FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Stitch in Time - Revised"
Part 41
by Lynda
Disclaimer: Dear Ms. Metz and Mr. Katims, can Max and the others come to my house to play? I'll try to have them back in time for dinner. Thanks, loon.
Summary: AU Fic. No spoilers. Max had thought just being an alien would fulfil the 'weirdness quotient' for his whole life, but now he had to cope with the concept of aliens from the future. And not just 'good' aliens from the future. There was a whole organization of 'bad' aliens from the future and he, Isabel and Michael had been recruited to help stop them.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Dedication: to Addison, my first fan.
Leaning against the closed door, Isabel contemplated her future sister-in-law. She remembered the frightened and desperate woman who had won her admiration and was pleased with the transformation she observed. "You positively glow with happiness, Liz. We're all going to need sunglasses to protect our eyes from your aura!" She walked forward and opened the package with the dress. "Now let's see what we have to work with!"

"Oh, Isabel, I'm so happy I can hardly contain myself. Who would have thought my life could make such a wonderfully joyous turnaround so quickly. Pinch me. I think I'm dreaming." When Isabel reached for her arm she moved away, laughing. "No, I've changed my mind. If I'm dreaming I don't want to ever wake up."

They chatted happily as Isabel used her powers to tailor the dress to fit Liz's petite form. "Maria's going to really scold you for getting married without her." She began to arrange Liz's long dark hair into an intricate style.

"What can I say? Your brother swept me off my feet!" Liz laughed happily. "We'll have to have a legal service when we return anyway." At Isabel's questioning look she explained. They both had a good laugh at the paradox and continued their preparations. Using her powers liberally, Isabel soon had Liz looking very bride-like. The dress Gregory's friend had given Liz wasn't a traditional wedding dress, but the white silk dress made an adequate substitute.

Admiring herself in the mirror Isabel had created out of one of the wall panels, Liz turned to see the back of her dress. "You do great work, Isabel. Thank you so much." She twirled happily. "Just wait 'til Max sees what you've done!"

"You realize we have to have dinner here. We can't let Max see you until it's time for you to walk down the aisle." She checked her watch. "Thank goodness we don't have long to wait."

"Oh, I'm too excited to eat!" Seeing Isabel's stern look, Liz added, "But I guess I'll just have to force myself. Why don't you go eat with Max and Michael and just bring me back something. So much has happened, I really need a break to just think."

"I'll bring your dinner back," she agreed. "Boy, am I going to have fun teasing Max," Isabel said with a gleam in her eyes as she left.

Not long after, Liz heard a quiet knock. **Mom, is it safe for me to come in?** She rushed to the door and opened it to let Dave in. She wrapped him in her arms, unmindful of her dress or hair. "Wow, Mom, you look beautiful!"

"Oh Dave, I still can't get over it. Every time I see you I am overwhelmed with happiness. I've got my son back again!" Eyes misting over, Liz hugged her son again. **Are you okay with what's going to happen tonight?**

**You can really pick husbands, Mom. Max is a great guy. I've started his hapkido lessons so you can't take advantage of him.**

"You be good, David Parker, or I'll tell Julie!" Seeing Dave's face she smiled and continued, "Oh my oh my, are you going to have a surprise for her tomorrow!" Liz hugged her son tightly. They hadn't had many chances to talk alone since she'd been rescued. "Now, sit yourself down and tell me what's happened to you since… well, you know what I mean." She still couldn't say it.

Dave smiled affectionately, understanding her completely. God, he'd missed her. He'd missed talking to her and seeing her love for him shine so clearly in her aura. He'd even missed her bad duck jokes. Giving a happy sigh he rested his cheek against hers.

They settled down on the bed to have a good talk, catching up on events in their lives. They sat there, hands linked, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, but always rejoicing in the fact that they were together again. Dave conveyed his approval of Max and watched his mother's eyes shine as he told her of their escapades in the dream plane and how Max was teaching him to use his powers. Liz told him about Julie's visits and how she was doing.

