FanFic - Max/Liz
"A New Breed"
Part 10
by Susan
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Summary: The FBI doctors decide they want more.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
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Setting: Valenti Residence

Both Maria and Alex awoke feeling disappointed. Isabelle had not attempted to get in touch to either of them for the rest of the night. As soon as they saw the questioned on each other faces they knew the other one hadn't heard anything either. "So I guess we are once again on the sit and wait team." Maria fumed.

"Come on let's go see if Valenti found out any more information." Alex stated while he helped Maria out of the bed.

As soon as they walked into the sheriff's living room, he turned and asked if they heard anything else. When they shook their heads *no*, he then went into what he had discovered. "I pulled up as much information on that DR Turner Isabelle spoke of, but it looks like he has simply disappeared about four months ago." He handed the two teens the folder that contained all the information he had been able to get on the doctor. Then continued. "We can assume they haven't been taken too far away from Roswell. And since their friend Nasedo doesn't know anything about their where about then we can also assume they weren't taken to any government facility that the special unit would be aware of so I think we should look into hidden facilities in the area that were supposively been abandoned."

"That makes sense. I could go on line and see if there are any facilities in the area besides Eagle Rock that are supposed to be abandoned." Alex stated and when the sheriff threw him a questioning look he half joked. "Yea, I'm a computer nerd."

"Well, at least you can do something to help look for them. I just hate sitting here doing nothing whenever there is a crisis." Maria whined.

"You can do something by keeping your mind open just in case Isabelle tries to get in touch with us. With me working at the computer I'm afraid my mind will be in overload and she won't be able to get through to me." Alex said and he put his arm around Maria in hopes to let her know she was important as everyone else. "So let's see what does Max always say. Ah, I remember now, just let your mind blank out."

"Mind blank out?" The sheriff asked. He was amazed at the depth they all trusted one another and knew there was so much more to understand about the aliens then he already knew.

"It's easier for them to connect with people if they sort of open their minds for them." Maria answered remembering how Liz explained seeing into Max's soul when he opened a connection with her.

"Well, we better get started. Alex there is a computer in my den you can use. Maria why don't you try to relax and let your mind blank out. I'm going to go into the office to see if I can find out anything else on DR Turner. I think it would be best if you two stay here for the time being. They took Liz and Kyle for some reason and there's nothing to say that they might not come back for the two of you. Besides if Nasedo comes back with more information someone needs to be here." With that the sheriff grabbed his hat and left the house. Alex went into the den and turned the computer on and started doing the only thing he could think of doing to help, while Maria relaxed on the couch trying to reach out to Michael with her mind.

Back at the living area:

Michael wrapped his arm around Liz's shoulder. "He'll be fine." He wanted to reassure her and himself. They both walked over to the couch and sat down. Since Michael hadn't gotten hardly any sleep in the past few nights his eyes were very heavy.

Both Liz and Isabelle watched quietly as he slowly drifted off to sleep. "So you and my brother are officially back together?"

"Yeah." Liz replied shyly.

"Good. I don't think I could handle seeing him sulk any more." Isabelle stated matter of factly.

"So what about you. Michael or Alex?" Liz questioned pretty sure what the answer was going to be already.

"You don't hold back do you?" Liz shook her head no and then waited for Isabelle to answer her question. "I love Michael, the same way I love Max. I mean he is my brother and that's the only way I could ever see him. Alex on the other hand. Well, he makes me laugh. He makes me be the really me and not the fake one I usually am around other people. We really just started getting together when this whole destiny thing came into play so I have no idea what's going to happen next."

"You know what Isabelle. I think that everything will work out in the end. Your still young you know. It's not like you have to make any life alternating decisions right at this moment. This is the time in your life when your supposed to have fun and if Alex makes you laugh then why not have some fun." Liz knew of Isabelle's fear to let someone inside, but she also knew Isabelle cared deeply and wanted to be able to let someone inside.

"I really want to believe that. I mean the part about being able to just have some fun, but from we've all learned in the past few days. I'm just not sure we will have much time for fun any more. Have you and Max talked about what the doctor said? You know, the part about starting a family?" Isabelle knew they probably had, but she wanted to be close to Liz. She understands how important Liz is to her brother.

"Yea, we have." Liz stated honestly even though she wasn't sure if she should tell Isabelle about the baby just yet.


"I..I don't think that's something we should discuss right now." Then changing the subject quickly she suggested. "While were just sitting here waiting why don't you try Alex again. You may want to think about trying Maria also just in case. If I know those two and I do one or the other will be on stand by waiting for your call."

Isabelle looked down the hallway toward the bedroom Kyle had gone into to catch up from sleep last night and then she looked toward Michael sleeping on the couch. "It might be a better idea just to wait awhile." Isabelle didn't want to leave Liz alone.

Liz noticed her glances and then reassured her she would be okay. If she heard anything she would wake Michael quickly so there wouldn't be any problems. Once again she urged Isabelle to try her friends.

Isabelle could tell that Liz was just as stubborn as her brother was when she had made up her mind about something. So after a few more hesitating moments she went to her room, lied down and began the process to dreamwalk either Alex or Maria.

After Isabelle went into her bedroom Liz decided she would use the quiet time to write. She went to the kitchen area and found a pad of paper and pen. She knew she had to be careful what she wrote, but she just needed to release some of her feelings she had experienced since being at the facility. Soon she was wrapped up in her writing to the point that she never heard the door to the living area open. Before she could even scream a hand was upon her mouth and she was dragged out the door without any of the others even knowing something had happen.

