FanFic - Max/Liz
"A New Breed"
Part 2
by Susan
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Summary: The FBI doctors decide they want more.
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Max awoke still feeling druggie from the drug he had been injected with. He couldn't move his hands or legs. It didn't take him long to figure out he was strapped to a bed inside a cell. His immediate thoughts were of Isabelle. "Isabelle?" He called out but there was no reply.

The cell door opened and a man who looked to be slightly older then a middle aged man with dark brown hair that had just a touch of gray at his temples. He had dark eyes but they had emotion to them. If Max had met this man under any other circumstances he would not find him scary in the least bit, but instead a very friendly individual. When he spoke Max was surprised at how his tone had an excitement to it that wasn't menacing at all. In fact to Max it almost sounded friendly. "Max, my name is Jacob Turner. Doctor Turner actually, but if you would prefer to address me as Jacob rather than Dr. Turner I won't have a problem with that. I am so glad to finally get to meet you face to face. I have read everything about you and I can't tell you how honored I am to finally meet you personally."

"Where's my sister?" Max's protecting instinct came into play before any concerns for himself.

"Don't worry Max, she is being treated as well. We are not like Agent Pierce or any of the other alien hunters you have feared in the past. I honestly can tell you none of us wish any harm to come to you. On the contrary your well being is the utmost importance to all of us."

"Why are we here?"

"I will answer all of your questions soon enough. I'm going to need to give you some more Katrinizm(Made up name of drug by author). This is the drug we have found to be most effective in suppressing your neurological transponents that give you your special abilities. I know you won't understand this now, but please believe me when I say this will be the worst you will experience while you are here. I know of your capabilities and soon you will understand why you are so important." As the doctor approached Max with the needle he leaned down and whispered in his ear. "Don't worry about the others I will look after them for you." The drug was injected and once again Max was feeling light headed.

During their drug induced status the lab technicians were able to draw blood samples, take x-rays, and run a variety of test on all four of the aliens. They were given food, water and even allowed to use the relief facility. After a few days of being under the influence of the drugs the aliens were all released from their straps on their beds without guards standing over them. Michael was the first one to try to open his cell using his powers only to find nothing happened. With the exception of Max and Isabelle's knowledge of each other being here none of the other test subjects knew of the other's presence. One by one each alien tried but was unsuccessful in opening their cell door. Isabelle tried to dreamwalk Max only to find that wasn't even a possibility. Slowly the realization of what the drug they had been given had actually done set in and their hope for escape seemed to be in the hands of those who they had grown to trust. Little did any of them know that none of them were even missing in action at this time.

The doctor approached Max carefully, he knew this kid had been through a lot with Agent Pierce and he didn't want him to think he was going to be putting him through the same kind of treatment here. "Hello Max."

"You have me just please let my sister go." Max pleaded.

"Max, you don't understand yet. You and your sister are very important individuals. Now my goal here is not to cause any harm or pain. When you are fully made aware of your importance here I am hoping you will be willing to help us without any further need of the drugs."

"What is it that you want from us?"

"Please drink the tonic." As the doctor stated his request a panel opened in Max's room and a tray with a cup holding some strange pink liquid slid inside Max's cell. Max just looked at the liquid and then back at the doctor with an I-Don't-Think-So look upon his face. "This contains a small enough dosage of Katrizim in it to protect myself and my fellow associates against your abilities. I want you to understand I do know what happened to you at Eagle Rock and I will assure you that will not happen here. But, I also know you have the capability to kill me with so much of a touch of your hand. This tonic will allow me to speak with you freely without fear. I do not want to keep you strapped to a bed and drugged for however long this will take. Please Max drink the tonic so we can move on and let you out of this cell and into a more comfortable living condition."

"If you don't want to harm us, then why are we being held against our will?"

"I will let you go as soon as you understand why you are here. But until I know that both parties to this arrangement are safe from harm I cannot do that. I could have put the drug in your food without you being any the wiser, but I would prefer to be honest with you up front. Now please drink the tonic and I will be able to explain your importance and why you have been brought here. You will also be able to see your sister again as soon as the tonic is taken."

This last statement made Max think about taking the tonic more. Something inside of Max made him believe what the doctor had told him. He slowly approached the tray holding the cup. He lifted the cup to his nose to smell it and then slowly tasted a small amount. Before he had time to think twice about it Max threw the liquid into his mouth and let it slide down his throat in one gulp. He then turned to the doctor. "I want to see my sister now." He demanded.

As soon as Max made his demand the wall to his cell opened on the far side. Max walked through the cell into what looked like a spacious living area. There was a couch, love seat, two reclining chairs that sat around a television set on one side of the room. The other side had a large dining room table that had eight chairs around it. Max could see a small kitchen area on the far side that held a sink and a refrigerator. Across from where he stood were three doors on the far side of the room. Max cautiously approached the doors and one by one he opened them in hopes to find his sister behind one of them. Instead he found each room contained a double bed, dresser, desk, and had a private bathroom with a shower. Max's mind was unable to come up with an explanation.

