FanFic - Max/Liz
"A New Breed"
Part 8
by Susan
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Summary: The FBI doctors decide they want more.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
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Sheriff Valenti's Residence:

"Maria!" Alex shouted as he caught her just before she hit the floor. The sheriff raced over to the two teens and helped Alex to place Maria on his couch. Alex looked in the direction of Nasedo and then back to the sheriff. "Okay, what the hell is going on?"

Without answering his question Nasedo took control. "What do you know about them?" He asked in a calm tone.

"Sheriff?" Alex looked to the sheriff to answer his question before he would reply to Nasedo's.

"It's okay Alex, he's here to help them too. Tell us what you know and don't leave anything out."

Alex was about to tell them what he had learned from Isabelle when Maria started to come awake. "What happened?" Then looked to Nasedo. "Why are you here?"

The sheriff explained to Maria why Nasedo was at his home and then turned his attention back to Alex for him to continue. Alex then proceeded to go into detail how Isabelle had come to him in his dream and told the two older protectors of his friends in detail everything Isabelle had told him.

"Let me get this straight both Kyle and Liz have also been taken?" The sheriff asked now with a hint of fear in his voice. Not for himself, but for his only son.

"Yes, but Isabelle told me they were all okay for now. I'm assuming that meant Kyle and Liz too. The thing I don't understand is why they would take Kyle and Liz and not me and Maria?" Alex asked out loud to the others in the room as well as himself.

After confirming his son was okay from Alex. His attention went back to Nasedo. "Were you able to find out anything from your sources in the FBI?"

"No, but now that we have a name it will be easier to track them down." Nasedo stated. He was thinking of Alex's question and began to wonder why DR Turner would have taken any of the humans. He knew the human girl that was called Liz meant a lot to his young leader, not that he could figure out why. He assumed they would take her to help get information out of the leader more effectively.

"So what do we do now? And please don't tell me we have to sit and wait." Maria asked impatiently. She had been on the sit and wait team too many times and she wasn't about to do it again. Michael and Liz needed her now and she was going to do what she could to help them.

Nasedo took note of the blond pixie the second in command had grown close to and realized for the first time these humans that his guardians had attached themselves to were loyal to them. Being without any human emotions it was hard for him to understand, but he was beginning to see why they had Entrusted their secret to these humans. "If Isabelle has been able to contact you, Alex is it?" Alex nodded. "Then the best way you could help them right now is to wait and see if she is able to contact you again."

Both Alex and Maria could see the logic in that, but it still didn't mean they would have to like it. "Kyle was supposed to be at a football camp for one month. That's the same amount of time both the Evan's were to be gone. How long was Liz supposed to be gone?" The sheriff asked the two teens.

"About a month." Maria answered realizing what the sheriff was stating.

"It seems to me this DR Turner knew exactly what he was doing when he picked them. No one would have even missed them for at least a month." The sheriff stated confirming exactly what every one was thinking.

Nasedo then excused himself to see what information he could find out on this DR Turner and let the rest of them know he would be in contact again with them as soon as he had something more to go on.

Once Nasedo left Alex asked again. "I can pretty much see why they would take Liz, but why Kyle? I mean out of all of us he knows the least and is the least attached to them."

Maria had thought about his question since she had found out that Liz had been taken too. "Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Liz and Kyle are the two that Max had healed. Maybe be healing them, they were marked or something?"

The sheriff thought about what Maria had pointed out. It made sense in a way. "That could be a possibility Maria, but how would they know about Kyle? We were the only ones at the UFO Center when it happened. For some reason I don't believe that was the reason the two of them had been taken along with the others." He then turned his attention back Alex. "Isabelle told you they weren't being harmed right?" Alex nodded. "Well, something is not adding up. They take them apparently against their wills, lock them up, but aren't harming them in any way. It sounds to be like they want them for something, but what?"

"Sheriff do you mind if I go lay down in Kyle's room. If there is a chance that Isabelle is able to communicate with me, it's easier for her if I'm asleep."

The sheriff accepted what Alex had just said and told him to go ahead. "Maria, why don't you lay down with Alex just in case she tries to reach you too?" The sheriff knew these kids all had a tight bond beyond that went further than just friends. Maria agreed and both she and Alex went into to Kyle's room and laid back down. Praying that one of them would hear from Isabelle again soon.

Back at the living area:

Max was having the worst time trying to keep his control looking into Liz's eyes. She was just so beautiful to him. He could get lost in her eyes forever and wouldn't care. His hand was still running through her hair even though it had been dry for a while now. It was automatic on his bodies part. His need for Liz went far beyond any control he normally felt. He knew they had been lost in each other's eyes for far too long and he also knew if he didn't look away now he wouldn't be able to stop himself from caressing those beautiful lips of hers with his own. And once he made contact with her lips, he would have no choice but to wrap his body into hers. Then there would be no controlling his need to fulfill what his body ached for so badly. To make love to this wonderful creature that loved him completely, unconditionally.


The sound of her whispering voice brought Max back from his blissful thoughts of her together with him. "Yea.. Liz?" His voice was raw with emotion. Strangled with desire he couldn't hide if his life depended on it at this moment.

"I..I need you." Was all Liz could manage to get out. The look of hunger coming from Max's eyes echoed what her own eyes were asking and she didn't just want Max. She needed him. Her body was craving every ounce of him. She slowly bit on her bottom lip trying desperately to get a hold of her own bodies raging needs.

