michael: "To River Dog he seems to be the only person that can help us."

Liz: "Okay" (Liz gets into Maria's car and drives toward the reservation. Michael gets the cellphone from his pocket and calls Max's private number. Isabel picks up.)

Michael: "Hey Is its me Michael. Liz and I got Max out but they did a few experiments on him and he is very weak. Were taking him to River dog see if you can meet us there. Isabel hurry we may not have much time to save Max."

Isabel: "Got it." (She hangs up the phone and turns to Alex and Maria)

"Liz is fine but Max isn't we need to go to the reservation. My brother maybe dying. We need a car........."

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