FanFic - Max/Liz
"A New Breed"
Part 7
by Susan
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Summary: The FBI doctors decide they want more.
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Rating: R
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Nasedo/Pierce watched the sheriff's station until he was sure Sheriff Valenti was the only person left inside at the moment. He walked in cautiously, but when he saw the shock on the sheriff's face he knew an explanation was in order. "I..I..saw you die. I helped bury your body. Who the hell are you?" Sheriff Valenti demanded.

"They call me Nasedo, I am their protector."

The sheriff was still in shock. Slowly he understood, this was the shapeshifter his father had told him about all those years ago. This was the one that had murdered before. Suddenly the sheriff grew nervous for his life. "What do you want?"

"I know you have questions, but there are other matters that are more important. Max informed me you were one that could be trusted. I have been to Michael's apartment and the Harding's residence. They were both taken in their sleep."

"Taken? Taken by who?" The sheriff's concern in his voice was without doubt. He felt responsible for the four alien's safety that went beyond any duty of his job. Max Evans had saved his son's life and he owed them all that he had including his life if it came to that.

"I need to find out about Max and Isabelle. I have been to the Evan's residence, but I get no notions of any wrong doings that occurred there." Nasedo stated ignoring the sheriff's question about who had taken them.

"I spoke with Diane Evans the other morning and she had told me then about an internship Max and Isabelle had received at a law firm in Denver." The sheriff noticed the look on Nasedo's face and continued. "You don't think there was an internship at any law firm, do you?"

"Tess and Michael had no adult supervision over them so they would not be missed easy enough. But, Max and Isabelle have parental units that are thrown into the equation." Was all Nasedo said leaving the sheriff to come to his own conclusion. Both men stood in silence for a moment.

"Who took them?" The sheriff finally asked ready to go after them.

"I believe it was other members of the special unit that branched out on their own before I was informed of it." Nasedo went on to explain to the sheriff how Max had asked him to become Agent Pierce to ensure they could go back to live normal lives without worry of looking over their shoulder.

Sheriff Valenti understood the brilliance of the plan Max had deduced and it only confirmed what he believed about Max. He was special, even more so then the rest. "Where do we begin to look for them?" He asked trying to reassure the shape shifter that stood before him that he was going to help.

"My charges have let themselves become involved with other humans. I suggest you start with them. I will look into all the resources I can with the FBI. I suggest we meet again in two hours, but not here. I will contact you at your residence." With that both men realized a partnership had been formed. A partnership to protect the pod squad at any cost included the cost of their life's if it came to that.

Back at the living area:

As soon as the doctor left Max returned to the group to explain about the tonic not affecting him and the return of his powers. He then questioned Michael and Isabelle if they could tell the tonic wasn't having as much of an effect on them anymore. Michael not being the best at control when it came to his powers hadn't been able to feel any difference. So he was unable to manipulate the molecular structures of the drug to weaken it. Isabelle confessed she thought the drug wasn't as strong, but was sorry that she hadn't thought to take care of the drug like Max had so it was still in her system.

"I'm not sure if the doctor will give me a stronger dosage or if he trusts us enough to stop it all together." Max stated honestly not knowing what way the doc would go. He was hoping it would be the latter, but just wasn't sure at this point. He then spoke directly to his sister. "Isabelle, if the drug has been weakened enough in your system now you maybe able to contact Alex just to let them know about us. If you can, make sure you tell him we're okay and I would prefer they not try to help us just yet. I don't want to endanger either him or Maria. Do you understand?"

Isabelle nodded and then questioned. "What about Tess? Do you think she's going to be okay?"

"I'm pretty sure she will be or the doc wouldn't have left yet." Her brother replied.

"Well, I'm going to go and try to contact Alex. Michael would you mind coming with me. Alex usually stays with me, but...."

Michael interrupted her. "Sure Iz, I understand. Let's go." With that he took her hand and they went into her bedroom leaving Max and Liz once again alone.