Upon her words sinking into his brain Max couldn't help but bring his free hand that wasn't stroking her hair up to her and pull her closer to his. Their lips were only a few millimeters away from each others. He could fell the small gasps of her breathes almost touch his lips they were so close. "I...can'!" He finally managed to get out and leaned his forehead against hers, closing his eyes and let out a heavy sigh. Still wanting to be close to her, hold her, breathe in her scent, but at the same time trying desperately to get his control back. Keeping Liz from harm was always his top priority in life. Even if it killed him in the process.

Liz realized the struggle Max was having with himself. She knew of his concerns, they were the same as hers. She also wanted some of that control he always had to waver slightly tonight. "Max, as long as your by my side. You could never hurt. Max?" She stated seductively.

"Yea." He hoarsely whispered still fighting to keep his control.

"If we find out it's possible, I want to have your baby." Liz blurted out pulling away slightly to see what his reaction was.

His eyes widened. Yes, he may be part alien, but he was still a seventeen year old that was just about at the end of his rope of control. "God Liz! Do you know what you are doing to me by just saying that?"

"I want to know what you think about that?" She asked wanting an honest answer.

"Honestly?" He asked back, knowing already she wanted the truth from him.

"Yes,!" She answered as her eyes lashes fluttered shyly.

"Scared, Nervous, Anxious, Worried, but most of all, Happy. Just the thought of you being pregnant with my child makes me feel more human than I ever thought possible." He answered her as honestly as could.

"Max, I know how important it is for you to have a child. Especially now with all we know..."

Max could hear the word but coming so he said it for her. "But..."

"But, I don't want us to just have..." Liz lowered her eyes feeling embarrassed, talking about sex. Especially since the only person she had ever considered giving herself to was staring at her with those soulful eyes.

"Sex." Once again continuing her thought out loud. Then he thought, she is so innocent. How could I even have the thoughts that are coursing through my mind right now? She doesn't have the faintest idea how she is affecting me mind let alone my body.

"Yes,...I don't want to just have sex with you in hopes of getting pregnant for this cause. I want us to..." Why was this so hard to talk about she thought? This is Max, her soulmate, she should be able to say anything to him.

"Make love." He finished for her yet again. He knew how hard this decision was to make and her just willing to have the tests taken to see if it was truly possible made him want to be with her that much more. "Liz.. thank you. For offering to help, and as much as I would love to be with you. I just couldn't ask you to do this. It just wouldn't be right. When we do finally get together." With that he pulled her even closer to him if that was possible and lifted her chin so she was looking directly into his eyes. "And we will be together. It will be for the right reasons, not because it would help any cause."

"But could we be that selfish if we honestly find out the possibility is there." Now the reasonable side of her had taken over. "You do agree there are other aliens on earth, don't you?" Max nodded his agreement, so Liz continued. "We also saw how the other alien was unstoppable until he came in contact with your blood, do you agree?" He nodded once again. "How can we not be willing to reproduce to help our planet and your home planet if we were able to do it? Don't you see Max, we might not have a choice."

"Liz, we always have a choice." He understood the argument that was at hand, but he still couldn't ask her to do this. Maybe if they were older or better yet married he wouldn't have as much of a problem with asking her to do what was being asked of them now.

"I'm not so sure about that Max." She leaned into him and brushed her lips softly against his. "Do you love me Max?" She asked seductively while her lips were still touching his.

"More then life itself." He replied and then returned his lips to hers. Caressing them, but being careful not to deepen the kiss or all his control he was fighting for would be gone in an instance.

"Then make love to me Max. I need you to love me for me now and not for any mission or experiment." She grabbed the nap of his hair on his neck and gently pulled his head so she could deepen their kisses and finally fulfill the urges she had for him.

Max heard her request and as she deepened their kiss he knew she was right. Their first time should be for them and them alone. Not because of who he was, but because they loved each other. He pulled back only slightly and asked her if she was sure. When she nodded he took her mouth with his and started to feed the hunger of passion he had for her.

Before either had time to think about it any further Max grabbed her around her waist deepening their kiss. Their clothes were torn away and they explored each others bodies. Savoring each touch as they continued kissing and exploring their mouths. Just before Max entered Liz he stopped kissing her. "Liz, look at me." He requested. He needed to know she would be okay physically as well as mentally from their love making. The only way he would know for sure is if he opened a connection between them. Liz's safety was still his top priority.

Liz knew exactly what he was requesting and obliged. She let her mind blank out and only thought of Max and what was happening between them at this moment. The connection was instantaneous. His body became hers, hers became his and as he entered her they became one. Not only connected with their bodies, but of their minds and souls. They could feel everything the other was feeling while they made love. "MAX..YES!" "OH GOD LIZ!" They each moaned over and over as their passion turned into the erotic excitement they both felt upon the completion of their union.

Just before Max was about to end their connection as one they both felt something happen to Liz's body. Max immediately pulled away from Liz. He first placed his hand where he had felt her soreness from when he had broke through the thin membrane of skin that took away her innocence as he had first entered her. After he was sure she felt no more soreness he continued his journey upward. He then placed his hand just below her stomach where her womb was. It was then he felt the beginning of their child being formed that they had just created. He sank away from Liz breaking their connection. Not knowing how to tell her what he had just learned. "Liz..."

"I know Max..I know." Was all she said as she touched his face and brought it back to hers for a tender kiss.

Max had forgotten he hadn't broken the connection when he was exploring her body to figure out what they had felt change within her. When she stated she knew and kissed him he was once again amazed at how deeply he loved her and how much she loved him. Completely, unconditionally loved him. He grazed her lips once again and told her as much. "I love you, I always have, I always will."

"I love you Max."

With that they snuggled into each other's arms and were content to sleep with the knowledge that they loved each other and now nothing would ever come between them again.

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