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"A Stitch in Time - Revised"
Part 40
by Lynda
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Summary: AU Fic. No spoilers. Max had thought just being an alien would fulfil the 'weirdness quotient' for his whole life, but now he had to cope with the concept of aliens from the future. And not just 'good' aliens from the future. There was a whole organization of 'bad' aliens from the future and he, Isabel and Michael had been recruited to help stop them.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Dedication: to Addison, my first fan.
Liz and Max walked slowly back to Dave's cabin, sharing their thoughts easily through their link, each feeling more and more complete the longer they were together. Liz looked up at Max and her love radiated with such warmth that Max felt it on his skin. If this was even a small portion of what Dave had felt growing up, it was no wonder he was such a great kid. He looked back at this small woman who had such a large and giving heart. He glanced around the corridor and seeing no one, he stopped and swept his mate into a tight embrace, burying his face in her silky hair.

**That was quite a story Gregory told us, Liz.**

**It was so good to see that nagging quilt. It was so proud of Gregory's grandmother.**

**Liz,** Max began hesitantly, **Can you really talk to your quilts?** He had thought that she was just playing a game when she talked to her quilts. Now, he wasn't sure.

She looked up at him, an amused look on her face. "Quack!!" Liz laughed at the expression on his face and duck-walked away from him down the hall, quacking quietly as she went.

She sprang back up and spun around. "Hey, Max! Can we contact Alex and Maria?? I know we're going to be home in the morning, but that's too far away." She danced back up to him and threw herself into his arms, never doubting that he'd catch her.

Giddy with happiness Liz reached up with both hands and drew Max's face down to hers. "Please?" She planted a quick kiss on his lips.

Max grinned at Liz's antics. He'd never seen her so happy. He'd never been so happy himself. It would be a shame not to spread their happiness around. "Wonderful idea. But Michael and Isabel will have to settle for dreamwalking since I'm not there to bring Maria or Alex into the dream plane."

"To put it delicately… 'huh?' " Liz looked confused.

Looking carefully at her aura and checking their link to gauge her reaction he explained, "As far as I know, a human can visit the dream plane only when an Al'Centran brings them there. Everyone creates a dream orb when they sleep, but the dream plane seems to be an Al'Centran thing." He sent love and acceptance of her uniqueness through the link.

"Thanks for explaining, Max." **And thanks for the reassurance, too. But don't go into overprotective mode whenever something like this comes up. I told you when we first met that I'm a tough old bird and I can handle it.**

**You're not tough! I found you quite tender!** And he began nibbling Liz's neck, holding her as she squealed and tried to get away. Then realizing that they were still in the corridor, Max settled for just tucking her close to him and continuing their walk back to Dave's cabin. Max couldn't wait to get back to Liz's house.

They turned the corner, still gazing into each other's eyes and ran into Captain Franklin. Blushing, they made their apologies. Captain Franklin looked at the couple and accurately judged the reason for the collision. He was struck by the radiance of Liz's aura. It made him happier just to experience the fringes of it. It must be incredible to be mated to a woman who could generate such feelings.

"Ah, Mr. Evans, Ms. Parker. It is good to see you looking happier." When Liz and Max exchanged a look full of their feelings the captain had an idea. "Is there anything I can do for you two? Captains do have certain powers, you know." He wondered if they would get the hint. His conscience had been bothering him when he thought about the hell this small woman had been put through because of the dissidents. If they would allow him to perform their marriage ceremony he would feel that he had made a small step toward reparation. He stood patiently while they communicated.

