FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 4
by Denise
Disclaimer: All Roswell Characters and situations are all owned by the WB. Except I wish I owned Jason Behr.
Summary: Liz gets Abducted
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
(Liz is sitting on the floor of the lock room thinking about what to do. She has been crying for over an hour. So she feels really tired so before she can stop herself she falls fast asleep.)

Maria: "What do you mean you saw Liz?What you have the power to see where people are too?".

Max: "No we don't. I don't know why am seeing her. But I think it is real. Maybe am connected to her. I don't know Maria. I just know I couldn't imagine seeing her because if I had I wouldn't have my head throbbing like it was going to explode."

Maria:"Okay if you didn't imagine her then how can you possibly see her. When you don't know where she is?".

Max: "I don't know. I wish I had an answer for you but I don't. I don't know how I can see her or feel her thoughts but I can"........(Max starts feeling the same feeling again of when he saw Liz. This time he see's Liz sleeping. Max comes out of it again and looks at Maria)"She is sleeping. Maybe I can sleepwalk and talk to her. But I am going to need you to keep a lookout for me and make sure no one finds me up here especially the Sheriff. He is suspicious as it is about me. He will be really suspicious if he find's me sleeping here."

Maria: "No problem. I'll keep a lookout but you better hurry because if you saw Liz crying we may not have much time."

Max: "Got it"

Maria: "Good Luck Max". (Maria sits down on a chair and starts to keep lookout. Max sits on Liz's lawn chair on the roof and takes her picture and touches it and then falls fast asleep. He comes into her dream and he is in the room that he saw in his Liz vision. He see's Liz on the floor crying and feeling so alone. He goes over to her.)

Max: "Liz"..........(Liz turns around and looks at Max)

Liz:"Max"..........(Crying and so happy to see him and him her they hug each other really tight. Like they did when Liz's grandmother died. Then Liz pulls away and Looks at Max.)"Max I am so happy to see you but your not real. You can't be."

Max: "No I am. Am just in your dream. Isabel, Michael, and I can sleepwalk into people's dreams and that's how am in yours. I want you to tell me who took you?".

Liz: "Topolsky did Max".

Max: "Do you know where she took you?"

Liz: "No I don't".

Max: "She wants me doesn't she? She took you to get to me?".

Liz: "Yeah she did".

Max: "She didn't hurt you did she?" (He takes her face so lovely as always and looks into her eyes)

Liz: "No she didn't.....Not yet anyway". (Turning away from his eyes)

Max: "What do you mean by not yet? What does she have plan for you Liz?".

Liz: "Max she says if I don't tell her the truth about you she will.....kill me."

Max: "Then you must tell her the truth". (Liz turns to Max)

Liz: "No Max. I won't tell her the truth because that's what she wants. Don't you get it? Even if I tell her she will kill me anyway and then Experiment on you. Then they will go to Isabel and somehow figure out about Michael too. She will Kill you all."

Max: "Liz I won't let you die".

Liz: "Max"..... (She takes his hands and looks into his eyes. There are tears in hers.) "I want you, Isabel, and Michael to leave Roswell. If you guys leave then she will never know the truth. So don't try to think of a way Max because there's no other way. Even if you tried to save me it wouldn't work they'd still get you."

Max: "Am not going to forget about you. I won't give up in trying to find a way to save you and you won't either promise me?". (Takes her face again)

Music: For a shield from the storm. For a friend. For a love to keep me safe and warm. I turn to you. For the strength to be strong for the will to carry on, For everything you do, For everything that's true, I turn to you. I turn to you. (Christina Aguilera)

Liz: "I will try not to give up for you Max. But in case I do die"........

Max: "Don't think like that. I won't let you die."

Liz: "But just in case I do.......I love you Max and I alway will." (Liz is really crying now. She looks into Max's eyes that has tears in them too and gives him a kiss on the lips and then looks at him)"Bye Max." (She wakes from her dream crying. Max wakes up crying as well. Maria goes over to him and hugs him. Then he gets up and looks at Maria)

Max :"We have to hurry and fast".

Maria: "Why what happen? You were crying."

