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"A New Breed"
Part 36
by Susan
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It had been two days since the battle had been fought. Two days that Isabelle had tried to contact someone for information from Roswell. She had tried to dream walk Sheriff Valenti many times only to find she couldn't get in. She tried Kyle, but she hit a brick wall everytime which she didn't understand. She even tried her own parents only to be surrounded in darkness each time she got into their dreams. Isabelle knew something was wrong. "Max, I think we need to go back to Roswell." She finally voiced her concerns on how she wasn't able to contact anyone. She then went into detail explaining how she had tried and tried to get in contact with those who she cared for and those who they knew they could trust.

"Why didn't you say anything before?" Max inquired. He still felt guilty about Tess being killed and now with Isabelle's confession about their friends and family, the guilt just seemed to mount that much more.

Isabelle explained she thought that she just wasn't catching anyone asleep, but now she knew something must be wrong. After his disturbing conversation with Isabelle, Max went and discussed the situation with Liz. He wasn't going to make any decisions without her, but after what Isabelle had told him. He knew it was time to go back. Liz trusted Max's instincts. If he agreed there was reason to go back to Roswell, then more than likely there were good reasons. "I go where you go." She stated simply.

Max had gathered everyone together and let Isabelle explain the situation. Then Max's next statement caused an uproar amongst the group. "Liz and I will be going back to Roswell alone." Isabelle was the first to object, she wanted to be able to see her parents again if only for a short time period. Michael then threw at him how he should come along in case they needed protection. Max firmly stood his ground this time. He still felt too much guilt for Tess's death. In fact if there was any way he could leave Liz here he would, but he knew the trip was more than likely going to take longer than one day, so leaving her behind was out of the question. He wasn't going to risk everyone and he knew he would be able to protect Liz and himself using his powers if it came to that, but he wouldn't be able to sustain the force field for everyone. He reassured his friends they would be back before they even knew they were gone.

They waited until it would be dark by the time they arrived in Roswell to leave. The drive to their home town was mainly in silence. Neither Max and Liz had no idea what to expect when they arrived home. Their first stop was the Valenti's residence. When no one answered the door, they decided to try Max's house. The house was completely dark. Max kept Liz close to his side at all times. When it came to her safety there was no choice for him. As quietly as they could they went inside and searched for answers to his parent's where about. When they found none, they then decided to go to Liz's. They decided it would be best to climb up her balcony and sneak in through her bedroom. Once again they found nothing. Nothing that is until they went down to the Crashdown.

Max walked over to the door to peak out, but as he touched the door knob the flashes started. *Flash* Both his parents and Liz's parents sitting at one of the booths after closing. *Flash* The six other aliens that Max had seen leave the battle coming in and questioning their parents where he was. *Flash* His father and Jeff Parker being burned, lying motionless on the floor of the Crashdown. *Flash* His mother being slapped. At the sight of his adopted mother being slapped Max released the door knob. He couldn't see any more, the guilt poured through his body. "Oh my God, what have I done." Tears welled in his eyes.

"Max? What is it? What happened?" Liz saw the look on his face and knew without a doubt something horrible had happened to her parents.

Max gripped Liz and hugged her tightly as if his life depended on it. In fact at that moment his life did depend on the warmth of her body. "Liz, I am so sorry." Was all he could get out. He couldn't bring himself to see everything that had happened to them, but knew without a doubt all of their parents had been beaten and tortured for information on his where about.

Tears streamed down Liz's face as she thought the very worst. "Max, tell me. Are my parents okay? What did you see, I need to know?" She cried out.

"They came, they came looking for me. It's my fault Liz, I'm so sorry." A tear was running down his cheek and Liz could feel the guilt that was coursing through his body.

Liz pulled away from Max just far enough so she could look him in the eye. "Max, what ever happened here, we'll get through this together." When she saw the signs of guilt and defeat threatening him she knew he needed her to be strong. "I can't get through this without you Max. I need you to be strong. This baby and I need you to keep it together if we're going to make it through this. Now, tell me are my parents dead?"

Max looked stunned at Liz for a moment. Then he knew what she was doing. Taking control of his emotions once again he looked deeply into her eyes. "I don't know. I know our father's were hurt pretty bad, but I'm not sure if they were killed or not." He answered honestly.