Max turned to face Liz, tilting his head to put their foreheads in contact. Gazing into her beautiful dark eyes, he became lost for several moments. When Liz sent him a telepathic kiss it reminded him of the question at hand. **Liz Parker, will you marry me tonight while we are traveling through the stars?**

**Max Evans, I will marry you whenever and wherever you want.**

Max sent a telepathic chuckle, **That's good, because I don't think present day authorities will recognize a marriage officiated by a man who hasn't even been born yet. We'll have to do this again when we get home.**

**I know, but if we allow him to do this for us it will make him feel better.**

Max was amazed at Liz's sensitivity and compassion for a man who had allowed her to think her son had died horribly. Max felt that he was one incredibly lucky man to have her for his mate. He wrapped her in a tight embrace and faced the captain. "Captain Franklin, we would be honored if you would consent to marry us."

Captain Franklin beamed with delight. "I'll tell Gregory and let him get started making arrangements. We don't have much time." He shook Max's hand in congratulations and continued down the corridor a much happier man.

Max and Liz returned to Dave's cabin to break their news. Their happy faces alerted their friends and family that something momentous had occurred.

Liz walked over to her son and took both his hands. "Dave…" She looked at her son, so newly returned to her and was overcome with joy. She threw her arms around him and held him close, forgetting what she was trying to tell him.

Michael and Isabel looked on, mystified. Max knew what had happened to Liz's train of thought so he rescued her. "Dave, what your mother is trying to tell you is that she has consented to be my wife." He was rewarded with Dave's happy expression.

Dave didn't seem to have any more words than Liz did at the moment, he just continued to hug his mother. After a moment, he reached out his hand to shake Max's hand. "Welcome to the family, Max."

Isabel squealed with joy and launched herself at her brother. Max barely released Dave's hand in time to catch her. "Max!! I'm so happy for you." She turned and hugged Liz and Dave. "Liz, we're going to be sisters!" She gave Dave a peck on his cheek. "Hello, nephew-to-be!" Only Alex's presence would have made her happier.

Watching this emotional display from his seat on Dave's bed, Michael grinned. It was about time Max found some happiness. He got up and walked over to the happily talking group. "Well, Maxwell, it took you a while, but you've finally found someone who will put up with you." He punched his friend on the arm playfully. "Congratulations to you both. Well, to all three of you, I guess."

And that reminded Michael that his own family would soon equal three and his grin widened. He and Maria would make their announcement when they were reunited tomorrow morning. Their dreams would definitely be pleasant tonight. He wondered if Maria would like to make this a double wedding.

His expression displaying his happiness, Max broke the rest of their news. "The Captain wants to perform the ceremony tonight. Gregory is making the arrangements."

"Yeah, it looks like the bride will wear sweats." Liz said with a laugh. She was too happy to worry about details like that. A knock at the door interrupted the laughter. Michael answered it and stepped aside for Gregory to enter.

Gregory stood just inside the door as if uncertain of his welcome. "Liz. Max. Please accept my congratulations." This had come out rather stiffly, but he continued. "Liz, would you allow me to walk you down the isle? I know we're not family, but I would be honored if you would allow this."

Liz gifted him with a radiant smile. "Gregory, your offer makes me very happy. Thank you for thinking of me."

Gregory flushed with pleasure at her response and stepped outside into the hall to retrieve the package he'd left there. Offering it to Liz he continued, "My friend would like you to have this dress for your wedding since you have none of your own. She's not as small as you are but I think Isabel will help you make it fit." He cleared his throat and tried to finish with his announcements. "The ceremony is scheduled for 7:00 tonight. I'll come pick you up." Pausing at the door before he left he added, "Thank you for allowing us to do this for you."

There was a silent pause after Gregory left, everyone processing the new developments. Then Isabel took possession of the dress Gregory had given Liz. She turned to the guys and announced happily, "Out! It's bad luck for the groom to see his bride in her dress." She pushed Max toward the door. "You can see her at the wedding, not before!"

Laughing, Max allowed her to evict him from Dave's room. Michael and Dave were next and they found themselves facing the closed door as they stood in the corridor. "Well, I guess we'd better make ourselves presentable. We can use my cabin," Max offered. Smiling wide enough to split his face, he led them down the corridor.

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