Isabel opened the door to Dave's room and was touched by the sight of mother and son, auras blending together in love. Her lucky brother was getting a fine family. She and Alex had been putting off starting a family of their own. If only their situation were different… She'd love to change the decision she'd reluctantly made.

"Here's your dinner, Liz. Dave, you just have time to get a shower and get dressed!" Isabel hurried them along. When Dave was dressed she told him to go the ship's chapel and wait there. He and Michael were going to be Max's best men.

And suddenly it was time. Gregory knocked at the door and held his arm out for Liz when she opened it. Smiling with unrestrained happiness Liz took the arm he offered and they began their walk to the chapel. Gregory didn't have much to say, being almost overwhelmed with the effects of Liz's aura. \\Max Evans is one lucky man,\\ he thought in admiration.

Isabel followed, silently amused at Gregory's reaction. She really couldn't blame him though. Apparently when Liz was happy her aura grew stronger and radiated her happiness like a sun. She hadn't noticed it being this strong when they were captives together. It was just a regular strength one then, displaying whatever emotions Liz was feeling. \\Boy, it's a good thing she doesn't radiate her distress like she does her happiness!!\\

She laughed silently at a new thought, \\An aura like Liz's will quickly train Max to keep her happy. Not that he'll need much, if any, training for that. He is *so* besotted!\\

Reaching the small chapel, Isabel stepped in front of Gregory and Liz, ready to precede them down the isle. She paused and looked toward her brother, her eyes filling with tears as she watched his face and aura light up when he caught sight of Liz. \\God, and I hate women who cry at weddings!\\ Isabel brushed her tears away but new ones took their place.

Hearing her musical cue, she started down the isle, smiling through her tears. **I wish Mom could have seen this, Max.**

**She's watching from heaven, Izzy. Can't you feel her?**

**Oh, Max. I'm already crying. Why did you have to say that?**

**You look good in tears, Iz.**

**Thanks, Max. But I know you haven't taken your eyes off your glowing wife-to-be since she appeared in the doorway. Will she always glow like that?**

**She will, if I have anything to do with it.**

Gregory and Liz had reached Max and Gregory handed her over to the man who made her glow so happily.

Max and Liz faced each other, hands linked, hearts linked. They exchanged a loving look and for a long moment were lost in each other's eyes.

**Psssst. Aren't we here for something, Max?** Michael felt Max needed prodding to stay focused.

Max refused to be hurried. He loved looking into Liz's eyes and seeing her love shining back at him. When they were ready, Liz and Max's joyous voices repeated in unison the words that would join them forever.

"With all my heart and soul I take you to be my mate.
I will love you through the good and the bad,
through the joy and the sorrow.
Together we will face all of life's experiences
and share one another's dreams.
We will rest in each other's hearts forever."

**Love you, Max.**

**Love you, Liz.**

Captain Franklin put his hands on their shoulders and turned them around. "By the authority vested in me by the World Alliance of Nations, witnessed by your friends and family, I have the pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife."

Max's aura shone as brightly as Liz's. He drew her close and they kissed their first kiss as a married couple. Overwhelmed with his happiness, Max lifted Liz up and twirled her around. Their friends and family clapped and cheered. When he stopped twirling and set her down, Dave claimed her for a congratulatory hug.

Captain Franklin stepped up to shake Max's hand and claim a kiss on the bride's cheek. "We've had refreshments delivered to Dave's cabin." He 'pathed to Max, **My apologies for confining your party to the cabin.** Max nodded his acceptance.

Gregory approached the new couple and happily offered his congratulations. He and Liz exchanged a happy smile, thinking of coincidences and quilts. "Mrs. Evans," Gregory began, amused at being the first to call her by her married name, "Let me express my gratitude once again and say that it was an honor to meet you. It will make a great addition to our family's stories."

He turned to Max. "Max, I'll take this opportunity to say goodbye. I won't be able to see you off tomorrow— duty calls. But I wanted to again express my thanks for your help." He shook Max's hand and as he turned to leave Liz's hand on his arm stopped him.

