FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 2
by Denise
Disclaimer: All Roswell Characters and situations are all owned by the WB. Except I wish I owned Jason Behr.
Summary: Liz gets Abducted
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
(Max, Michael, Maria, and Isabelle go in back of the Crashdown. Michael using a towel to put on his head)

Max: Did you see the guys that toke her?

Michael: Max i could not see there faces. If i had i would tell you.

Max: Did you see anything that might give us an idea of who toke her?

Michael: The only thing i can remember was that there was a black car and it had a weird symbol on its bumper.

Max: Do you know what the symbol means?

Michael: I don't know Max.

Max: Will you recongnize the symbol if you see it again?

Michael: Yeah i could possibly.

Max: Then we have to find out what the symbol means and find it.

Isabelle: Max even if we find out what the symbol means it could be any old symbol that anyone can have.

Max: I don't care its the only shot we have.

Maria: (sniffing some ciprus oil) Maybe we should tell Valenti that Liz is missing am sure he can find her

Max: No I don't want to bring Valenti into this until we have to besides Liz's parents are going to wonder where she is by night time. So Valenti will find out anyway. Lets Just Hope we can find her by tonight and not have Valenti get involved.

(Alex comes in and goes over to Maria and Hugs her)

Maria: I called Alex he does know now what you guys are and besides he is Liz's best friend beside me. He has a right to know.

Max: No actually we can use your help Alex. I need you to go with Michael and look into the computer and find any type of symbol that Michael might have seen on that car.

Alex: Okay got it no Problem

Max: Me and Isabelle will drive around town trying to see if we find any thing weird going on and a black car. Michael Can you draw us the symbol?

Michael: Sure ( Max hands him a pencil and paper. Michael draws it and hands it to Max)

Max: Okay and Maria try to act as normal as possible. Will meet back here in 2 hours okay? (They all agree. Max and Isabelle walk out. Alex starts to walk out behind them)

Michael: Alex, Wait one minute i'll be out soon.

Alex: No problem (Alex walks out. Michael turns to Maria)

Michael: Maria are you okay? You seem really out of it.

Maria: I am scared Michael. Of who toke Liz? Where is she? Is she alright? What if we can't find her?

Michael: Don't think like that. We will even if i have to do something stupid as usual will find her.

Maria: I hope your right Czechoslovakian.

Michael: Whats up with the whole Czechoslovakian thing? (Maria Just laughs.

Michael smiles at her then pulls her toward him and holds her)

Music: Been thinking alot about my ways. Guess i'm trying Baby. Been searching for a way to say guess i'm sorry baby. This time I give all to you. It time i prove something to you. So I'll lift you up and hold you near, warm your heart, and Calm your fears. See i don't want to lose this love i found. So i'll Burn my bridges, burn them down......(Collective soul)

(Max and Isabelle driving and looking around)

Isabelle: (Looks over at Max) Max we have look three times around this town and we haven't seen one black car with that symbol on it. We should go back by now.

Max: I know your right Iz. But i can't bear thinking that something could be happening to her right now and i have no way to help her or save her.

Isabelle: Max we will find her. Whoever toke Liz had a reason. So i doubt they would just kill her like that. If the person was a kidnapper which i doubt it because they would have toke her if she was alone but obviously the people that toke her have a plan for her.

Max: Probaly has to do with us Iz. I just hope whoever toke her Iz if they are after us then i hope they keep her alive long enough for me to switch places with her.

Isabelle: No Max you can't.

Max: I will if i have to Iz. I have to do whatever it takes to save her just like i would do for you. I just hope it doesn't come to that and we find her soon and hopefully before its too late.........

(Liz in a dark room with no windows. She is tie up and is trying to get un tied but two men open the door look at her and move out of the way for a lady to come in. They close the door behind her. She looks at Liz)

The Lady: Hello Liz

Liz: Topolsky...............

To be continued

Preview: What do you think Topolsky wants?

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