Michael opened his eyes wide realizing he had fallen asleep on his guard duty. He immediately stood up and looked around the living area and soon found he was very alone. He approached each bedroom, Liz's first which he discovered empty. The next one was that of Tess's. He saw Kyle was still fast asleep. The last bedroom he found Isabelle stretched out on the bed, but still no Liz. As he approached Isabelle hit occurred to him exactly what she was doing. Gently he shook her arm. "Isabelle, Isabelle, where's Liz?"

Isabelle felt someone shaking her and was immediately brought back from her successful dreamwalk with Maria. When she heard Michael's question she questioned him right back. "What? What do you mean where's Liz? Isn't she out there with you?"

"NO! And Kyle's still asleep."

"No, I'm awake. What's this about Liz? Where is she anyway?" Kyle asked as he stood in the doorway to Isabelle's room wiping his eyes to wake himself more.

"I don't know. I woke up and she was gone." Michael yelled.

DR Turner led Max and Tess throughout the facility. They went to all the offices, labs and even journeyed up to the surface to verify the guards out front. Max made a mental note of the way out in his mind. Just in case the time came when or if they needed to get out quickly. They were quiet the entire time the took the tour. When they came back inside when Max finally spoke up. "It looks like everyone we've come across so far is who they appear to be."

"Max, I just wanted you to know what it means to me that you trusted me enough to come with you on the tour." Tess finally said. She had wanted to let him know it meant so much to her that he thought to include her in their mission. She knew after what she had done she didn't deserve his trust, but she was happy that he decided he could trust her.

"Tess. Look we were sent here to earth for a reason together." Before she got any destiny ideas started in her head he continued. "Michael, Isabelle, you and me are a team. We each have unique qualities to help out in different situations. This was a situation that required your special ability if the necessity arose. I hope you understand your importance to all of this now."

"I understand. Thank you Max for giving me the chance to understand that. I want to be a part of the team." She meant each word she said to him.

Sudden Max felt a fear come from inside of him. He quickly turned in every direction seeing if there was any one else around besides the three of them. The fear continued to grow, but he soon realized it wasn't fear coming from him. It was someone else's fear he was feeling. Both the doctor and Tess noticed his reaction. DR Turner was the one to question him. "Max? What is it?"

"I'm not sure. I'm feeling something inside me, but what I'm feeling isn't coming from me. It's coming from someone else." He hoped they understood what he just tried to explain. Even if he didn't understand it all that much himself. "Look, we've completed the tour for this shift. You said there was three different shifts. I think it's time to get back to the others now. We can try again when the next shift gets here." With that Max took the lead this time back toward the living area. While walking he could feel the fear rising further and further and without notice he heard her voice scream his name *MAX* in his mind. He yelled back out loud. "LIZ!" Then took off in a full speed sprint in the direction of the living area.

Both the doctor and Tess heard his scream for Liz and the fear in his voice for her. They tried to keep up with him, but soon lost him. They both knew where Max was heading so the slowed their pace to a quick walk while holding their sides to catch their breathes.

Michael and Kyle were both pacing by this time. Isabelle had found what Liz had been writing and knew she had been taken in the middle of her writing. She couldn't tell who had taken her, but with each minute that passed she grew more and more scared for her friend. When the door to the living area flew open and an out of breath Tess and DR Turner ran in, Michael was the first one to them. "Where's Max? What did you do with Liz?" He screamed at the doctor.

"Wait what do you mean, where's Liz? And Max didn't come back here?" The doctor reasked now more confused then ever.

It was Kyle's turn next to attack the doctor. "You know exactly where Liz is and we want some answers NOW!"

"Kyle, please calm down." Tess said in a calming tone trying to understand what was happening. She explained to the rest of the group what had happened to Max and how he had ran off. Then explained how her and the doc came back here assuming he would have come back her to look for Liz. "What I don't understand is how none of you know what happened to her? I mean Max did tell you guys to watch her did he not?"

All three of the teenagers had the word*GUILTY* written across their foreheads. Then one by one they explained why each of them had failed in their duties. "I cannot believe you guys! You know exactly how Max feels about Liz. God knows what he is going to do if anything happens to her. We are supposed to be a team you know. Max has to know he can depend on each one of us if we are going to succeed in our mission here. What were you guys thinking?" Tess scolded them without realizing the irony of the situation. Just yesterday she was the one that was all against Max and Liz. Now today she had the ability to understand her place which included protecting Liz for Max if the chance arose.

The doctor stepped in at that moment and let the four of them know about the surveillance equipment that was installed in the living area. He excused himself so he could go check it out. He reassured them he would let them know what had happened as soon as he knew. Upon reviewing the tapes of the security camera he began trembling. He knew Max would never believe he had nothing to do with who took Liz. Now the doctor was scared. Not only for his life, but for his fellow associates. When Max learned who had Liz and with his full powers back he knew his life could possible in danger. He went back to the living area to inform the others in the group who had taken Liz. He owed them at least that much.

Max continued to feel Liz's fear. He hoped in some strange way she would continue to fear whatever it was that made her afraid. Her emotions were running so high it was easy for Max to track her. When he came to a long corridor he could feel her presence without having to feel the fear even though he could still feel it. He slowed his pace as he approached the door he knew Liz was being held. He stopped and took a deep breath to regain his control and power. As soon as he had his power ready to explode he opened the door and inhaled his breath quickly when he saw Liz and her attacker. "YOU!" Was all he screamed before he went into attack mode himself.

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