"Liz, how are you doing?" Max asked her with concern.

"I need to know Max. When you made the connection to heal her, what did you see?" She asked back not answering his question.

Max had seen the truth of how Tess had felt. He knew he had to tell Liz, but he wasn't sure how she would take the truth. He was scared she would once again pull away from him, but he had to be truthful with her. It was the only way he could be with Liz. "What Kyle said was correct. All she has ever been told was that she and I were destined to be together. I saw how she felt and how she was drawn to me when she first saw me, but I couldn't feel any love for me. I understand why she did what she did to us. It doesn't change the fact that she caused pain for both of us."

"Max, you are the most loving man I know. You are kind, caring and you love deep from within you. I know you feel she betrayed you by hurting me, but I'm okay. And you wouldn't be the same man I love if you were unable to forgive her and let us move pass this."

Once again amazed by the strength of his Liz, he wrapped his arms around her waist. "I love you." Was all he could say. Those three words had more meaning in them then at this time then a hundred words could have ever said.

"Let's go see how she's doing? And when we've had a chance to talk to her I think it's time the two of us discuss a few other important matters." Liz stated and grabbed Max's hand. Hand and hand they went inside Tess's room to wait for her to awaken.

Michael laid holding Isabelle while she tried desperately to dreamwalk inside Alex's dream. To her surprise she was in quickly. "Alex! Alex!"

"Isabelle? Is that really you or am I just dreaming again?"

They both blushed at Alex's question. Isabelle rushed into his arms quickly and took a few minutes just to feel his arms around her. She had almost forgotten how safe she felt in his arms. "Yes, Alex, it's really me. Listen I don't have much time. Me, Max, Michael, Tess, Liz and Kyle have been taken by another group of the special unit. We were all knocked out and drugged so we don't know where we are, but I don't think we are too far from Roswell. They aren't hurting us or anything like what happened before with Max. There is this doctor, DR Turner is his name. He says he's keeping us here for our own protection. That's about all we know so far. We just wanted you to know...I mean...I just wanted you to know what's going on. Don't try and be any kind of hero just yet. I'll get back with you as soon as I can or if I have more information later okay."

Isabelle knew her connection was weakening so she hugged Alex one more time and said. "I miss you Alex, let Maria know Michael misses her too." And with that she was gone.

Alex immediately sat up in bed and called Maria. "They're in trouble." Was all he said and then asked if she could pick him up. It was time to go to the sheriff's house and let him know what was going on. Maria was already throwing on her clothes before she even got off the phone with Alex. Michael was in trouble and needed her was all she knew. It didn't matter if they were together or not now.

Isabelle came out of Alex's dream and turned to Michael who was laying next to her and hugged him tightly. "I miss him Michael. I know what our destiny says, but I miss Alex. I'm sorry."

Michael couldn't help but smile. Isabelle was his sister in every sense of the word to him. "You don't have to explain it to me Izzy. I miss Maria too, I just hadn't said anything before because I didn't want to upset you. Now it was Isabelle's turn to laugh. They had a destiny all right and their names were Maria Deluca and Alex Whitman. They both decided it was time to fill Max and the others in on her successful try at dreamwalking Alex. They also were concerned for Tess and wanted to check on her.

When they walked into Tess's room they looked to Kyle. "Any changes? Has she awakened yet?" Isabelle asked concerned for her friend. Then she thought about the word friend and she concluded in her mind. Yes, Tess is my friend. Maybe not as close as a friend as they could be, but she was determined when Tess woke up she would let her know that she for one wanted to try to be friends, good friends.

"No change yet." Kyle replied coldly. They could tell Kyle was blaming all of them for what Tess had tried to do. They could also tell Kyle had feelings for Tess that went beyond friendship even if he hadn't admitted to himself yet.

Suddenly Tess began to stir and when her eyes blinked open all five of the other's let out a sigh of relief. She reached out and touched Kyle's hand gently. "Kyle?"