Still trying to be strong and not let the news of her father get to her she continued her questioning. "What about our mother's?"

"I saw them hit my mom. That's all, I couldn't watch any more. It was the same six that left the battle the other day." He answered.

"I think we should visit the hospital. Our parents may still be alive. If they were hurt, but still alive that's more then likely where they would be at." Liz's brain was driving her not to let her emotions come into play, but to let the logical side take over right now.

"Let's go." With that he grabbed her hand and they went out the back door toward Mr. Walter's vehicle they had chosen to drive back to Roswell.

When they arrived at the hospital, they broke into the record's department and found that all four of their parents had been admitted. Both moms were in the same room, but their fathers were in the burn unit ward. It didn't take Max and Liz long to sneak into their mom's room. The sight of them took both of them by shock. Both Diane and Nancy's faces were swollen and black and blue with bruises. Both of Diane's arms were in cast and one of Nancy's legs was in a cast. Liz immediately ran to her mother, but Max began to look at their medical charts at the foot of each of their beds. He discovered his mother's kidneys were failing due to several blows to her stomach and her collar bone had been shattered. Liz's mother had several broken ribs and one of her lungs had collapsed.

"Max, can you help them?" The questions was more of a plea for help and Max didn't hesitate.

"Keep an eye on the door for me and I'll see what I can do okay." He stated firmly as he squeezed her hand.

Max knelt down beside Liz's mother. "Nancy, can you hear me. Please I need you to look at me." Nancy slowly blinked her eyes, but because of their swollen condition she could barely open them. It was enough though for Max to make the connection he needed desperately to make. He immediately healed Nancy Parker's lung and repaired the broken ribs. He than moved his hand over her leg and that too was mended. Slowly he began the healing of her face as his powers were beginning to be drained.

Nancy Parker slowly opened her eyes widely. She was in shock of what had just happened. She had been in so much pain one minute and the next she felt completely normal. When she saw the smile on her daughter's face and the young man that had won her daughter's heart she knew what had just happened. "Thank you." She stated as she looked at Max and then turned her attention to Liz. "Liz, honey is that really you? Are you okay? Where's your father?"

Liz ran over to her mother's bed side and hugged her deeply. "I've missed you mom." She stated with love. "We haven't had time to see dad yet, but we will." She looked over to Max and he could see the pride in her eyes for what he had just done. Max looked down shyly, he was still extremely modest when it came to anyone's gratitude for helping them.

Nancy looked over at her friend Diane. In the past week the two of them had become extremely close. Max followed her eyes to his mother. He needed a few minutes to recuperate his energy before he could try and heal his own mother. It was Liz that made him not feel guilty for not having enough strength to help her out right away. "Max, sit down and rest. Your mother is going to need all of your strength. When your able to, you'll take care of her too."

Max went and sat in the chair that was by his mother's bed. Liz hugged her mother and then knew that Max needed her more right then. She got up and went over to him. Without any hesitation she sat down on his lap. As she wrapped her arms around his neck she kissed him. Max could feel his energy level gaining with each second that Liz kissed him. It amazed him, one minute he felt so drained and now he could literally feel the energy being put back into him. After a few minutes of watching her daughter and her future son in law kissing passionately Nancy cleared her throat. It was at this point Max realized how close he had begun to lose control. "Thanks, for the energy boost." He whispered seductively in her ear.

"Sometimes, I need your energy and then sometimes you need mine." Liz stated with a large smile on her face. Then proceeded to get off his lap and let him get to the mission at hand.

It didn't take long for Max to make the connection with his own mom. His first job was to repair her kidneys, second was her collar bone, next her broken arms were repaired and last but not least Max repaired her face back to normal. As his mother came too and looked upon her son's face she had tears of happiness. He also seen the pride that shown in her eyes. And for the first time in a very long time (since Liz had been shot and he was able to save her life) Max Evan's was proud that he was anything but normal. Of course, Max's energy level was once again depleted. He sat back down in the chair and tried to recuperate some energy so they could go see what he could do for their fathers.

While Max was recuperating Liz inquired the full story from her mom and Diane Evans of what had happened. The two women took turns going over that night for their two children. Max didn't say anything, but he it amazed him how much his father had taken and still had refused to give them even the slightest indication of where he and Liz had been located.

