FanFic - Max/Liz
"A New Breed"
Part 9
by Susan
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Summary: The FBI doctors decide they want more.
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Rating: R
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Setting: Next morning in the living area

Max lazily lifted his eyes only to have them take in the beauty that he had held in his arms throughout the night. He couldn't contain the smile remembering what they had shared the evening before. He was soon lost in her exquisite features that had captured his heart so long ago and remembered all the times he would just be content to look at Liz from afar for so many years. As Liz began to stir, he gently leaned over her, giving her a tender kiss and said. "Good Morning."

She stretched her arms around his neck as she turned her body to face him. "It wasn't a dream. Your here. Good morning." Liz's smile mirrored Max's and she pressed her body against his once again having the urge to be as close to him as possible and returned his kiss.

All the fears and uncertainties he had ever felt about the two of them had all vanished last evening. Nothing was going to ever come between them again. Especially now that Liz was pregnant with his child. He deepen the kiss and once again shifted his body into position to become one with the love of his life. The open display of love surprised Liz at first. It didn't take long for her to melt at the feel of his body against hers and soon she was filled with the pleasure that only Max could bring her.

As they finished Max shifted to her side still keeping her close to him and simply stated. "No. Now that was a good morning."

Liz slapped him playfully. "Max! I can't believe you just said that." She tried to act like it upset her, but her gleaming smile from ear to ear told the truth. "I guess we should get up and decided what we are going to tell everyone?"

"Or better yet. Who we should tell what to?" He corrected her question. They both dragged themselves out of their bed and began to get ready for what they were both sure would be a very long day of questions. "Liz. I think it would be best to keep quiet about the baby right now. I mean until we know we can trust the doc completely." Liz only nodded her agreement.

That morning when the technician brought them their breakfast and the tonic the DR Turner was with him. As it as been in the past the technician would stay until the tonic had been taken by all four aliens, but on this morning the doctor dismissed him as soon as he set the tray down. The doctor then looked upon all of the individuals that he had kept locked away in the living area. His first inquiries went to Tess and showed much concern for her well being. She confirmed his beliefs that she was fine. He also noticed a difference in her behavior. She actually seemed happy for the first time since all his observations of the girl.

Before any of them reached for the tonic the doctor turned to Max. "You spoke of trust last night that should go both ways. I agree, but I am not the only one here." He took the tray that held the tonic on it over to Max and winked. Max was the first one to take the tonic into his mouth. It was at this moment Max realized the tonic no longer was the drug, but merely appeared to be the drug. Max nodded to the doctor letting him know he understood what he was saying. The others knew the moment they took the tonic that it was not what they had been taking before.

"So what's next?" Max asked wondering if the doc was going to give them their freedom.

The doctor told them all to sit and enjoy their food while it was still hot. He spoke to the entire group, but his focus was directed toward Max. "We have another situation that I believe needs to be discussed and a decision needs to be agreed upon by both parties. We have been keeping track of the other people in Roswell to whom each of you are close to and I need to report our findings to all of you."

"Maria?" Michael asked out loud without even realizing he had.

The doctor turned his attention to Michael. "Yes," Before anyone else asked, he continued. "I am also speaking of "Alex Whitman, Kyle's dad and your parents." He motioned to Max and Isabelle.

At the mention of her parents tears automatically welled up in Isabelle's eyes. "What kind of situation are you talking about? They don't know anything about us. Please, tell us has something happened to them?"

"No, Isabelle nothing has happened yet and that is why I am here. My personnel has observed on a number of occasions Agent Pierce spying on your homes. I think he is once again looking for you Max and I'm not sure of who he will go after to find him. Then last night he was observed coming out of the sheriff's house soon after your friends Maria and Alex had arrived."

The entire group soon realized what was truly happening and they understood now the doctors concerns. He would have no way to know that Agent Pierce was really Nasedo and that the sheriff was now their ally. He differently would have no way to know that Isabelle was successful in dreamwalking with Alex last night. They all assumed Alex called Maria and then went to Sheriff Valenti to let him know since Kyle was involved now.

DR Turner was at a lost when he informed them of what they had observed and seen the tension literally being lifted off their shoulders. "I don't believe you all understand what I'm trying to relay here. Max, you of all people should know that Agent Pierce wouldn't think twice about hurting anyone if he thought they would lead them to you."

Max looked to group as if questioning them if they thought it was a good idea to let the doctor in on the true identity of Agent Pierce. DR Turner watched him as he looked upon the others. He knew Max was the one he needed to converse with. "Max?"