Max: "I'll tell you and everybody later. Lets go to my House." (They leave off the roof)

(Michael and Alex are walking toward the Crashdown and see Maria and Max walking toward Maria's car)

Michael: "Max we found out who took Liz".

Max: "Topolsky, I know".

Alex: "How do you know?".

Max: "I'll tell you later lets just go to my house".

Kyle: "Not so fast Evans". (Max turns around and gets out of the car. So do the rest)

Michael: "What do you want Kyle were kinda busy?".

Kyle: "Doing what? Nothing should be important to Max then Liz his girlfriend unless he doesn't care about her.

Maria: "Look Kyle I know when Liz dump you and bruise your male ego but now's not the time to fight for her when she is missing. She choose not to be with you. Deal with it."

Kyle: "I would Maria. But I don't see Max all upset that Liz is gone. If he cared about her he should be bothering my dad all the time right now wanting to help search for her. Probably who ever took Liz has to do with Evans somehow. I told Liz to stay away from you. And now look where you got her."

(Max grabs Kyle and punches him and knocks him to the ground. Alex holds him back)

Max: "Kyle I loved Liz my whole life. You don't know anything that's going on. Or what am feeling. But right now I feel hatred for you. Just get out of my way Kyle because next time no one is going to able to hold me back." (With that Max, Michael, Alex, and Maria get into Maria's Car and drive away leaving Kyle on the ground.)

(Isabel in her room Looking at Liz's Picture)

Isabel: "Maybe I can sleep walk and find out who took Liz". (She touches Liz's picture and falls fast asleep. She find herself in a closed room. Liz is in the corner. Isabel goes to her)

Isabel: "Liz".... (Liz turns to Isabel)

Liz: "Isabel what are you doing here?"

Isabel: "I came to see how your doing? And who took you?". "We have all been going crazy worried about you."

Liz: "Thanks Max has already been here assuming that your dream walking right?".

Isabel: "Yeah but when and why didn't he tell me?" (Before Liz could answer. Liz comes out of her dream by the voice of Topolsky.)

Topolsky: "Okay you had a couple of hours to think it over. So are you going to tell me what Max really is?".

Liz: "You get right to the point don't you?". Topolsky: "I don't like to beat around the bush. So what's your answer?"

Liz: "I won't tell you nothing because either way your going to kill me anyway. So what's the point."

Topolsky: "What if I swore I wouldn't kill you?"

Liz: "Won't matter am not telling".

Topolsky: "That's too bad Liz. Oh well Plan B."

Liz: "And Plan B is?"

Topolsky: "Am going to call Max and tell him where to find you. He will come because he loves you too much not to."

Liz: "Max doesn't love me?"

Topolsky: "Yeah right Liz. I've been watching him for months planning this. He does alot and you know it too. He will come and when he does we will be ready for him."

(Kyle comes into his house and Valenti is sitting on the couch and see's Kyle's eye which is purple. Valenti gets up)

Valenti: "Kyle what happen?"

Kyle: "Nothing dad. I just got Max Evans mad that he punch me."

Valenti: "What did you get him mad about?"

Kyle: "I accuse him of not loving Liz because he doesn't seem upset about her missing just secretive as alway and punch me."

Valenti: "Secretive how?"

Kyle: "Well he was will three others and they all seem to be in a hurry to go to his house and they were really being secretive about it."

Valenti: "I see".

Kyle "What do you think it means dad?" (Valenti doesn't answer. He looks off in the distance)

(Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria, and Alex are all in Isabel's bedroom)

Michael : "Maxwell how is that possible that you saw Liz if you were awake?"

Max: "For the last time I don't know".

Isabel: "What are we going to do Max?"

Max: "Here's what were going to do"....(Phone rings in Max's room.) "I'll get it. ( He goes to his room and picks it up)"Hello"

Topolsky: "Hello Max. I was hoping you would pick up. If you haven't figure it out already I took Liz its Topolsky."

Max: "What do you want?"

Topolsky: "Just you. I want you to come where we are alone or your precious Liz dies." (Liz gets put on the phone)

Liz: "Max don't do it. Its a trap." (They gag her)

Topolsky: "Kill her Guys".

Max: "No......Where do you want me to go?"

To be continued

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