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"A New Breed"
Part 35
by Susan
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Maria was looking at Liz not understanding her best friend at all. At first both girls had been scared out of their wits, thinking the other aliens had found their sanctuary at the lake house. Suddenly it seemed like Liz just started to relax. Liz had told her Max was on his way and now Maria was simply perplexed. "How can you sit there so calm? Are you sure Max is on is way? I mean we have been up here for a couple hours now Liz, what if something happened to them? Wait, is Michael okay? You didn't say anything about Michael being on his way. What if something happened to Michael?"

By now Liz could tell her friend was letting her imagination run away with herself. She wanted to comfort Maria and let her know that Michael was fine, but she couldn't feel Michael only Max. "Maria, I'm sure Michael is fine and with Max. I can't explain how I know for sure Max is on is way, it's just I can feel his feelings and everything I feel says Max is coming." Liz tried to explain it the best way she could think of to her best friend.

Maria took a deep breathe wishing she had some of her cypress oil here. "You know a year ago if you said something like that to me, I probably would have freaked. But, now I'm going to have to trust your feelings or should I say trust Max's feelings?"

Liz couldn't help and laugh at Maria's statement. She didn't quite understand how this was at all possible herself, so how in the world was she expecting Maria to understand it all. "You really have grown so much in the past year." She tried to joke to help calm her friend down to the point where she was calm.

"Yea, but not as much as you are going to grow this year." Maria joked back as she put her hands under her shirt pulling it out like she was carrying a baby. "So do you think those guys that were back at the house were, you know, them?"

"I'm not sure, I do think it would be best for us to just sit tight until the guys get back and get us." This time Liz stated the guys in lieu of only saying Max. Maria was just now starting to calm down, she didn't want her to start getting all paranoid again.

"What if they don't figure out we are here in this stupid cave?" Maria could just see them getting to the house and think the two of them had been taken or worst.

"Max knows." Liz stated confidently. Maria knew right then and there she wasn't going to question any thing between Max and Liz again. 'Soulmates, I knew it.' She thought to herself.

The two sat in silences for what seemed like forever. Waiting to be found by the two men they loved. When they heard the rustling of the leaves from outside the cave both girls hugged each other not sure what to expect next. "LIZ!" It was a voice she would know no matter what the circumstances.

"MAX, We're in here!" She shouted back. Within seconds Max was in the cave and swept her in his arms once again. "Oh Max...I was so scared..There are three of them...Their in the house." Liz was trying to explain in between their reunion kisses.

Max continued to kiss and hold Liz tightly. "It's okay." He then looked to the rest of the group. Michael was holding Maria and Alex had his arm around Isabelle. "We're all okay now." Isabelle, Alex and Michael had filled Max in on the three teenagers that they had ran off on their way to the cave. They hadn't had the chance to explain what had happened back in Socorro yet though.

"So what happened? Are we really okay, Max?" Max knew what Liz was referring to.

"Let's go home. I'll fill you all in on everything." He stated simply as he led the way out of the cave and back toward their house with his arm securely around Liz's waist. It was going to be a very very long time before he left her side again. On their way back to the house once again Michael with Isabelle's and Alex's help revealed the truth about the three visitors at their home earlier. This made both Maria and Liz feel a little silly that they had acted so paranoid. "If you hadn't taken the precautions you did, we would have been having another type of discussion." Max assured them both. "I think from this point out our motto is going to always be 'Better Safe, Then Sorry.'"

Once they had arrived back at the house everyone gathered in the living room for Max to fill them in on what had happened. Max gave them a quick version of what he had experienced. He didn't think everyone wanted the true bloody version it truly was. He also told them about Ryan and how he felt he owed him the truth. As he was about to explain about the threat the other alien had made on Liz and their baby, he felt her feelings once again.

Liz was beginning to feel that every so familiar feeling of dizziness. She tried to feigned it off long enough for Max to finish telling them everything when Max surprised her. Max stood up, lifting Liz with him. "We need to talk for a minute." He stated and then ushered her toward their room leaving their four friends wondering what was up.

"Okay, can someone explain to me what that was all about?" Isabelle questioned and then continued. "I mean we didn't even get a chance to tell them about Tess."

"What about Tess?" Maria asked feeling left in the dark once again.

Michael stood up away from Maria, the guilt starting to gnaw on him. With his back turned he answered. "She was killed."

"What? How? I mean wasn't she with you guys?" Maria inquired pointing to Isabelle and Alex.

Alex noticed Michael's reaction and knew that Isabelle wasn't ready to talk about it again already so he explained what had happened to Maria. As soon as he finished Maria knew exactly what was going through Michael's mine. "Michael, don't. There wasn't anything you could have done. We need to think of a way to tell Max and Liz. I know you are feeling guilty, but just imagine how the two of them are going to be feeling when they find out what happened. They are both going to need us, so what ever your feeling stop right now."

Michael finally turned to face her, as he looked directly at her, he knew she was right. He walked over to her and gently kissed her. "Thanks." Was all he needed to say and knew she understood him.

"So what do you think Max needed to talk to Liz about?" Alex questioned.

"I couldn't really hear what was being said between Max and the other alien, but I'm pretty sure that guy threatened Liz or the baby. In fact I was starting to wonder if Max was going to try to reason with them up until that point. Then Max just went ballistic and sent the go ahead for the plan. I guess Max just wanted to try to explain it to Liz in private before he told all of us about it." Michael explained.

Once inside their bedroom Max quickly locked their door and pulled Liz into a tight embrace. "I can't tell you how much I need to hold you right now." His voice becoming deep with passion.