DR Turner came into the living area and greeted Max with an outstretched hand. "Max, it's my pleasure to welcome you."

Max did not take the man's hand instead he stated once more in a demanding tone. "I want to see my sister now."

The doctor immediately went over to the television and turned it on. "Please show Mr. Evans cell #2." At that moment Max could see Isabelle strapped to the same kind of table he had previously been strapped to.


"Max, I am not going to force her to drink the tonic. It is her decision she is still being held like that. I made her the same offer I extended to you, but to my dismay she refused my offer for now. You may watch all that happens to her from here on out. I can assure you she will not be harmed. I'll have the television kept on for 24hours so you will know I am telling you the truth until she makes her own decision to drink the tonic and join you."

Max could sense the regret the doctors tone had in his voice that Isabelle had not drank the tonic. He then walked over to the television and touched the screen lightly wanting to reach out for his sister and give her the support he knew she needed at this moment. The loving gesture did not go unnoticed by the doctor. "Can I talk to her?"

"I would rather this be her choice." Was all the doctor stated.

Then Max looked around the living quarters and back to the bedroom doors. "Why are there three bedrooms?"

The doctor grinned slightly. "I knew you were intelligent. Yes, we have other guest here besides you and your sister if that's what you are wondering."


"Mr. Guerin and Ms Harding are also here if that's who you are wondering about."

"Can I see them too?"

"Please insert cell's #3 & #4 on the screen for Mr. Evans." Immediately the television screen split into four pictures showing Michael, Tess and Isabelle all being strapped onto their beds. The fourth screen was blank.

"Michael" Max muttered under his breath realizing that now it was not only him and Isabelle that had been captured but all of them.

Max was served lunch and dinner which he didn't eat. He didn't sleep that night as he watched over his sister and friends. He had a million questions running through his mind, but the doctor hadn't told him much more and let him know that as soon as everyone was present he would let them all know why they were here. The next morning Max was offered the tonic again. He wanted to refuse it, but he wanted to make sure Isabelle and the others were being taken care of so without another thought he gulped it down.

Max watched as the doctor tried to get Michael and Tess to drink his tonic and to the dismay of both of them each refused once again and once again they were strapped to their beds and shot up with the drug. Isabelle however did drink the tonic once the doctor had informed her Max had and was waiting for her. When her cell door opened Max ran to his sister and hugged her to him as if his life depended on it. "Are you okay?" He asked her with much concern in his voice.

"Yea, I think so. How are you?" She replied with just as much concern. Then she noticed the television screen that now had two of the four split screens blank and Michael and Tess in the other two pictures. "Oh my God Max, Michael and Tess?"

"I know Izzy, it will be okay. We'll get through this together somehow." He still held her in a comforting manner as he knew the realization of what had actually happened hit her.

"Ms Evans, Welcome." The doctor greeted Isabelle who was being held protectively by her brother at this point. The conversation with the doctor went the same as it had with Max. The doctor assured them they were not going to be harmed and he would explain everything once the others had joined them. That night Max was able to at least eat a little food now that Isabelle was with him. But neither got much sleep as they took turns watching over their friends.

They both drank the tonic the next morning without any hesitation. Silently agreeing they would do what ever it took to make sure their friends were all right. That day when the doctor informed both Tess and Michael that Isabelle and Max were there too they both drank their tonic to see their friends. When their cell doors opened all four friends ran into each others arms. Just grateful to be all together once again.

The doctor came into the living area once again and greeted both Tess and Michael. Max took on the role of leader of the group and began the questions. "Okay we are all here now. Tell us why we are here and why we are so important to you?"

"I will soon. The others are on their way now and then we will all talk."

"Others? Who else is here?" Max's mind immediately thought of Liz, but he knew she had left to go out of town. Then he thought maybe they had captured Nasedo. When the door opened and Kyle and Liz were pushed into the room Max's heart sank. "Noooooo." Was all his voice could whisper as he ran to Liz without hesitation.

Liz had felt Max's presence before she had even gotten into the room. As soon as she saw him all she could think about was he was okay. The joy of him surrounded her as he swept her up into his arms in a tight embrace. "Max...Oh Max." She moaned in a whisper as she placed small sweet kisses upon his neck.

"Liz, I am so sorry. Are you okay?" He asked her as he pulled slightly away to check her out for himself.

Their reunion was brief as Kyle interrupted them. "Sorry my ass Evans" That was all Kyle was able to get out before the guard that had escorted the two humans had hit Kyle in the head with the bunt of his rifle causing him to drop to the ground and pass out cold.