After a short time period Max felt like he had enough energy to help their fathers. He wasn't about to leave his or Liz's mother alone, so all four slowly made their way down to the burn unit of the hospital. To their dismay, the burn unit was constantly being monitored by the hospital staff. There was no way Max would be able to get in and help their fathers here without being seen. They were able to see how both men were wrapped in gaze over most of their bodies though. By the looks of the monitors they could tell they didn't have much time to save them. "Max, I have an idea." Liz stated and then proceeded to tell them her thoughts. Nancy Parker was amazed at the way her only daughter handled herself under this type of pressure, but then again she remembered everything her daughter had been through in the past year.

Max waved his hand over his clothes and Liz's clothes changing them to match an ambulance driver's attire. He then made fake transfer papers to allow them to transfer their father's to the new advance burn unit ward at LaCruiso's hospital. With ease both played their parts perfectly with their mother's help playing the upset wife's. Actually Nancy and Diane roles were easy to play since they were upset at the sight of their husbands. As soon as both men were loaded into the ambulance Max started the vehicle with his powers and then allowed Liz to drive while he went into the back and began the healing process on Mr. Parker. Once he finally got the connection made, it didn't take long until Jeff Parker was sitting up and holding his wife in his arms.

Even though Max was drained of energy, he didn't think they had time to wait for him to help his father. Philip Evans laid in the back of the ambulance fighting for each breathe his body took. Because of his condition he was in a coma type sleep making it almost impossible to for Max to form the much needed connection. Even though Max's energy level was drained from the other healing he had performed already he kept up trying desperately to form a connection without the help of his father. It took every ounce of energy he had, but he finally made the connection and once again started the healing process for his father. He was able to heal the physical state of his father's injuries, but Philip Evan's body was still in shock and in the coma induced sleep. This was something that Max had no ability to fix.

Liz drove them back to the Evan's home. Max along with Jeff Parker's help wheeled Philip into his home. Once inside Jeff offered to drive the ambulance back to the hospital and bring back the car Max and Liz had driven over there. Once he got back he could see how tired the two teens were and insisted they go lie down to rest for a while. As tired as he was, Max was somewhat reluctant to leave anyone alone even for a little while. His mother had other plans and ordered him to his room, along with Liz.

Once in his bedroom, Liz closed the door and both sat on his old bed. "I can't believe I was just sent to my room by my mother." Max stated. "I mean, I'm supposed to be this great leader of an entire planet and my mom sends me to my room." Still complaining, but Liz could hear the pun in his voice and knew he was only joking.

"Well, if you don't stop whining and lay down to get some sleep. I'll make sure she knows and maybe she'll make you mow the lawn tomorrow." She joking replied back.

With that Max grabbed her and threw her back on his bed tickling her wildly. "So your going to tell on me to my mom huh!"

"Max, Stop, please!" She cried out in-between her laughter. When her pleas didn't stop his assault she devised another plan. While she squirmed underneath him her hand reached for that every present bulge beneath his jeans and began to rub gently.

This action had it's planned affect and Max stopped his tickling assault. "God, Liz, okay I give. You win." Then Max began another type of assault of his own as he brought his mouth down on hers and kissed her fiercely and firmly.

Before they lost total control, Liz pulled back. "Rest first, we can play later." Max rolled onto his back and then realized how suddenly he didn't feel tired any more. In fact, kissing Liz made him feel anything but tired. He pulled her over close to him and began to slowly ravage her mouth once again.

"I need some more energy from you, what about you? Need any energy?" His voice deep and Liz could hear the earning in it. She also couldn't help and smile at the playfulness of him. Not too many people saw this side of Max Evans, but Liz often got to and she loved it completely.

Then Liz remembered her parents were right down stairs. "Max, our parents. Remember." She reminded him as her hand self consciously began stroking the nape of his neck.

Max leaned over and kissed her once again passionately. "I'm pretty sure they think we're asleep. I don't think they will be disturbing us any time soon." With that said he started caressing her body. Once he found her breast and began his message, Liz knew she was lost to his touch and submitted eagerly to his request. They made love as quietly as possible. After they finished Max all but collapsed into a deep sleep with Liz following close behind him. Content in each other's arms and smiles on both their faces, they slept peacefully.

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