He squeezed the hand that she had gently, smiled at her and said. "Max and Liz found you. Max saved your life."

"Max? Why? Why would you do that for me when you hate me? I don't understand."

"I don't hate you Tess. You are a part of us. You always were and you always will be." He stated honestly and then continued. "Tess, I am so sorry I didn't give you a chance to explain your side. I was wrong I should have given you that chance."

"No, Max, I'm the one that owes you an apology. All of you." She stated as she looked from Max to Michael to Isabelle and then finally at Liz. "Especially you Liz. I hope someday I can try to find the right words to help you understand why I did what I did and that you can forgive me."

"Tess, you don't have to explain anything. Kyle already did and I do understand. There's nothing to forgive." Liz told her and smiled trying to show her that she meant what she had said.

Tess then looked to Kyle with a questioning expression. "Hey what can I say. I've been catching up on my feminine side watching The View lately." Everyone began to laugh which with what this group had been through lately it was apparent they all desperately needed.

The moment didn't last long when Max decided they needed to deal with what Tess had tried to do earlier. "Look Tess, we were put here together for a reason. You are as important to our mission as any of us and I need to know we can count on you."

Tess knew exactly what he was trying to say. "You can count on me." Was all she said with the understanding a repeat of tonight would never happen again.

"Good, then we will put it behind us. But, if you ever need to talk we are here for you. No matter what we are family and if you need us. Any of us, we'll be there for you. That goes for all of us. There is too much at stake right now. Agreed?"

The other five all nodded their heads in agreement. Michael, Isabelle and Tess also voiced their agreement. "I think it's time we all get some rest. We'll talk again tomorrow." Max then gave Kyle a glance that asked him to stay with Tess and make sure she was okay during the night.

Kyle understood the glance Max gave him and then escorted everyone else out of the room. He closed the door letting Tess know he was staying with her and there would be no discussing it.

Once outside Tess's room Isabelle informed Max and Liz of her success in getting a hold of Alex. She told him everything that she had told him without telling anything of the personal nature and then excused herself to her bedroom for the night. Max tried to offer to take the night watch since he had his powers back, but Michael wouldn't hear of it. "I'm on the couch anyway bro. Besides you have more important things to take care of tonight." Michael motioned to Liz as he finished this last statement.

Max wrapped his arm around Liz and escorted her to their room without needing to ask permission to stay with her this time. He knew as did she it would be assumed from here on out as long as they were there. They would be sharing the room along with sharing the bed. Liz excused herself needing to take a shower after the day of tests. Max undressed down to his boxers. He was determined not to lose his control of his feelings for Liz until they got the results back from the doc and he was sure it would be safe for her. But, he needed to be as close to her as possible.

When Liz came out of the shower she was dressed in the long nightshirt she had been given to wear as PJ's by the technician yesterday. She approached Max and asked if he would mind drying her hair once again for her. He obliged without hesitation. As he ran his figures through her hair he cursed himself for feeling his control slip as much as it did just touching her hair. Liz was also having just as much trouble keeping her feelings under control. Especially having Max in her bed, practically naked and running his fingers through her hair. "Max...we need talk." Her voice being hoarse with emotion.

"Liz, I just want to hold you tonight. We can't...I mean..I don't think I could stop...If we." Max was trying to say the words his brains was telling him to say, but his heart and body was saying just the opposite of what his brain was saying.

"I know your right..I just." She turned around to face him and immediately was lost in his eyes.

Back in Roswell:

Alex and Maria pulled up to the Valenti residence a short while after Isabelle's visit. They pounded on his door anxiously hoping he wasn't asleep. When he answered the door they both stated. "They're in trouble." He opened the door wider to let them in and they both stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Nasedo/Agent Pierce standing in the sheriff's living room.

"Oh my God!" Was all Maria had gotten out before she passed out.

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