"We are not concern with Agent Pierce's actions at this time. It's another one of those trust issues. Trust me now when I say this situation is not a concern at the moment. I think right now we have bigger issues that need to be addressed. But, we would like to thank you for watching out for those we care about. It means a lot that you were able to tell us about your concerns."

DR Turner still had a lot of questions, but thought about what Max had said and agreed. Especially with the test that needed to be performed today. Today they would confirm what he had thought was true about Max and the other three. If not then all would be lost. "I guess the first thing we should schedule today would be to start the blood donations."

"I agree, but it would be best if only Michael and I gave blood today. Tess and Isabelle can start tomorrow. They need a day to recovery." Max knew that Isabelle had given her blood last night to save Tess's life and well Tess had just lost too much last night of her own to even consider her giving any blood.

"Max, I think you're right in wanting Tess to wait a day, but I feel fine. I can give blood." Isabelle replied to her brother's statement. After all she had alien genes in her and it didn't take as long to recovery.

"Isabelle, Max is right. You can start donating tomorrow. Max and I will give today." Michael felt a need to protect Isabelle since Liz needed Max's protection.

"Sorry Michael, but only Max's blood would do any good today." The doctor answered feeling guilty because he knew he would have to explain his last statement. As he spoke it Michael gave him a questioning stare so he continued. "The tonic Michael." Was all he answered hoping that they all would understand what he was saying. The doctor knew that Max no longer had the tonic in his system for at least over 24 hours and if they were going to donate their blood for the cause it needed to be pure of any tonic to be effective.

Michael accepted the doc's statement with an understanding nod showing he knew what he had just said. DR Turner then stated tomorrow would be a better day for both him and Isabelle to start, but he thought it would be better to wait on Tess until the next day. Then he gestured for Max to follow him. "Shall we."

Max walked toward the door to follow the doc, but turned to face Michael. Without words he motioned towards Liz and the understanding was there. Michael stood next to Liz. Kyle then took position on her other side. With that Max followed the doctor out the door.

"Can you read minds as well as you communicate with them?" The doctor asked as they made their way back to the examination room.

"We don't read minds." Max stated simply and then asked. "What makes you ask that?"

"The way you communicated with Michael in there. I was just wondering if you could also read minds." The doctor had saw how Max just looked at Michael and then at Liz and how Michael automatically took his position next to Liz stating he would watch out for her until Max returned. He also observed how Kyle then also took position like he was told to protect her as well.

"I don't need to speak for them to understand my concerns when it comes to Liz. They all know how I feel. It's called friendship, not alien communication." Max's tone had a touch of sarcasm to it when he spoke.

DR Turner stopped before entering the exam room, turned his full attention to Max. "I want to reassure you Max, I have no intention of letting anything happen to Liz. She has just as important part in all of this as you do." Max nodded and thought how much of an understatement that was. With Liz carry his child, she could even be considered more important.

After Max donated his blood the doctor informed him how only a few of the individuals in the station they were at actually knew of them being there. "I don't trust easily and until I am more certain of who is who I can't allow too many to know about the six of you. Do you understand?"

"Trust is something that is earned. I want to trust you doc. Where are we exactly?" Max asked hoping he had earned the trust of the doctor enough so he would tell him and in return Isabelle could tell Alex and so on.

"This compound is located underground just outside of Roswell. It is hidden by an old warehouse building. I hope that answers your question. Now I have to ask your help with something." He didn't know how Max would take his request, but he was pretty sure at this point he could trust him.

Max wanted to trust the doctor. With Liz being in her present condition it would better if they had a doctor on their side to help if any problems arose. "What is it that you want to ask me?"

"Like I said there are only a handful of individuals that work here at the station that know the true reason we are all here. They are associates of mine that I have known for many years and trust them completely. However, there are many more that work here and I feel we both should know who is who before we go any further. What I'm asking is that you tour the facility with me and we find out together if there is anyone here who shouldn't be here?"

"So you want me to make sure no one in the station is from another planet? That is what you are asking isn't it?" Each conversation Max had with the doc seemed to make him understand him more and more. Max also liked the idea of getting to tour the facility. In his opinion the more knowledge he had of the place would only be better for the whole group later on if they wanted to leave one day.

"I should warn you before you accept that there could be a risk. We both know you can easily tell if someone isn't who they appear to be. But, on the other hand we don't know if they will have the same advantage with you and your friends. They might be able to tell it's you just as easily. If that is the case then we all might be in more danger then we were before."

