FanFic - Max/Liz
"A New Breed"
Part 3
by Susan
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Summary: The FBI doctors decide they want more.
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The six teenagers looked at each other with shocked written on all of their faces. The doctor seen the looks and heard Isabelle's question. So he continued. "I am not trying to upset anyone here, but you all know the seriousness of the situation. I think I have given you all plenty to absorb for the time being. I will come back tomorrow and we can plan some more then. As you can see there are three bedrooms. I will leave it up to the six of you to decide sleeping arrangements." With that the doctor excused himself and left the six of them to talk amongst themselves.

As soon as the doctor left Michael was the first one to comment. "Can you believe that guy? Breed us?"

"Well, I guess we really know what our main purpose in coming to earth was all about now. We weren't only sent here to combat the evil within aliens to safe our home planet, but now we have to save the earth from them too. I mean can this get any worse?" Isabelle stated trying to comprehend all the information they had been giving in such a short time period. First from her and Max's really mother and now from this doctor. It was beginning to sound like a real bad episode from the twilight zone.

"I hate to mention this to you Isabelle, but I think the breeding of who with who still needs to be mentioned. So yes I think we can safely say this nightmare has only just begun." Tess chimed in understanding since Liz was here she could only deduce that she would not be breeding with Max, but would be expected to breed with Kyle.

"Tess, let's discuss one issue at a time here. The first issue at hand that needs to be discussed is if we believe DR. Turner or not about the existence of another alien race here on earth." Max tried to refocus the group on the most important part right now. That they were still all captured and held against their wills. He also couldn't help but feel guilty about Liz being here because of him. Although deep inside of himself he knew if he had to breed with anyone it would have to be Liz Parker. He had just imagined them being together for completely different reasons.

"Maxwell, it seems to me that now we have heard about the other aliens from two different sources which would mean that they are here." Michael stated proud of himself for being able to be the practical one. Even though he was glad Maria wasn't here he pretty much knew who was supposed to breed with who and it looked like he would be destined to be with Isabelle after all.

"I think Michael's right Max. We need to believe the other alien race does exist and is now on earth." Liz expressed. She still couldn't believe she was here in the middle of all this since she was the one who walked away from it, but now all she could think of is if she would be willing to become pregnant with Max's child at such a young age.

Max turned his focus on Liz. "I can't tell you how sorry I am they dragged both you and Kyle into this whole mess."

"Max I'm here, let's not dwell on that issue. There are other things more important to discuss right now." Liz tried to reassure him she was okay by grabbing his hand.

"Yeah, that goes for me too. I always knew knowing aliens was going to be different. I just didn't imagine how weird this was going to get." Kyle said trying to lighten the mood a little.

"So what's this tonic that DR Turner spoke of?" Liz inquired.

Max filled her and Kyle both in on the drug and both hearing the confession of the doctor earlier made them understand along with the pod squad why it was necessary at this time. The six friends continued to discuss and plan what questions they were still going to need before trusting the doctor and his other associates. No one discussed the breeding situation though it was in each of their minds. They were served a nice dinner and were surprised when they were given a choice of a movie to watch or music to listen to after dinner. They choose the movie "Caddyshack" since they all felt they needed a real good laugh.

When it came time for bed Max was the one that decided on the sleeping arrangements. "I think it would be best if at least one of us stands guard during the night at all times. Isabelle and Tess why don't you take one bedroom. Kyle, you and Liz can each have one of the other rooms and Michael and I will take turns sleeping on the couch out here while the other one takes the night watch.

Everyone agreed to the plan. Liz went into the first bedroom, Kyle the second and the two female aliens took the last bedroom. When all the doors were shut Michael couldn't help but noticed the look in Max's eye as he watched Liz go into the bedroom. So he spoke up about the breeding situation. "So I guess this means you and Liz will be getting back together?"

"Michael, don't even start. I'm worried sick about her. How would you feel if it were Maria here instead?"

"Hey your right. I'm sorry man, this has got to be hard on her right now. I mean Isabelle and Tess are one of us so somewhere in the back of their minds they had to know something like this would eventually happen and Kyle's a guy so I don't see him losing it any time soon. But Liz, I don't know.I think she needs you more now then she ever did before if she is going to survive this."

"When did you become so great at relationships and feelings Mister I'm a stone wall?"

"Her name is Maria Deluca. And I'm just very relieved she's not here right now in the middle of all this. Go on Max be with Liz. She needs you right now as much as you need her. I'll stand watch tonight since you stood watch over us the last two nights."

"Michael I don't know if that's such a good idea. I mean we need to discuss a few things before I would even consider..."