Liz could still feel the dizziness beginning to sweep through her body, but having Max's arms around her seemed to have calmed it down from growing intensely. "Not as much as I need you I bet."

"I know." He stated as he started kissing her and walking her toward their bed.

Liz broke their kiss just long enough to look into his eyes and knew he was serious. He could actually tell she needed him without her having to say anything to him. She didn't understand it and she needed to know if what she was thinking was true or not. "Do you Max? Do you know?"

Max started to caress her body with his hands. Starting to trace her face, down her neck, along her shoulders, stopping just above her breast. He looked into her eyes and simply nodded. Max continued his way down her body undressing her as he went. Liz wanted to tell Max about what she experienced at the cave, but as Max continued to undress and caress her body all thoughts of what she wanted to talk to him about ceased to exist. Their love making was exquisite as always, both reaching total togetherness as one in body, in soul and in excasty.

When Liz finally got her breath back she remembered what she needed to talk to Max about. "Max, I need to tell you something that happened in the cave." Max threw her a worried look that made her continue quickly. "I knew you were coming for me. It was like I could feel your emotions and they were telling me to stay safe. I know how it sounds, but it's the truth. How long did it take you guys to figure out where Maria and I were anyway?"

Now it was Max's turn to try and explain. "Michael, Isabelle and Alex had searched the house by the time I had arrived home. I knew where you were there the whole time. At one point did you touch the cave wall willing me to feel it?"

"You mean it worked, it actually worked. God, this is so amazing. When I felt your feelings for me to stay safe, I tried to concentrate all my feelings on the cave. I even reached out and touched the wall." Liz was truly amazed to find out how strong their connection truly was and thought about how they had come into the bedroom. "Max? Did you really know that the baby and I needed you?"

"Yes, The first time I felt your emotions was when Nasedo had taken you back at the facility. Since then, every time your emotions start getting intense, I feel them. Are you saying you can feel my emotions too?"

"I think so. I can't explain how, but when we were in the cave. I knew you were coming. How can this be possible?" Liz wanted so desperately to understand.

"Maybe it has to do with the connection we share with our baby. I know in the past I could feel your presence sometimes before I even seen you." Max confessed while they continued their discussion, he couldn't help but gently caress Liz's body. From her shoulder, over her hips, down to her thighs and then slowly back up again. They were both still undressed and lying facing each other. "Liz?"

Liz was enjoying the feel of Max's gentle touch as he softly ran his hand up and down her body. When she looked into his eyes, it was like she could tell what he was about to ask her before the question even escaped his lips. "It's okay Max, ask me."

"Did you see it?" Max was referring to the battle he had fought earlier. He knew when they made love their connection was always opened and he knew how she had seen what had happened to him in the white room. He hadn't really gone into great detail of the battle with everyone else, but he was afraid if she had seen it, it might scare her. Scare her enough to start to think twice about their relationship.

She cupped her hands on both sides of his face. "We're in this together, forever, remember. Yes, I saw what happened and no, nothing will make me think twice about our relationship. I'm in love with you Max Evans. I am proud to wear this ring you gave me and hopefully very soon I will be proud to call you my husband." Then Liz pulled her body so she was laying right on top of him and leaned her forehead so it was touching his. Her hair had cascaded covering both of their faces. "You've already proposed to me, twice in fact and I've accepted both times. Do you really think I'm going to let a little thing like a war let you off the hook from marrying me now." She brought her lips so close to his that they could feel each other's breathe against them.

Max brought one hand around her waist, pulling her hips tight against his once again aroused erection. While his other hand went to the back of her neck. "Your amazing, you know that." He whispered and then broke the final distance between their lips and kissed her passionately. It didn't take long before his manhood found it's way into the heavenly passage of Liz. This time though Max had no desire to rush their love making. He knew their baby's needs were well taken care of. This time it was all about just the two of them.

Liz had begun to rock her hips slowly, fully taking Max's arousal inside of her and then lifting until he was almost completely pulled out, only to retake him once again. All too soon their desire for that final destination over came them. "Max....Help me!" She cried out needing more of him, faster and harder.

Max was only to happy to oblige his love. He moved his hands to her hips and helped lift and lower her onto himself. As he pumped his own hips up to match the thrusts. In no time both were enjoying the bliss of their climaxes.

Both exhausted from the days events, both physically and mentally they fell asleep in the same position as their love making.

Back in Roswell:

The sheriff had just left the county coroners office. He stood next to his vehicle still in a state of shock and confusion of how this could have happened. Not just how, but why. The soft tap on his shoulder brought him back. "Jim, why don't you let me drive you home." He looked into the face of Amy DeLuca and finally the shock began to wear off. Jim Valenti let his guard down and cried. Cried for the death of his son. Amy put her arms around the man she had always looked at as the strongest person she knew and held him gently. She walked him over to her jetta and placed him in the passenger side seat, then got in herself. "I know there isn't any words that I could say that would comfort you right now. I just want you to know, that your not alone." With that she pulled the car away from the county coroners office and drove to her home.

Amy didn't quite know what was going on in her home town. Roswell had always been for the most part a very safe place to live. Then all of this happened. First the horrible attack on both the Evans and the Parkers at the Crashdown. All four of her friends were at Roswell Memorial Hospital, fighting for their lives. Then the beating death of this man's son, Kyle Valenti. For the first time since Maria had left Roswell, Amy DeLuca was glad her daughter wasn't here. After all she did work at the Crashdown and the possibility that she might have been there was more than likely possible.

When they arrived at her home she helped the sheriff into her house, into her room and into her bed. She then laid next to him, wrapping her arms around him and held him close for the remainder of the night.

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