"What the hell?" Max placed Liz directly behind him to protect her. Tess and Isabelle both ran to Kyle lying on the floor to make sure he was okay. Michael of course lunged for the guard who whipped his gun around and aimed it at Michael. Max looked at the doctor who immediately ordered the guard to stand down and leave the room while Max put an arm out to stop Michael from doing anything that would harm anyone else.

"You told us you were not going to harm anyone?" Max questioned the doctor.

"Correction I told you I would not harm any of you. You four are more important than you could ever imagine. The rest of us are only human and can only help you four acquire what you need to accomplish. It is for the sake of our planet and I believe yours that our goal needs to be achieved."

"I think it's time you start to explain yourself or do you also have Maria and Alex here too?" Max couldn't help but ask hoping the answer to his question would be no.

At the mention of their names both Isabelle and Michael looked directly at the doctor. He answered them quickly. "No Ms Deluca and Mr. Whitman are still in Roswell safe with no knowledge that anything has happened to any of you. We only needed two of the humans to complete the experiment and I see no need to bring your other friends into this at this time."

"What experiment?" Michael couldn't help but ask.

"Please everyone have a seat at the table and let me attend to Mr. Valenti." The doctor motioned for all of them to the table as he proceeded to care for Kyle. He placed a vile under his nose which made Kyle wake. The doctor then asked Kyle to join the others and requested an ice pack for Kyle's head.

"Let me begin to tell you all that you are not the only aliens that live on earth. In fact the other alien race that lives here out numbers you by many. They were sent here not only to destroy the four of you, but also to eventually take over our planet and enslave it just as they had previous done to your home planet. I was on the special unit that had captured one of these other aliens. As you are aware Mr. Evans the special unit does whatever is necessary to achieve the information it so desires."

Max could only nod his head slightly remembering how easily Agent Pierce was willing to cut open his chest without even thinking twice about it.

As Max acknowledge his understanding to DR Turner the doctor continued. "We had learned from the other alien about why they were here and what their plan was. We had also learned about the four of you from him. The problem was he knew there were four of you that could kill him, but he didn't know who you were. The other alien was studied extensively. No matter what we did to him he was able to not only survive, but regenerate himself so that he grew stronger and stronger."

"Regenerate himself?" This came from Tess who was listening intently to the doctor.

"Yes, I mean that literally. In fact when his strength kept growing we had to freeze his body in order to keep him from killing all of us. I lost a lot of my associates to that beast. I hope now you can understand why I have to insist the four of you take your tonic for now. I can't have another encounter of that magnitude to happen here." The doctor's words were full of sadness as he spoke of his associates demise. "When your ship crashed and the army captured two of the aliens that were in the ship they had done extensive research on one of those aliens. Since my time with the special unit I have had the ability to discover the truth behind how there are actually two different alien races. I read all the research that had been performed on the alien that was captured in 1947 and I was on the team that did the research of the other alien race. When Agent Pierce had captured Max I was able to study your blood. What I discovered is that your blood carries an energy source that I believed could kill the other alien that we had frozen so many years ago."

"Did it?" Michael couldn't help but ask eager to learn more about why they were so important.

"Yes, I can't tell you how I felt when I injected some of your blood into the frozen alien and his body started to incinerate right before my eyes. I knew right then and there I had to find you four. Max we already knew about so I observed the security systems at Eagle Rock after your escape and that's how I discovered the three of you." He pointed directly at Michael, Isabelle, and Tess.

"Okay so let me get this straight. You need our blood to kill the other alien race." Isabelle stated.

"If it were only that easy then you would be still strapped to your beds and your blood would be pumped out of your bodies on a regular basis."

At the doctors last statement all four aliens sat up. Max finally asked the question everyone was wondering. "So what exactly do you want from us and why is Liz and Kyle here? They have nothing to do with this they are human just like you."

"We have no way to tell who is alien and who is not. That is why we are here now. We do know that there are more than thought possible, but we do not know exactly how many there are. You see they look human just like you do, but trust me they have no human qualities to them. When there is an enough of them they will begin their attack on this planet. I am hoping with your help that attack will never take place." The doctor saw the confused looks on all the teenagers faces so decided to continue. "Your brain capacities are far more advanced then even you realize at this point in your life's. All four of you have the ability to sense their presence unlike those of us who are merely human."

"So why is Liz and Kyle here?" Max asked again.

"As I said before, the number of the other alien race is many. I fear there are more being born each day. That is why your friends are here with you. We need to increase the number of you as soon as possible in order to save this planet and hopefully someday your home planet as well."

The truth had been revealed to the group of teenagers and when it had been absorbed Isabelle couldn't help but state what everyone else was thinking. "So you want to breed us?"

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