Michael interrupted Max in mid sentence. "God Max I'm not talking sex here, I am talking about giving her the comfort she needs right now are you that dense."

Max couldn't believe how much Michael had changed over the past year and he knew he was right. Liz did need him right now and he needed to be with her just as much. "Okay I'll talk to her and see what she wants." He approached the bedroom door that Liz had stepped inside and knocked softly on it. Liz knew it was Max before she even opened the door. "Liz can I talk to you privately?"

"Sure Max, come on in." He stepped inside the bedroom and closed the door behind himself.

He didn't want Liz to get the wrong idea of why he had come to her even if his imagination was running a little more then R rated at this moment. Just being this close to Liz always made his mind and body start to think of things he knew he should never be thinking about. "Look I hope you know your safety is the most important thing to me right now."

Before he could continue with the speech he had prepared Liz shocked him by stating. "Max, I don't think I can sleep in here alone. Could you stay with me tonight? I mean hold me at least until I fall asleep."

"You know we think too much a like for our own good. I was just about to ask you if I could hold you for a while to make sure you fell asleep okay."

Liz took Max's hand and lead him to the bed. Before she climbed into the bed she turned to face Max. "Can I ask another favor without it being taken the wrong way?"

"Liz you know you can ask me anything and the answer would probably be yes everytime."

Liz laughed slightly at his comment knowing he meant every word. "I've been in these same clothes now for almost a week and I really need a shower desperately, but I was a little nervous."

Max put his index finger to her mouth and then walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on inspected every inch of the bathroom for any sign of trouble. He then walked out of the bathroom and began to remove his shirt. Liz's eyes started to become wide wondering what Max had on his mind. He saw her starring at him and couldn't help but smile at her. "Down girl. I'm going to give you my T-shirt to put on to sleep in so you'll be more comfortable. There is some shampoo, soap and towels under the sink in there. Tomorrow we'll ask the good old doc for some clean clothes okay."

Liz couldn't help it when her heart totally melted and she fell in love with Max Evans all over again at that moment. "Thank you." Was all she could say before she accepted the shirt from him and proceeded to go to the bathroom for that much needed shower.

As Max listened to the shower from the bedroom he couldn't stop his mind from picturing Liz Parker taking a shower right now if he had to. He took off his shoes and socks and outstretched on the bed awaiting for Liz to finish washing. By the time he heard the water shut off the anticipation of waiting for Liz to come to bed was about to kill him. She stepped out of the bathroom with her hair still wet from the shower and wearing his T-shirt that he had given her. She was breath taking to him and he felt himself become aroused just looking at her.

"You know I wish in some small way you still had some of your powers so you could dry my hair a little." She stated as she continued to use a towel to dry her hair.

"Come here." He beckoned her to sit next to him on the bed. She did as requested. Max took the towel she was using from her and proceeded to concentrate solely on Liz's hair as he ran his fingers thru it. Sure enough her hair quickly dried at his touch.

"Max, but I thought...the tonic?" Liz was shocked and couldn't get her words out.

"Shhh. It's strong enough to prevent me from doing any really damage, but not so strong I can't dry your hair." He then leaned in closely to her to whisper as softly as he could so only she could hear in case they were being watched. "My body is slowly becoming immune to the tonic, but I don't want the doc to know just yet."

Liz turned to face him with wide eyes. Understanding what he just informed her. He would slowly get his powers back and they would be able to get out of this place eventually. A new hope arose in her and she couldn't help herself when she threw her arms around his neck. Max didn't hesitate to wrap his arms around her waist. The connection between the two of them engulfed them in their feelings for one another and it amazed both of them. They pulled away slightly so they could look soulfully into each others eyes. "Max..we both know how we feel about each other. But, I just.."

"I know Liz. You don't have to say it. Just let me hold you tonight and we'll take it one day at a time okay."

She nodded your head and they both laid back on the bed and snuggled in each others arms. Feeling very safe in Max's arms Liz found herself drifting off into a much needed sleep. Just before she fell into sleep Max heard those words that filled his soul completely. "Max, I love you."

He gently pushed her hair away from her face, bent over and kissed her gently on the her forehead and then replied back. "I love you Liz Parker." After that both fell into a very deep sleep fully content just to hold each other tightly throughout the night. Max awoke slowly and pulled himself reluctantly from the woman who held his heart. He put back on his other shirt and very quietly went out to the living room area.

He was thankful to see Michael sitting on the couch still watching over them. "Hey Michael. You want to try to get some sleep?"

"No thanks. I think that's all I have done for the last few days. So is Liz holding up okay?"