"I understand. I need to discuss this with the group. Why don't you give me an hour and then we'll take a walk okay?" Max knew his decision was already made, but he needed to let the others know what was going on. He also needed to see Liz again. Ever minute that passed that he couldn't see her made him feel more and more desire to be near her.

Max and DR Turner returned to the others. Liz immediately ran to him and they embraced. Apparently Liz was having the same feelings of loneliness that Max was feeling by not having him close to her. The doc soon excused himself from the group letting Max know he would be back in an hour. Max brought his lips to Liz and kissed her passionately. Needing just to feel her before he could continue the conversation with the rest of the group. When he broke away from the kiss he said. "God, I really needed to do that."

Liz looked him straight in his eyes and replied. "Not as much as I needed you to do that." They both smiled at each other knowing exactly how the other felt since they felt the same way themselves.

Michael finally couldn't wait another second for more information so broke the two from their current state of bliss with the following statement. "Well, it's nice to see the two of you so blissful and all, but can we get back to the business at hand."

"Yeah, what did the doctor say? And what did he mean by he would be back in an hour to get you? What does he want from us now?" Isabelle had so many questions she couldn't stop them from flowing out of her mouth all at one time.

Max then explained what he and the doctor had talked about. Liz was the first to express her concerns, followed immediately by Isabelle, then Tess also voiced her concern with the plan. After each of the girls had their say Michael then had his turn. "I think Max is right. We need to know as much about this place as possible. I just don't think you should do this by yourself Max. It would be smarter if two of us go just to be on the safe side."

Liz knew Max had made up his mind and instead of trying to change it she thought about what Michael had said. "I think that's a good idea Max. If the risk is real then you should have a back up with you. We need you alive and safe to come back to us."

To everyone else Liz's words were meant for all of them, but Max knew the double meaning. She was referring to coming back to her and their baby she was carrying. "I guess I can't argue with you guys on this one." He then shocked the rest of them by asking. "Tess how are your mind powers doing?"

"I'm pretty sure they're fine, but I haven't really tried them yet." She answered surprised that Max had even considered taking her instead of Isabelle or better yet Michael. "But what about taking Michael, his power might be more of the kind of power you may need with you instead of me."

"No, if they can tell who we are the same way we can tell who they are it would be better to make an escape using mind manipulation rather than the physical power Michael can use. Besides Michael has a more important job while I'm gone." Squeezing Liz tightly in his arms.

Michael nodded his understanding to let Max know he would once again guard Liz for him while he was away. Max then excused himself and Liz to their room for a moment of private. Once behind closed doors Max once again embraced Liz like his life depended on it. "The doc wants to speak with both of us after the tour. I guess the test results are in." He said smiling. Since both Liz and him knew the answer if it was possible for Liz to conceive a child or not. Then his voice turned serious. "I want you to stay as close to Michael as possible when I'm not here. I believe the doc understands how important you are to me, but since he doesn't know how important you are to all of us now. I want to make sure your safe Okay."

"Max, I'm going to have a child, I'm not a child myself you know. I mean if I was a child would I do this." She leaned up and kissed him passionately. "Or this." Then she slid her hand seductively on his chest. Unbuttoning his shirt as she went and kissing him once again. "Or this." She then slid her hand down to the top of his pants. She undid his button and unzipped the zipper. Pulled his pants down around his ankles and then pushed him down on the bed.

"Liz...As much as I want to be with you right now...I don't think....." That's as much as he got out before her lips were upon his manhood. "Oh God...Liz." When she finished her *job* Max was totally in shocked at what she had just done to him.

Liz couldn't help but giggle at how shocked Max's expression was after she finished. "What can I say, I had a craving." She half joked. Little did Max know, it was partly true. She did crave him, all of him.

"A craving uh. Well, just you wait, I owe you one. And Liz I also pay my depts." He then took her mouth with his with a gentle loving kiss. "Come on we better get dressed and get back out there before the doc gets here."

"Uh..Max, I'm already dressed." She couldn't help but laugh out loud as she stated the truth of the matter.

Max couldn't help but laugh himself. "Yea, Yea, Yea, Paybacks are a b----. I will have my turn you know and then let's see who has the last laugh."

The doctor was true to his word. When an hour was up he was back at the living area to collect Max for their tour. Max then looked at Tess and she nodded that she had her powers back enough to cause distraction if needed. "Tess will be coming with us on the tour doc." Max stated. It was not a question asking if she could come, it was merely stated she would be coming. At that moment DR Turner realized Max authority level and knew one day this young man was destined to become someone of importance.

"Okay, shall we." He motioned for both Tess and Max to join him.

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