She reached up on tiptoes and placed a quick kiss on his cheek. "Thanks for everything, Gregory." He blushed beet-red and nodded, stumbling over his feet as he turned to go.

Max 'pathed a chuckle to Liz. **I believe you've flustered the poor guy.** He turned to look at his bride, intending to tease her further, but when their eyes met he was lost again.

Michael saw Max begin to lose himself in Liz's eyes yet again. He walked up and put his arm on Max's shoulder. "Earth to Max… Earth to Max… Maxwell, shall we move this celebration to Dave's cabin?" Getting no response from the spellbound bridegroom, Michael looked to Isabel for help.

Laughing she walked up to the entranced couple and interposed her face between them. Max blinked several times and focused on his sister's laughing face. "Max, we need to move back to Dave's room. Can you walk and gaze into your bride's eyes at the same time?"

Michael picked Liz up and began walking toward the door. "Follow the carrot, Maxwell. OUCH!"

"Who are you calling a carrot, Spike?" Liz was amused at their solution, but she wanted down. Now.

"Oh, Michael, you have no idea how much danger you're in!!" Dave's amused voice got his attention and Michael put Liz back on her feet. Taking his mother's hand he urged her toward the door. "Come on, everyone! Party's in my room." **I've always wanted to say that!** he 'pathed to him mother.

**Dave! Behave yourself.** But her admonishment wasn't serious, she recognized 'Dave-humor' when she heard it.

**Behave yourself, mother mine. Your aura is totally out of control— yeah, now you blush! I thought we'd all have to put on sunglasses when you were walking down the aisle.**

**Wedgie…** Liz sent an image of the last time her super secret weapon had gotten Dave, just as a reminder. She watched his face as the image reached him and laughed aloud. "Gotcha."

Max walked up and took Liz's other hand. "I heard you're hosting the party, Dave. Let's get out of the hall before they call Security down on us for disturbing the peace!" And they actually did make it to Dave's room without incident.

"Hey look, Mom! Champagne! Here's Gregory's note. It's from Captain Franklin and him." Dave held the note out toward Max, who was closer.

Max looked at the note, then laughing, read it aloud for everyone: "May your glasses be ever full.
May the roof over your heads be always strong.
And may you be in heaven half an hour
before the devil knows you're dead."

"He goes on to say that his grandmother was Irish and the Irish know the best toasts. And not to worry about the champagne— he altered it so it has no alcohol."

"Hurrah for that! Pour me a glass!" Dave's happy shout made everyone laugh. He played the proper host and filled everyone's glasses with a flourish.

Isabel raised her glass and said:

"Here's to the groom with bride so fair,
And here's to the bride with groom so rare!
Here's to their marriage: one soul in two bodies."

"Thanks, Izzy." Max raised his glass toward his smiling sister.

Michael stepped up and in a comic Irish accent gave his toast to the newlyweds"

"May the luck of the Irish
Lead to happiest heights
And the highway you travel
Be lined with green lights."

"Maybe we're Irish instead of Czechoslovakian, Maxwell," he added as they sipped their drinks after his toast.

Getting into the spirit of things, Dave raised his glass and faced his mother and Max.

"As you slide down the banister of life,
May the splinters never point the wrong way."

**Dave!** Liz sputtered into her champagne.

**You get the idea, Mom. You always said it the thought that counted…**

And the party continued until Max took his bride by the hand and led her to the door. Turning to face their friends and family he said, "Thank you all for making this a memorable wedding. We'll have to do it again sometime soon…" His eyes gleamed with mischief as he reminded them that they really would have to do all of this over again. Max raised his glass and toasted them:

"May your troubles be less
And your blessings be more.
And nothing but happiness
Come through your door."

Tossing his empty glass to Dave he opened the door, "We'll see you in the morning. 'Night everyone." **Race you to my cabin, Liz…**

**Max! You're so bad!** "Good night, all. Sweet dreams." **On your mark, get set…**

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