"Yea, she really does amaze me sometimes how well she has taken everything you know. I don't know if I would have done as good a job if the roles had been reversed."

"Are you kidding me. As much as I've had to watch you pine over Liz Parker all of our lives I think you would be right where you are today even if the roles were reversed."

"Your probably right there."

"So what do we ask the doctor first? More insight on the *evil aliens*, our home planet, or this breeding idea of his."

Kyle walked out of his room just as Michael was asking Max his question. "Hey guys, morning."

"Morning Kyle." Max replied.

"So which one do we ask him first? Or better yet when do we try to get out of here?" Kyle asked not wanting to be left out of the plan.

"How long were you supposed to be at that football camp?"

"One month."

"Liz was going to be gone for a month also just like Izzy and I. So no one would even be missing us since we hadn't really been speaking to Alex or Maria when we left. Your dad won't be any the wiser. I don't think any of us have heard from Nasedo since he last left so I think for the next month we can safely assume we are on our own. And by the time we are missed they can assume we could be taken anywhere in the country. It's going to be up to us to get out of here, but until we can figure a way out I think it would be in our best interest to learn as much as we can from the doc about this other race of aliens."

"Agreed" Stated both Michael and Kyle.

"I also don't think it would be a good idea to let the girls know that we won't even become missing in action for at least a month. I don't want to worry them any more then we have to at this point."

Once again both Kyle and Michael nodded their heads in agreement with Max. After the girls were awake they were all served breakfast along with a cup of tonic for each one of the aliens. As Max drank his down he realized it was even a weaker dose then before and as he gulped it down he concentrated on the liquid to manipulate the molecular structure of the drug to dissolve as he swallowed it. He could tell his powers were slowly returning to him. He decided he would keep this information to himself for the time being with the exception of Liz.

After breakfast DR Turner returned with as much detail information regarding the other aliens as he had gathered for all of them to see. He even brought the video that had taped the various degrees in which the alien was able to regenerate himself. How they had frozen him and what had happened when the doctor had injected Max's blood into it's body. They were all amazed as they watched the alien being sliced open only to see it's body fix itself better then it was before. They had shot it several times, beaten, cut and always the creature had healed it's body, but had strengthen it as well. Max had asked if he had any video of the alien when it was first brought to the lab and when the doctor ran that part of the video all four aliens were surprised at what they saw. They could actually see the actual alien, not the human body it had taken form in, but the aliens true form.

After they went through as much detail regarding the alien they then asked about what knowledge the doctor had about their home planet. To their dismay the doctor didn't have much more information to tell them about it. Then the subject that had been avoided up until this point needed to be discussed, the breeding experiment.

"Were you serious yesterday when you suggested we breed to fight their numbers with more of our own?" Max had to finally ask.

"Yes, I was. But what we don't know is if it is possible to achieve the same results with the blood energy needed to kill them if we mix the genetics of your alien with that of human genetics and still produce the results we are looking for."

"So it would be better for say Max and me to produce an offspring so we would be sure it had the right blood?" Tess asked with a hopeful tone to her voice.

"Ms Harding that's exactly what we need to find out. I think we all agree that pairing of two aliens would produce the much needed blood energy, but that wouldn't allow us the numbers we are trying to obtain. The goal for this project is simple we need to verify if an alien and human could procreate a new life form that would still carry the blood energy. You see from our study on Max's body you four are all for intended purposes mainly human except for the energy that is produced in your blood cells."

"So you are suggesting Kyle and I be used as guinea pigs to see if 1) we can conceive and 2) if we conceive would that baby have the right blood to kill the other alien race?" Liz questioned knowing full well she already knew what the response would be.


"Doc, I understand why you are asking what you are asking of us, but what I don't understand is how a baby would be of any help in this fight besides having the right blood. It would still just be a baby and I can't see how bringing a child into this would be a good idea."

"Max, I am not expecting a baby to fight a war as soon as it is born. I do not expect a war to start tomorrow, but do not under estimate the enemy. A war will come to earth in the future and I believe that we should prepare for when it does happen. I understand your concerns about not wanting your children to fight a war, but our forefathers have fought in many wars to preserve our way of life on this planet over the centuries. I guarantee not one of those young men's parents that went to war were happy their children had to fight. The price that is paid to reserve our way of life is great when it is our children's life's that is the price. But, without your help and the help of your children the earth we live on today will not survive. Our race will not survive. Do you understand what I'm trying to explain to you. Why don't I leave you all to discuss what I've explained to you today and we will talk again tomorrow?"

With that the doctor once again left the six teenagers to discuss a future that would not only affect their lives, but the lives of their children.

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