FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 3
by Denise
Disclaimer: All Roswell Characters and situations are all owned by the WB. Except I wish I owned Jason Behr.
Summary: Liz gets Abducted
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Topolsky: Yes Liz its me

Liz: I thought I would never.........

Topolsky: What see me again?

Liz: Yeah

Topolsky: Well(Sits down) You did take me off the case of Proving Max is an alien. But I put myself back on the case.

Liz: What do you want?

Topolsky: Isn't it obvious. I want you to tell me the truth about Max that he is in fact an alien.

Liz: Look Max is not an alien. Don't you think if he was the doctors would have said something wasn't right with him when me and him got into that car accident.

Topolsky: True but they wouldn't have no reason to say something wasn't right with him because he switch blood with Alex. Didn't he Liz?

Liz: I don't know what your talking about?

Topolsky: I think you do Liz. I toke some of Alex's blood before I left and what a coincidence Max has the exact same Blood. (Liz remains quiet) What can't say anything? Can't makeup another Lie? Well Liz are you ready to tell me what you know about Max Evans? (Liz still remains quiet) Look Liz you have a choice you can either tell me everything about what he is and I will let you go or you don't and we kill you plain and simple. (Liz still remains quiet) Look i'll give you a little while to think it over. (She gets up and walks to the door. The men open the door for her. She looks at Liz again) Trust me Liz I will kill you if I have to. (She turns and walks out the door. The men follow her and lock the door behind them.)

(Max and Isabelle go in back of the Crashdown. They find Maria)

Max: Maria where's Michael and Alex?

Maria: They called there still looking through symbols. They said the minute there done they'll come back here. (Isabelle looks around and notices hardly noone is in the restaurant)

Isabelle: Where's all the people?

Maria: Guys i had to tell Liz's parents they were getting supicious because she wasn't showing up to work.

Max: Did you tell them about Michael?

Maria: No, I just said that she never show up for work and that wasn't like her.

Max: Thanks Maria we don't need Valenti to start getting supicious of Michael.

Maria: No problem. So I take it you didn't find anything?

Isabelle: No we drove all over town. No black car with that symbol on it and nothing weird seem to be going on.

Maria: So the only lead we have is if Michael's symbol turns out to give us a clue.

Max: Maria am not giving up even if Michael and Alex don't find anything am not giving up.

Maria: You guys better go. Valenti is upstairs talking to Liz's parents. He'll be supicious if he finds you here.

Max: Okay your right (Him and Isabelle walk out. Maria pulls some ciprus oil out and snifes it. Valenti comes downstairs and goes over to Maria)

Valenti: Ms. DeLuca..... (Maria is suprised that Valenti is behind her)

Maria: Sheriff you scared me.

Valenti: Sorry. I just came to ask you some questions.

Maria: Like what Sheriff? I can't tell you anything just that Liz didn't come to work and she is usually on time or she would have called if she can't come in but she didn't.

Valenti: Do you know if she was with anyone before she was suppose to come to work a friend, a boyfriend, Max Evans?

Maria: Sheriff I am not Liz's keeper. All I know is she was suppose to be at the library before coming in to the dinner. But she wasn't with Max Evans thats for sure.

Valenti: Why not?

Maria: Well at the time Liz was suppose to show up to work Max was in the diner for about thirty minutes already. So I doubt he could be two places at once.

Valenti: So all you know was that she was in the library before she was suppose to come to work?

Maria: Yes thats all I know Sheriff. Is that all?

Valenti: For now Goodnight Ms. DeLuca. (He walks out)

(Max on Liz's rooftop. Valenti doesn't see him. Valenti gets into his car and drives away. Max sits on Liz's rooftop thinking)

Music: Don't want to close my eyes. I don't want to fall asleep cause I miss you baby. And I don't want to miss a thing. Cause even when I dream of you the sweetest dreams will never do. I'd still miss you baby and i don't want to Miss a thing.(Aerosmith)

Max (To himself) I'll find you Liz whatever it takes. ( Takes out Liz's picture from his wallet and looks at it. Maria comes up behind him)

Maria: Max....What are you doing here?

Max: This is the last place i saw Liz.

Maria: Look if you want to be alone Max I understand but it looks like you need a friend. Or at least you can have a crazy friend like me.

Max: Your not crazy. Thanks though. I can understand why your Liz's best friend and why she trustes you. Your a good person Maria.

Maria: Thanks Max and i can see why Liz loves you so much your a great person too.

Max: Thanks I love her too. I hope I get to tell her that.

Maria: You will Max. Liz is a fighter even though she doesn't look it.

Max: Yeah I know. She's a strong person in her own way. But I wish I could tell her to continue being strong just until I find her. ( Max starts feeling suddenly that his head is going to explode. Maria comes toward him)

Maria: Max whats happening?(Max see's Liz in a dark room crying trying to get out. The image Blanks out. Max looks at Maria)

Max: I saw something Maria?

Maria: What?

Max: Liz........

(Alex on the computer looking at each symbol. Michael is sitting next to him)

Michael: "Nothing it has been two and a half hours and we have not found that symbol yet."

Alex: "Let me look at it again Michael. Can you draw it?"

Michael: "Sure," (Draws it and hands the paper to Alex)

Alex (Looks at symbol) "Where have I seen that symbol before?"

Michael: "You have seen it before where?"

Alex: "I got it. Me and Liz uncovered that Topolsky work for the FBI by me hacking into her computer and while Liz was distracting her. I notice that symbol on Topolsky's computer."

Michael: "So its an FBI symbol?"

Alex: "No I think that symbol is Topolsky's own symbol. I think she took Liz....." (Alex and Michael look at each other and then at the symbol)

To be continued

Preview: Will Liz tell Topolsky the truth about Max?

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